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Chain Reactions

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Rose escapes her house and Tony for some time to think... and ends up running into Pete once again. This is the start of the fun!!!

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Chain Reactions:

Lovers Forever:

Rose hurried all the way over to her neighborhood park. This was where she always ran to when she wanted to escape from Tony. Day or night, she just had to get away when she was stressed. Right now, she just wanted to be alone in her head. Tony just didn't help her problem at all. If there was any reason she needed to leave, tonight was all that she needed to make up her mind. Where could she go after that? Any other man now was inferior to Pete now. The one man that she wanted was getting married to another woman that had WAY more money and fame than her. Rose had no choice but to face it. She was just stick in this nowhere reality of hers. And the way out was long gone.

However, that way out made its way back to her once again. Rose was just deep into her thoughts when she noticed someone standing over her. At first, she thought it was Tony coming back to bug her. Anger spread through her quickly.

"Look Tony!" she snapped. "You pissed me off enough already. Why can't you just..." Rose's words went cold when she looked up. Pete was looking down at her. The journalist was completely silent. She just lost all of her words. Her crush was standing over her right now.

"Tony?" Pete asked her slightly confused. Rose looked away blushing quickly. Pete smiled at her out of sympathy.

"Your boyfriend, huh?" he asked. Rose still didn't look at him.

"Yeah," she said sharply. Pete sat down next to her. The woman's heart pounded against her heavy chest. Pete Wentz was actually sitting next to her right now. Rose looked at him with big eyes of love. The woman broke down and told her crush the whole story of her and Tony this evening. As she spoke, she discovered that she was still in love with him and not ready to let him go. But with this love came more confusion. If he was engaged to Ashlee, then why did he go through the trouble of finding her here? Rose just couldn't take it anymore. She just had to ask him.

"How did you even find me?" the journalist asked him boldly. Pete shrugged at her.

"The last time, I guess," he answered. Rose was about to ask when she remembered last Friday. She lightly giggled.

"Oh yeah," she said. "That day!" Both laughed lightly in the night. But then, the mood sank down into serious. Rose straightened up some to get it out of her system. But Pete answered the question for her.

"Ashlee and I are getting married," he said to her dead serious. "I think she might be pregnant too." Rose stared at him sickly.

"Are you... sure?" she managed to choke out. Pete nodded at her.

Rose went quiet at that. She just looked away in silence.

"Oh," she mumbled softly. "I understand." They both were silent again.

"So," Rose finally said. "Where does that leave us? Were you just using me the whole time? God, I feel so stupid! I shouldn't have thought a relationship between you and me could've been possible!" Pete just tightly took her hand. Rose looked up startled. This was the touch of a man to his lover. She could feel her heart pounding hard against her chest. She wasn't expecting this at all. The woman was expecting him to push her away and go on with his life with Ashlee.

"I don't understand," Rose managed to force out. "Do you still want me? But what about Ashlee and the baby? Do you love me?"

"Yes," Pete admitted. "I do love you. I love you and I want you." Rose kept on staring at him. Now she was really confused. This boy was messing with her head big time.

"But what about Ashlee?" Rose asked him. Pete lightly shushed her. His potential girl went quiet and eyed him.

"I love her too," he reasoned. "But not as much as you." Rose swallowed hard.

"But what are you going to do about Ashlee?" she asked.

"What are you going to do about Tony?" the emo babe asked her. They both were silent for a moment. Once again, they were both stuck. They wanted each other, but couldn't have each other. The lovers with ones that they didn't really love. They wanted to get together, but didn't know how to get rid of the people that they were with. They were just stuck there.

"I'm not going to be the other woman!" she protested. "I want to be the only one!"

"Nobody is asking you to be the other woman." Pete assured her.

"Then..." Rose spoke up. "What am I to you?" The emo hottie lightly leaned into the brown sugared rose. The journalist felt herself getting hot under her clothes. And it sure wasn't the Miami heat either!

"It does matter," he replied. "I just love you, that's all." Rose was almost sold again.

"Are you sure?" she asked him. "Or are you just saying that to get into my pants again?" Pete just gave her a sexy smile.

"Both!" he said bluntly.

"Figures!" Rose replied jokingly. "But let me warn you right now, you have to be really good to me if you want me to drop my panties for you again. I'm not a cheap whore! I have respect for myself!" Pete just shrugged at her innocently.

"Okay," the man said to her.

"Thank you," Rose said.

"Whatever you say," Pete replied. Then, he lightly kissed her on the lips. Rose kissed him back happily. Pete held her close to him. "Well okay," Rose thought in happy surprise. "He does truly love me and he's not using me at all. But what are we going to do?" That kiss they shared set off a long list of chain reactions that would lead to the change in reality Rose wanted and long road for her and Pete to take to become legitimate lovers. But first, there were a few hang-ups and red tape to clear before they could really do so.

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