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Chapter 23

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ficfriction: The comment needed no explanation. I was merely laughing at your choice of words. This was only amazing because of you! And I agree with it being hotter than Nevada at its hottest
MrSz-Or3o: I'm glad you thought it was cute!
PanicFOBAcademy26: Your comment made me laugh, in a good way. Yes, both of them in one night! I'm a lucky girl ey? And who knows, you may be able to come to the wedding party!
doyleangel: I know. I've had that idea of each of them having another 'partner' for when each otehr is missing, and I felt I had to include Ryan. They have an understanding cause they both feel the same way about each other and about their extra guys. Plus its gonna be totally hot writing William/Pete later! ;)
TheTrohmanator121: Hehe, I know! Glad you love it, like always!
xStabxMyxBackx: Glad of the love, and as I said in a review, Alexiz didn't cheat on Pete. He knows that she and Ryan sleep together sometimes - he has the same kind of arrangement with William (Pete and William can fuck whenever they want to). I felt it put more depth and characteristic into the fic, and gave me more opportunities to explore various pairings and relationships, also adding drama in.
fob2adelaide: honestly, this review made me chuckle. Ryan and Alexiz have an understanding with Pete that if Alexiz wants to, she can sleep with Ryan, as he turns out to be a comforting element for her. William and Pete have the relationship Alexiz and Ryan have. All four of them in total (Pete, Alexiz, William and Ryan) are incredibly close and often get together for various arrangements. I'm glad you thought it was hot, most of my thanks for that goes to my muse.

Chapter 23:

By the time I awoke the next morning, both sides of the bed were empty. I started panicking, shooting out from under the covers, scouring the apartment for either Pete or Ryan... or anyone for that matter. Not able to find anyone - even Hemmy and Rigby were gone - I decided to calm my nerves by taking a relaxing bath, before going out to hunt for my wedding dress... and other things to do with the ceremony.

As I ran the bath and filled it with lavender aromatic bath crystals, I found a hair tie, piling my hair on my head, securing it in place. As the bathroom began to fill with steam due to the heat of the bath, I ran my hands over my stomach, taking in every new contour, feeling the twins fluttering once more. This action brought a smile to my otherwise blank face. By the time my maternal moment was over, the bath was full, the fragrance spilling into the air. As I climbed in, I noticed a sticky note on the medicine cabinet. I reached over and plucked it from the spot on the mirror, scanning it's contents.

Alexiz, gone to rehearsuls with the guys while they're still in Chicago - I'm heading back next week, Pete needs help with wedding plans. Call me on my cell if you need me. Love you, Ryan.

Baby, had to go to an emergency band meeting. Didn't wake you cause you looked too darn cute curled up in my black sheets. Call if you need to, and try to have some fun on your own. I took the pups with me, so don't worry. I love you baby, never forget it. xox Peter-Panda

I slid into the steaming water, enjoying the bath and relaxation that came with it.


I walked around one of the many shopping centres within Chicago, seeking out the bridal shop I saw in my dream, knowing full well it was a real place. As I turned the corner, entering the end of the centre which housed music, painting and craft shops, I came across Rebel-Bride; my dream store.

I hurried inside, finding the section where I knew my perfect dress would be, instantly setting my eyes upon it. I walked around the model, my eyes wide, admiring the sheer beauty and preciseness of detail that I had been thinking of.

The corset bodice was a brilliant white, made from silk, a black ribbon tied at the waist to make the hips more exaggerated. The material bunched around the hips, before flowing out into a full bodied skirt, a more light grey colour, also made from silk. Down the skirt, in groups of twos, were 12 black, tasteful ruffles, made out of French lace and velvet ribbon. The skirt fell to the floor perfectly, not too long, not too short. The back tied up by pulling black ribbon through eyelets, tightening to desired size. It was perfect... no, wait, beyond perfect. If it were possible to fall in love with I dress, I most certainly did.

As I extended my hand to feel the smooth silk of the skirt between my fingers, the sales assitant approached me.

"Can I help you at all Miss Asher?" She asked. I looked down at her name tag, which read "Elsi", and back up into her smiling face.

"Uhm, how do you know my name?" I quizzed.

"Everyone knows you, after that Rolling Stone issue with Pete and Mikey Way's interview," Elsi replied, giggling softly.

"Okay. I was wondering if you could help me with a dress."

"Of course. I take it you're after this Max Chaoul Couture dress here?" She asked, pointing to the dress I had been studying for the past ten minutes. I nodded my respose, before she headed to the counter, pulling out a folder.

"We need a few pieces of information off you before we can even think about getting started. First of all, we need to know when the date of the wedding is."

"8th December," I replied, and she noted the date in the folder.

"Now, I read that you were pregnant. How far along will you be by then?"

