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Chapter 24

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Now I know it says all the other chapters have been updated, but I just went through checking spelling and punctuation errors... I'm in my OCD mood right now.

ficfriction: All shall be explained sweetie, and I love those dresses too!
MrSz-Or3o: You'll find out in due time, and soory, but I love my cliffhangers
doyleangel: I'm sure nothing serious is wrong, and I know that I put her through a ton of stuff, but it's all worth it in the end.
PanicFOBAcademy26: You know, I don't mind the idea of William following me around with a mattress ;)
TheTrohmanator121: Thanks for the chapter love, and I knwo about the dresses. Nothing should be wrong with them, but I'll wait for you to read the chapter

Just a little announcement which makes me giddy with pride. Welcome to my Life has recieved 76 reviews so far! I can't believe my story is good enough to acquire so many reviews, but thank you!

I hope the rest of the chapters to come will bring more reviews, and more love. I don't even know how many more chapters there are, at least to 50 or so.

Enjoy the chapter.
Chapter 24:

Pete's POV:

It was lucky I had a grip on her, else Alexiz would have fallen hard. Patrick, only just noticing her passed out, jumped from his chair, helping me take her to the car; to Dr. Dorian's office. I sat in the back, holding her close as she began shivering and sweating, as Patrick drove, his eyes constantly flicking between the road and the rear-view mirror, looking at me. I pulled my cell out from my hoodie pocket, dialling the clinics number, telling the ditzy receptionist seven times over that Alexiz needed to be seen immediately, and that Dr. Dorian would understand. The car ride was silent; tears threatening to spill from my eyes, Patrick already having tracks on his cheeks; Alexiz stirring slightly in my arms.


Alexiz's POV:

I woke to find myself in a colourful room, in just my bare essentials with a fuzzy purple blanket covering me from waist down. Looking around the room, I saw Dr. Dorian writing something on my chart. She looked up at the sound of me groaning, smiling an obviously fake smile and heading over to the examination bed I lay upon.

"Where's Pete?" Was the first thing to slip from my mouth. Not 'what happened', 'am I okay' or 'are the babies okay'.

"He's outside, chatting with a young blonde woman and the hat-wearing guy who helped carry you in," she replied, pulling over the ultrasound equipment and a chair. Patrick and Laicei then

"Now, we'll do your check-up while Mr. Wentz finishes up his conversation, and then I'll get down to the details of when he returns. And important thing is that today we can find out the sex of the twins." My eyes lit up at this, but I shook my head.

"Not unless Pete agrees," I muttered.

"Pete agrees to what?" Pete asked, sauntering into the room as Dr. Dorian squirted the gel on my round stomach.

"Finding out what we're having."

"Well, I was hoping for babies," Pete smirked, sitting down beside me and taking hold of my left hand.

"The sex of the twins you dumb-ass!" I giggled, Pete laughing along with me.

"I know baby, just messing with you. And the descision is totally up to you," he mentioned, pressing a kiss into my palm, before placing a gentle kiss on my lips.

"I want to know," I whispered as the sound of their tiny heart beats eminated from the monitor.

"The babies are in healthy shape, developing very well. They are at this point around four inches long, and if Baby Wentz Two will move to the side slightly, we'll be able to tell if Princess Wentz has a brother or sister," Dr. Dorian spoke, Pete and I beaming upon finding out one of the twins was a little girl.

"There we go.. it appears that you'll be gaining a daughter and a -"


Patrick's POV:

To say I wasn't scared for my friends fiancee and unborn children would be an understatement. Luckily Laicei came to the clinic shorty after, and started comforting me.

"I really hope the babies are okay. Last time their lives could have been at stake, Pete was beyond worried,' I said as I pulled Laicei into my arms as we waited for news.

"If I know Alexiz, she'll pull through perfectly. She's a strong woman, and Pete's a fighter too, so if the babies take after either of them, they'll make it through," Lacei replied, snuggling into me embrace. I kissed the top of her hair, stroking her arm lightly.

"Yeah, you're right."

"You worry far too much Trickster." I smiled, bringing her body closer still, savouring the unspoken words between us. Laicei really did make my life whole, and she got along incredibly well with everyone. She was a keeper, and I was going to let her know that soon. After Pete and Alexiz's wedding, cause I didn't want to take any of their thunder away from them.

"I love you Laicei," I muttered.

"I love you too Patrick," she sighed, looking up at me and kissing me softly. "And don't ever forget it."

"Of course I won't," I replied, smiling, before capturing her lips once more.


Alexiz and Pete stepped out from Dr. Dorian office with smiles on their faces; Alexiz's body glowing, Pete never looking happier in his life.

"So, what happened?" Asked Laicei as she uncurled from my lap, heading over to the happy couple.

"I've caught the flu a little, only a minor case. Cause I'm pregnant, it affects me and the babies more, and I've been put on bedrest for the next couple of days," Alexiz replied, smiling and squeezing Pete's hand.

