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Rose floats through her day happily from last night. Duncan pleads her to dump Tony.

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The next day was like being in Heaven for me. Last night with Petey was the greatest. We didn't have sex, but he walked me back home and kissed me good night before seeing me into my house. He maybe engaged to Ashlee, but he loves me! He reassured my feelings with a call this morning. I was woken up by my cell phone. At first, I thought it was Vanessa calling to annoy me. But when I looked at the number on my phone and saw his number, I was surprised and fully awake. I flipped open my phone and held it to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked slightly confused.

"Morning Rosie!" Petey greeted me over the phone. I was really stunned now.

"Petey?" I asked as I sat up in bed. "Is that you?" (Dumb question, I know. But I wasn't thinking.)

"Yeah," my darling replied. "Who else would it be?"

"But..." I spoke up. "What are you calling me for? If you don't mind me asking."

"Oh," he said. "Just wanted to check on you."

"But why?" I asked him.

"Cause," Petey said to me innocently. "I really care about, baby." I felt my heart flutter in my chest. "He's calling to check on me!" I thought happily. "He's so sweet! And so brave!"

"But what about... you know who?" I asked him.

"Oh, Ashlee?" he asked me boldly.

"Yes!" I said quickly.

"She's sleeping right now," Petey replied to me. "But I called to talk to you." I felt myself blushing. "Oh wow!" I thought. "He really does care about me! Tony was never like this at all!"

"So what are you doing tonight?" Petey asked me.

"N-Nothing!" I stammered out quickly. "Why?"

"Oh, I don't know," my darling replied to me. "I just figured I'd hang out with you tonight."

"Doing what?" I challenged.

"Just whatever," Petey answered. I smiled at those words.

"Are you trying to get laid from me?" I asked him. Petey just laughed at me.

"Maybe!" he said boldly. "So, what do you say?" I pretended to think about that for a moment. Then, I smiled richly over the phone.

"Okay," I said. "I'll hang with you today."

"Good, I'll see you at five," Petey said. "Now get to work." I was slightly confused at first, but then it sunk in.

"Oh shit!" I said aloud. "I've got to go!"

"I know," he said. "Say hi to Vanessa, Robyn, and Sakura for me!" I was happily surprised now. Petey actually remembers my friends! Tony doesn't even try to do that.

"Okay, I will!" I said. "Bye, honey!"

"Bye!" Petey said back. Then, we hung up. I leapt out of bed and got ready for work. The morning was really cheerful for me today. My face was all a rosy glow. My friends all noticed right away. Of course, they were hounding me with questions. Vanessa just had to ask me every question on her mind.

"You're pretty cheerful today, Rosie!" she stated. "What happened to you last night?" I turned to her smiling. I didn't even mind telling her my night and morning today. So, I told her every single detail in bliss. Vanessa listened in eagerly. She was sucked in deep to the latest "Prose" saga.

"Honey," she said to me when I was finished. "Give Tony the toss! He needs it! You deserve better! I just shrugged at her.

"I would, but..." I said. Vanessa looked me.

"Because of Ashlee, right?" she asked.

"That," I replied. "And Tony was my first real boyfriend ever."

"Oh," Vanessa said trying to sound sentimental. "But sometimes, we have to cut our firsts loose and move on to bigger and better things, such as dumping Tony and moving on with Panda!"

"I know!" I said. "But it's not that easy!" Vanessa put her arm around me tightly.

"That's what the girls and I are here for," she said. "We are going to help you quit Tony one step at a time!" I looked at her with wide eyes. It wasn't the words itself that worried me so much. It was the way she said them. You see, Vanessa is crazy. She's always plotting something. I was really worried about what she was planning this time. My friend lightly patted me on the shoulder smiling.

"Don't worry Rosie!" she said. "You're in good hands!" That really worried me now. I just nodded smiling just to humor her. Vanessa's smile grew brighter.

"Good!" she said. "I'm so glad that you trust me!" "Oh no I don't!" I thought. "Don't kid yourself, girl!" Then, Vanessa let go of me and went back to work. I breathed in heavily. I hate to find out what Ness and her crew are plotting this time. I shook my head and tried to focus on my work. Can't be worried about Vanessa today. I'm going to have a good day today! Just need to get through work and lunch, then I'm scot-free to see my Petey today. Let's see, today it's Duffy I'm writing about. Duncan is almost finished with his half. All he has to do now is write about the Kooks and he's all squared away. Me? I have two more. Duffy and BBMak. I drew in a deep breath. I'm almost done here. Just let get through with this today. I drew in another breath and got to work. I turned on my music to help out. Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" came on first. I relaxed right away. I work better when I'm relaxed. I was doing so just fine. A smile was coming across my face. The words slid out of my head easily. But along with the work and song, I thought about Petey again. He is so good to me. I missed his touch. I miss his kisses. I miss being in bed with him. I began to remember the Cure' "Pictures of You" and skipped to that song.