"I'll be about 22 weeks. But I am carrying twins, so I'll be a larger size than normal 22 weeks," I said. This was also noted.

"Well, with this dress, seeing as the corset is laced up, adjusment is within our parameters, and simple to do. It's simply order the dress now, and come in about a week before the ceremony, and we'll make the final alterations. If by the day you're size has changed, the laces along the back of the bodice can be adjusted," Elsi said, making my descision for the dress even more perfect. I followed her up to the counter, placing an order for the dress, coming in for measurements the following week, and setting up a final size date for November 30th.

"Are you requiring bridesmaid dresses?" Elsi asked after I handed over Pete's spare credit card, which he told me to purchase wedding things on.

"Yeah, I am. I'd like to have red satin dresses, but thats all I know." Elsi took me over to the display where red bridesmaid dresses lined the walls and racks. There were some real design abominations, and some which wouldn't work with the majoritized complexion of the female party. After the twenty-something-th dress, I found one which would pass for my girls. It was a rose red silk, starting at the breasts and flowing to the floor, with two off shouder arms. The bodice was tight, and flowed out minimally as it his the top of the thighs. It was, in all senses of the word, impeccable. I asked Elsi to hold back six dresses, with the rough sized for each girl, saying I'd bring them with me next week, so we could all get fitted at once.

I left the shop beaming, so in my own world that I didn't see the man I ran into.

"Baby, watch where you're going," Pete chuckled, pulling me into his arms, holding me close as I snuggled into his chest.

"Sorry, I was so happy."

"Expand please. I need to know if you conned Ryan into getiing you off in a changing room or something," Pete smirked, taking my hand, walking to where he thought I would have parked the car earlier - Joe dropped him off on the way back to Andy's place.

"I found a dress, and bridesmaid dresses. I have them on hold and we're getting them fitted next week. I'm gonna go look for your tuxes either tomorrow or the next day," I said as we rounded the corner, fishing the keys out my purse and unlocking the vehicle.

"It will have to be the day after tomorrow, cause we have a doctors appointment tomorrow," Pete replied, snatching the keys off me and hopping into the drivers seat. I slid into the passenger seat, not worried about anything as we headed back home, just in time for me to have a nap before I went into the studio this afternoon - you heard me correctly, I, Alexiz Asher, am recording my debut album, released on the last day of our tour next year.


"Alexiz, please, just... ignore anything you see, hear or feel around you. Sing this song like the first time you wrote the lyrics, the first time an audience heard you... like the day of your graduation," Patrick commanded into the microphone as I perched myself upon the stool in the recording booth, mentally scolding myself for not doing my best.

"I'm sorry Patrick," I sighed, tears unintentionally welling in my eyes.

"Don't worry about it, lets try another take." I went back to the mic feeling slightly dizzy, shutting it off as not enough rest, slipping the headphones back on, waiting for the cue.

"Don't leave me to say something that might be regretful, later on in life
Just remember that I know what to do, when the world comes crashing down around us
I simply have to say
That leaving you is the hardest part of life
And I never want to do it more than once
Never put me through those hard times, never make me realize
That I need to say
Oh, I love you.

You took the time to make sure that I thought everything was wrong,
But it truly was, and it was all your fault.
I thought I could trust you, but that's like heaven and hell;
It's all nonexistent to me.
Never put me through those hard times, never make me realize
That all I need to say
That I just need to say,
That I love you.
Woah, yeah, I love you.

More than you ever thought could be possible, for a girl just like me.
And it's harder to admit now that I've grown.
Take me into the shadows, and tell me how you really feel,
Cause if it's even a little how I feel about you,
If it's more than I can ever feel for you,
Then I know, deep in my heart,
That I love you,
Yeah, yeah, I love you-ooh.

Never put me through those hard times, never make me realize
That I need to say to your sweet face.
I just need to tell you,
Oh, I just need to say.
Woah-oh, I really have to tell you the truth,
That I love you.
Yeah, yeah
I love you.
Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah
I love you.
More than you ever thought before
I love you"

I let out a breathy sigh of relief as Patrick gave me the cut sign.

"That was perfect. Come out here and listen to the play back." I did as asked, making my way to the control centre, Pete appearing from nowhere, listening in too. As I heard the playback, my voice strange to my ears, I picked up on the fact that instruments were in there.

"Who recorded the band?" I asked, bewildered.

"We actually lied to you when Ry and I said we were busy with band stuff this morning. Everyone in FBR got together and recorded all the instruments for your album," Pete blushed, holding me close as waves of dizziness became stronger.

"Thank you gu-" I whispered out, before falling to the floor, blacking out.

What's wrong with her? Guess you'll have to wait and see.

The lyrics in this chapter are 100% mine, and any I don;t like people copying my work.

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