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gerard i just cant

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I left Max a note:
Hey Max call me when you get this love Ali.

I taped it to his forehead and ran to the MCR bus and swung open the door, “Gerard mothafuckin Way,” I yelled diving in to his bunk, “I called you,” he opened his eyes.

“You are a loser you know that,” he said.

“I cant believe you still have the same voice mail, we never made mine,” I said giving him the puppy dog eyes.

“You want to now?”

“YEAH,” I yelled dialing my voice mail, “hey you got Ali.”

“AND Gerard I am annoying the piss out of Ali.”

“Exactly,” I looked at him, “Anyway,” I stopped.

“Ali is naked in my bed,” he said.

“I am not,” I glared at him, “I am in a towel.”

“If you say so,” he rolled his eyes.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Later Ali just later.”

“Fine anyway I think Gerard has the bestest hair ever,” I paused, “mine is crap.”

“I disagree I love your hair it is long a pretty,” he said playing with it.

“Well leave a message love Ali.”

“NO love Gerard,” I saved it.

“So you want me naked in your bed?”

“Hells to the yeah,” he yelled.

“Nope,” I paused, “You might try something,” I said laying down.

“Come on give me shirtless at least,” he begged.

“No, Gerard.”

“Will you cuddle with me?”

“Fine,” I gave in.

He wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, “I love you,” are lips were close.

“Eh I love you too.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“I just think I like Max again that’s all Gerard I swear.”

“Well you can be Switzerland.”

“What if I don’t want to be?”

“Then you better decide.”

“What if I chose you?”

“Then well we wouldn’t be leaving here for a while.”

“And if I chose Max?”

“I will still love you, and….”


“If you get drunk I will hold your hair back and probably fuck you.”

“Probably, then I ain’t getting drunk for a while,” I said, “and plus I am not legal age.”

“Neither am I but I drink anyway.”

“Tis true,” my phone began to ring and it was in between me and him well closer to him.

I went to grab my phone but Gerard stopped me and pulled me close, “Just leave it,” he said. He kissed me, “I love you,” his voice sent shivers down my spine, “I felt that,” he whispered.

“Gerard no I just can’t,” he pulled me closer, “Gerard I am seriously sorry but the day we left you had your chance I even asked you and you said no,” I started to cry.

“Ali don’t cry,” my phone rang again I sucked up my tears and answered before Gerard said anything else.

“Hello,” I studded.

“Hey Ali its Max,” he stopped, “uhm I was wondering you up for a date?”

“Where and when?”

“ETF bus and now.”

“I will be there let me get some clothes in case I fall asleep and stay the night,” I said.

“Okay bye,” he said. I hung up.

I got up and Gerard pulled me down, “Gerard I love you I really do but I love Max better and I just, bye,” I said grabbing a backpack of clothes.
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