"What about the other thing?" Pete whispered, not quiet enough to keep me from hearing.

"Uhm... okay, you can tell them," Alexiz replied, looking a little unwilling, but folding nonetheless.

"We found out the sex of the twins today," Pete announced, never losing his smile, pulling Alexiz into his arms, resting his hands on her pronounced bump.

"OMG!" Squealed Laicei. She could be a real teenager sometimes.

"We're having a little girl and a little -"


Alexiz's POV:

I have decided now that bedrest sucks. Being confined to the apartment when I'm supposed to be recording is getting to me, because for the last four days, since returning from the clinic, I've penned at least four songs, and I was itching to get them on tape to hear what they're like. Dr. Dorian had been to the apartment previously telling me I could leave the house whenever I felt ready, and I was over the moon, cause it meant I could hunt down the tuxes for the groomsmen and Pete. I knew exactly what I wanted, but finding it would be another joyous task. Plus it meant I could start buying things for the little ones, now I knew the sexes and all.

Upon finding out what we were having, Pete called up one of his Clandestine designers to renovate the spare bedroom which would become the nursery. I was looking forward to this because I knew that it would look amazing. Clandestine has some of the most beautifully styled rooms, and I'd been begging Pete since finding out about the pregnancy to let Cland do it. I was finally getting my way.

But as I sat down by my desk, ready to scribble out some more lyrics that were bursting from my head, I decided I would actually go out today to get the tuxes sorted. Collecting my cell, purse, iPod and shoes, I left a note for Pete saying I'd be downtown searching for tuxes, and that I should have Ryan with me, as he was going to be my model for the day.


I met Ryan outside the shop I felt would have the perfect clothing in, dragging him into the store whilst chatting about the babies.

"You're really glowing today," he murmured, hugging me from behind and letting his hands rest on my stomach. I giggled as I pulled suit after suit from the railing along the wall, none of them being what I was after. Breaking away from the comfort of an embrace, be it Ryan's or someone elses, I headed to the far corner of the shop where the more... questionable options were. Reaching the rack with Ryan hot at me heels, I found one that would look amazing on everyone. It was a stunning ordeal, and that was only when I looked at it on the hanger. God knows how happy I'd be once I saw it on the boys.

It consisted of tight pants, black, almost like skinny jeans, with a thin brown belt; a white business shirt, complete with black waist coat and blacker blazer. Pinned to the blazer was a black fabric rose, and I notcied that on each outfit, the rose varied in size. I plucked on out that was RyRo's size and ushered him to the changing rooms, slipping in behind him when the assistant's eyes were focused on something else. As he began removing his pinstripe pants, brown vest and tan shirt, showing me the thin body which I had fallen for slightly, I did a double take, noticing the blue and purple bruises scattered over his chest and abdomen, my hands carefully running over them.

"What happened?" I whispered, upset that he had gotten hurt.

"After hearing of what that bastard did to you in the alley, I couldn't help but teach him a lesson," Ryan replied, blushing and averting his gaze. I reached up and pulled his face towards mine, stroking his cheek softly.

"Why did you do that? Didn't you think about yourself during this?"

"I did think about myself. It hurt me to see you so... frail and damaged. Don't worry though, he came off a lot worse than me," he smirked, and I pulled him into a soft hug, so not to disturb the bruises.

"Thank you," I muttered, before lightly brushing my lips with his, before he depened the kiss. Soon my clothes joined Ryan's on the floor of the changing room, and he had me backed against the wall, my legs round his waist, him supporting me by the hips as he gently thrust into me. Our mouths were attacking each others, hands groping and caressing, being rough, yet loving at the same time.

He continued pushing into me, building orgasm after orgasm which coursed through me, making my toes curl. Soon he himself reached his climax, spilling into me, our moans, sighs and pants caught in each others mouths. We quickly re-dressed, with Ryan trying on the tux first, which he looked freakin' gorgeous in. We placed an order for six of them, saying we'd have them fitted the day after we were getting the women sorted, as I needed to accompany them to check they fitted how I wanted them to, and that they were worn how I'd like them to be.

Leaving the store and heading back to the car with Ryan, as he was hanging for dinner with me, Pete, Holly, Chizzy and William, we passed a little baby shop which I couldn't help going into and looking at all the pink items for our daughter.

"So you know what you're having then?" Ryan asked as I fingered the cutest little pink and purple onesie.

"Yeah, we're having a girl and a -" I stopped my sentence as my cell rang. Picking it up, finding out it was Pete double checking for dinner tonight. I mouthed the answer to Ryan of the sex question, and he lit up, looking around the store himself for little presents he could buy for the baby shower.

Okay, so what are they having other than a little girl!? I must have got you annoyed with the constant cutting the sentence short lol.

For the groomsmen tuxes, go here:
I based them on RyRo's outfit in the image, minus the ribbon thing around his neck, and the gloves. As I said, on each tux, the rose will differ in size. I plan on using J-Walk's shoes from the image for them to wear with
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