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higher heels

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I got up and threw on my bra and a pair of Max’s boxers, and walked out to make some coffee. Ronnie came running out Max you making coffee I wa…..” he stopped, “Whoa ho ho,” he said looking at me, “You dating Max yet,” he said walking closer all seductive like.

“No, why,” I asked putting my cup of coffee down.

“Because I my steal you now,” he was in boxers too.

“You know,” I paused, “I have to pass,” I looked in the door way.

“Ali where are my boxers,” Max yelled.

Ronnie turned, “Whoa,” was all he said.

“Just walk around like that you look fine,’ I said laughing as Max was standing there naked.

“Uhm no hold on,” he turned around, “I found a clean pair,” he yelled and put them on.”

Just then all the guys came out I was sitting by Max at the time, “Oh god it’s the movie night at your house again,” I threw my head in Max’s crotch. All the guys were in boxers. I could tell he was doing something, “No Max I will not give you a blow job,” I looked up at him his jaw was dropped.

“How did you know,” I got up.

“I know you too well,” I walked into the bunk area and put clothes on, “I still feel like shit,” I flopped down on the couch.

“Oh well you are damn sexy so me,” Max said.

“Yeah yeah yeah,” just then my phone rang. Max put his arms around me when I answered, “Yo yo yiggity yo,” I said.

“Hey Ali Steven here how are you?”

“Pretty good hanging with Max,” I put him on speaker.

“Tell him I said hi and have you fucked him yet,” he paused to laugh Pogue took the phone or so I thought.

“Oh Max that’s so good,” Pogue said.

“Actually,” Max said.

“Steven thanks for embarrassing me you were on speaker,” all the guys were laughing.

“Okay then bye,” he hung up.

“WOW,” was all I said, “can I use your guys shower?”

“Yeah,” Ronnie said.

“Thanks,” I grabbed my stuff and went in the bathroom. I started singing, “tonight will be the night that I will fall for you over again don’t make me change my mind or I won’t live to see another day I swear it's true because a boy (girl) like you is impossible to find you're impossible to find,” and then I realized where I was and stopped. I got done and stepped out to the sink and washed my face and everything. I started singing the song again and when I opened the door Max fell. I laughed and helped him up, “if you wanted me to sing for you all you had to do was ask,” I said.

“You have a beautiful voice,” he said getting up.

“No I don’t it is shitty,” I said putting my hair up.

“Whatever, your dress is pretty,” he said, I hated wearing dresses but it was all that was in my bag. It was a long halter top dress and it was green and blue. I walked out were all the guys were.

“WHOA SEX-E,” they all said.

“Uhm no okay I got to go and take care of MCR stuff see you later,” I left my stuff on the bus and walked over to Gerard, “GEE,” I yelled and ran to hug him.

“Hey Al,” he paused to look at me, “Wow you never wear dresses what's the occasion?’

“Uhm I had nothing else in my bag,” I said getting my hair out of my face.

“Heels too,” he asked. I lefted my dress so he could see my feet, and I was wearing heels, “That is rare lets go,” he grabbed my hand and
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