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Falling Into Place - JULY 30

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The day of the wedding and things aren't going as planned.

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An incredible feeling of happiness was in the air. Since deciding to marry on Saturday the days had flown by. So many preparations had to be made. Monica and Gerard had decided to simply call their friends and invite them. The wedding would take place at their home since it was what they both wanted in their hearts. On Tuesday they had gone together and spoken to Sarah. They explained the situation and were thrilled when she still gave them her blessing to adopt her baby. Things were falling into place for the happily ever after they had fought for so long and hard.
It was Friday night and as Monica climbed into bed she was still going over lists of wedding preparations in her head. Gerard came in with a huge smiled on his face. "Told Bob and Kara goodnight and sweet pink dreams." He said with a laugh. The couple had flown in this morning for the wedding.
Monica giggled. "Gerard, you're bad.”
He nodded, "Yeah, I am. At first I was afraid to get to close to Kara when I said goodnight. I was afraid she might smack me in the back of the head again."
Monica had heard the complete story of the conversation he'd had with Kara in Chicago. "I'm sure if she did smack you, it would be with love."
Gerard grinned, "Uh, yeah."
"So are the girls settling down?"
"Well Elle wanted to try on her flower girl dress one more time." He said as he climbed into bed next to her. "I had to convince her that there was a three times a day rule for trying on flower girl dresses."
Monica snuggled up next to him. "She looks so cute in the dress."
"She does." Gerard said happily. "So has Bert got into town yet?"
"He called a few minutes ago. He's in town. Oh and Ray called and wanted me to tell you not to be nervous. He said there's nothing to getting married." Ray and Christa had returned from the Vegas honeymoon several days early to attend the wedding.
"Sure, he's an expert now. Bob and Mikey told me the same thing."
Monica looked into his eyes, "So, are you nervous?"
He shook his head, "No, just fuckin' giddy. So are we sure everything is in order?"
"Well, let's see." Monica went over the lists in her head. "All guests have been confirmed. I spoke to Reverend Lewis this morning. The caterers will be here at ten." She thought a moment. "Yep, we’re ready."
"More than ready." Gerard said as he dropped a kiss on her lips. "This is a dream come true."
Monica sigh contently, "Yeah, it is."
They fell into a comfortable silence each lost in their own thought.
"Monica?" Gerard whispered.
"Thank you."
Monica sat up slightly leaning on her elbow, "For?"
"Forgiving this jackass that loves you with all his heart."
"What else could I do?" She teased, "I love this jackass with all my heart."
He smiled up at her. "I still can't believe that a week ago I was afraid I'd lost you forever."
Monica lay back down and put her head on his chest. "I don't want to think about that anymore. I was so scared I'd lost you forever." She whispered.
"You never lost my love." He answered softly.
"I love you, Gee." Monica said, "But sometimes you just think too damn much. Tonight let’s not think about anything but our future."
He stroked her arm, "Yeah, our future."
"Yeah, Honey."
"It was nice of Bob and Kara to take care of our honeymoon reservations, wasn't it?"
Gerard tried to ignore the strange glint he'd seen in Bob's eye when he had told them the name of the Bed and Breakfast where he'd made them reservations. "It was really nice. It will be a nice mini-vacation. You’ll love Niagara Falls. Someday soon though we're gonna go to Europe. There are so many fucking fascinating things I want to show you."
Monica smiled, "Someday."
Gerard kissed her deeply. He knew in his heart that they had all the time in the world. He knew they would be together the rest of their lives.

"Morning." Bob said to Monica as she walked into the kitchen.
"You're up early." She said accepting the cup of coffee he'd poured for her.
Bob grinned, "Couldn't sleep. Kept having nightmares in hot pink color."
They both took seats at the kitchen table. A sudden loud clap of thunder caused the window glass to rattle. Monica stood and quickly went to the window above the kitchen sink. "It's not supposed to rain." She said in disbelief as she spied the gathering rain clouds.
Bob had known when he'd looked outside earlier that this was going to be her reaction. "Guess the weatherman was wrong."
Monica turned to face him. "But the wedding is supposed to be outside."
"Aren't the caterers setting up tents?"
"Well yeah but that's just to cover the food. The chairs are supposed to be out in the open."
"Holy crap. Gerard's gonna freak." Kara said walking into the kitchen and following her mom's gaze, which has returned to the window.
"Yeah." Monica said shaking her head sadly. "He wanted to finish roofing the gazebo but he didn't have time."
They heard Gerard clamoring down the back stairs. "That was thunder." He said stating the obvious.
"And that's rain." Monica said pointing to the window. The couples stood together watching sheets of rain fall from the heavens.

An hour later an alternate plan was taking shape. The wedding would be held in the living room and the reception in the "man cave". Everyone in the house was helping to make the necessary changes. The caterers were busy decorating the downstairs and trying to rearrange the furniture to set up chairs. The house at the moment resembled a war zone.
"Monica?" Gerard yelled up the stairs. "Where's Mikey?"
Monica looked over at Christa and rolled her eyes, "I don't know."
They heard Gerard grumble something then say "He said he'd be right over."
Christa tried to hide her giggle, "Poor guy. He's really upset about the change in plans, isn’t he?"
Monica dried her hands off on a dishtowel. "He's upset he didn't finish roofing the gazebo."
"But even if he had, it's still raining. You can't have the wedding in the rain."
"I know." Monica said with a smile, "But I think he thought that if the gazebo was done that we could have been married out there and the guests could have stayed out on the deck under the awning."
Christa looked confused, "Okay." She said slowly. It was clear she didn't think that was a very good idea.
"When my future husband gets an idea in his head it's hard to change it sometimes."
"Yeah." Christa laughed, "Ray is kinda like that too."
Monica motioned for her to take a seat at the table. "So tell me about your wedding."
With all that had been going on she and Christa hadn't really had time to talk.
"It was wonderful." Christa said smiling at the memory.
"No Elvis impersonator like Mikey and Alicia had?" Monica teased.
Christa laughed, "Nope. Just a small wedding in a sweet little chapel. It was perfect."
"I'm sure it was." Monica said, "So I'm assuming you're happy being a married woman?"
"Definitively." Christa answered from her heart. "Life is perfect." She reached across and grabbed Monica’s hand. "I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I was when Gerard called Ray and told him that you two were back together."
"Thanks." Monica answered. "Gee and I are meant to be together."
"Yeah, you two really are." Christa agreed.
They heard Gerard's voice again, "Monica, call my brother and tell him he better get his ass over here now."
Monica and Christa both giggled, "Man, he's nervous." Christa whispered.
"He just wants everything perfect." Monica said with a smile. "He can't help it. That's just his nature."

"But mes wants ta dwop lots pwedels." Elle said with a frown.
Kelly had been afraid this is how she would react when she leaned she wouldn't be walking the distance down the aisle to the gazebo as originally planned. Now she would only be walking a short distance since the ceremony was gong to be inside.
"You can still drop petals." Kelly explained.
Elle's bottom lip protruded.
Kelly quickly told her, "Now if you're sad it will make Mom and Dad sad. We don't want them to be sad do we?"
Elle shook her head, "Me wants em appy."
"Right. We want them to be very, very happy. So just drop your petals and smile when it's time okay?"
"Tay." Elle agreed. "Mes puts on dress?"
"Not yet." Kelly answered. "It's still too early." She could just imagine Elle spilling juice on the light green satin dress. "Let's go see what we can do to help Dad, okay?"
They went in search of Gerard who was still downstairs.

Things were finally falling into place and it looked like everything would work out just fine. That was of course until the wedding cake was being carried in and Frank decided to dance around the caterer’s feet.
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