I fell into a happy daze as I kept working. It was like my mind was on auto pilot now. My fingers and logic was working just fine as if it was any normal day. I was surprised when I had finished my first article. I looked over just fine. When I was satisfied, clicked save and put it with my other articles. Only one more to go now. Okay, here I go. Surprisingly, it took me five minutes to write about BBMak. The creativity just flew out of my head. I came across an odd discovery. Petey's love was pushing me go faster and work stress-free. "Oh dog," I thought. "What am I going to do until lunch and this afternoon?" I thought about that for a moment. Part one of the articles were finished. Duncan and I needed to do the 2000's timeline and get our stuff proofread because it was published. The timeline's not going to take long; it's only been seven years and four months for the 2000's.

Well, I could check my e-mail while I wait. I clicked on explorer and typed in the Yahoo address. I logged in to check my mail. (Don't know why I do this, I barely get anything anymore, just junk mail.) I had one new message. I sighed bored. "It's just junk mail again!" I thought. Well, time to send it to the trash. But no sooner when I moved over to the mail, I was in for huge surprise. The e-mail address was from Petey! I blinked hard. It was still there. I clicked on the mail link right away to check the mail. I checked on the message quickly. Here is what he wrote:

Hi Rosie! Just wanted to write to you and say that I was coming to pick you up at your house. Or we can stay inside if you like. Up 2 u!


I sat there with my heart in a flutter. This boy really want me! Not just as a sex buddy, but as his lover! I don't know what to think anymore! I quickly replied back.

Great! We can just hang out at my house. Keisha has her book club tonight! Davis won't really bother us tonight. See you then.


I sat back smiling. The romantic flirtation games have heated up again. It was time to really play now! But then, my stomach grumbled. I came to earth and looked around. It was time for lunch. Okay, now what to eat?

"Hey, Rosie!" I heard Duncan call out. I looked up at my stylist/make-up artist/best friend. He was smiling at me.

"Want to go out to lunch with me?" he asked.

"Sure!" I said. "Where we headed?"

"Subway," Duncan answered.

"Okay," I said. Then, we both headed out for lunch. Lunch was nice. It was good ol' Duncan and Rose talking just like the good ol' days. I even broke down and told him about the e-mail. Just like Vanessa, Duncan got excited about the news.

"The next thing you have to do now is to dump Tony and get with Pete fully!" he said without missing a beat. I looked at him as if he was crazy.

"You been talking to Vanessa?" I asked him. Duncan just did a little shrug at me.

"Just the old facts," he replied.

"Right..." I said not believing him. Duncan quickly took my hand. I was slightly startled by this. He only did this when he was really concerned about something. I could tell it in his eyes. Duncan kept his eyes focused on me.

"Leave Tony, Rosie!" he pleaded to me. "I'm begging you. I've been accepting of him until now. I only tried to accept him because you liked him and you're my best friend. But ever since you and I got this career, you've grown up and he's just stayed this immature homophobic jerk that he was in high school. You're way too good for him. You deserve better! Tony is just holding you back from the things you want. It breaks my heart to say it, but are sometimes too wrapped up in keeping people from breaking down that you don't focus on what you really want. I just want to see you happy! So please do yourself and all of us a favor and dump the jerk! Start fresh with Pete or another guy like him. Just find somebody who's going to treat you right and live up to your expectations. If you don't dump him for all of us, do it for yourself! Please, I'm begging you!" I just stared at him in complete silence. This was the first time I ever heard Duncan talk bad about anybody I liked. Wow! This is serious. His words really sank into my mind. I don't know if Vanessa told him to say this or if he is saying this on his own. I just nodded at him blankly. Duncan breathed out easily.

"Thank you, Rosie!" he breathed out to me. He then let go of my hand. We were silent for a moment. Then, we finished our lunch and left. For the rest of the work day, Duncan's words stick firm in my head. I suddenly began to see the "relationship" Tony and I had for the last two years now. He had grown to be such a jerk now. No, scratch that. He always was a jerk, he has just gotten worse. The ironic thing was the jerk thing was sexy in high school, but now it's just tiresome and annoying. But how do I break it off with him after so long? I pondered this on my drive home. I wanted to get with Petey, that was understood and affirmed. He wants me as well, that was also understood and affirmed. Now how to have him? And how to dump Tony without any regrets later? Ashlee was Petey's own problem and I was going to leave him to deal with her on his own. (That one doesn't need my input at all.)

However, all of my worries were washed away when I saw Petey waiting for me on my front porch. This time, I knew that I wasn't dreaming at all. Petey was actually here on my porch waiting for me. (I might have to get him a key later if all goes well in the end. I'll just have to see.) He was just as charming as before. I slowly stopped my navy blue Yaris and straightened myself up some. I stepped out of my car smiling. Petey looked up at me from the rocking chair smiling back at me. Oh baby! That smile, charm, and body have me weak with love all over. I walked up to the porch steps.

"Well hello there!" I greeted him. "And long have you been waiting for me there?"

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