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A chick in boxers

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I just ran I didn’t think at all I just cried and ran. I mean I love Gerard but Max was always better to me he would always be there for me. I got to the bus and Bryan let me I just pushed him out of the way and ran to Max who was on the couch and collapsed. I sat there and buried my face in his lap and cried even worse. I couldn’t even think Max didn’t saw anything. He just played with my hair. I finally got the courage to look up at him, “I want to go somewhere or do something please,” I begged sniffling.

“Anything you want,” he said wiping my eyes.

“21,” I said smilling slowly. I looked at Bryan and a smile slowly got on his face too.

“I am game,” Bryan said throwing his hands up.

“What the hell 21,” Max asked.

“Blackjack,” I said getting cards out of my bag. We played for an hour and I was winning almost every hand.

“How in the hell,” Max asked.

“Its called counting,” I said.

“How do you do that?”

“Basic math,” I replied getting up.

“Where are you going,” he asked.

“Mini bar, got any beer,” I asked.

“Yeah,” Bryan yelled.

“I will pay you guys back,” I said opening a Budweiser.

Right when I got it to my lips Max snatched it, “You ain’t legal age.”

“And,” I said taking it back.

“You ain’t drinking.”

“You wanna bet watch,” I snatched it and drank the whole thing.

“You ain’t getting anymore,” he said seriously.

“Yeah yeah yeah,” I laughed. I reached in my bag and pulled out the rum and Coca-Cola,
“Want some Bryan?”

“Yeah,” I poured him and me some.

“Max,” I looked at him.

“No,” was all he said.

“Fine party pooper,” I went back to the game. Several hands and dinks later I was wasted, “Hey hey Max what would you say if I wanted to have sex,” I slurred.

“I’d say no,” he looked at me with disappointment.

“Fine then,” I threw my hands up in the air. Just then Gerard called, “hey,” was all I could get out.

“Ali, are you drunk,” he assumed.

“I swear to drunk I am not god, I swear,” I managed to get out.

“I am coming to get you,” he said then hung up.

“Haha Gerard said today if I ever got drunk he was going to have sex with me I just remembered that,” I said and Max and Bryan looked at each other.

“Uhm Ali you want to stay here tonight we are going to watch movies,” Max said.

“That sounds pimptastic,” I fell asleep on the couch. “What the hell,” I pulled out my phone it was five in the morning. I dug threw my bag and found some Tylenol and water ah water was the best at the moment. I rolled over and I fell oh the floor, “OW!”

Max came running, “You okay?”

“Yeah just peachie,” I said jumping up then falling again.

“Uhm no you are not just lay down,” he said helping me up.

“Uhm I did that and look where it got me,” I said.

“Come lay with me in my bunk,” he said pulling me along.

“You don’t mind a drunk in your bed?”

“No you warned me you changed after I left and I still love everything about you, except the drinking but I am sure this is the first time in a while.”

“Well,” I paused, “Yeah.”

“Okay go to sleep,” he said pulling me toward the bunk.

“What if?”

“What if what?”

“We could……nah you…..well?”

“Well what?”

“We could fool around for a bit,” I said stripping down to shirt and underwear.

“No Ali.”

“Fine then,” I pulled off my shirt revealing my bra, and climbed into the bunk.

“Well now that I think of it,” he said in his boxers.

“Nope I don’t feel like it now,” I pulled the covers over my shoulder and faced the wall.

“Well I am going to bed to then,” he climbed in and put his arms around my waist, and pulled me close.

“Uhm Max I don’t like it up the ass,” I felt him twitch.

“What's a guy to do I have a hot chick half naked in my bed and I am straight uh, I wonder,” he said.

“Well at least I can control my urges,” I said rolling over and facing him.

“No you can’t,” he said laughing.
“Yeah I can I can tease you,” I put one hand on his ass and another in between his legs about mid thigh.

“Okay, point taken now stop,” I moved my hand up to the hem on the top of his boxers.

“And if I don’t want to,” I pulled them down.

“Then we are going to be doing some stuff,” he moved his hands to my bra and undid it.

“I think I will take that risk,” I let him pull my bra off.

“Question is can you be quite,” he put his hands on my ass.

“If I need to,” I told him putting my arms around his neck.

“I doubt that,” he said getting on top of me. That five soon turned into eight the guys were waking up and we were going at it every once in a while talking in between minisodes
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