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Chapter 2

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The four of them go to Wal*Mart..

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I awoke that morning in my bedrroom. I crawled out of bed and decided to change before I went downstairs. I put on a pair of tripp pants with neon pink sticthing and a neno pink spagetti strap tank top. I brushed my hair and decided not to bother with makeup at the moment. I started down the stairs and I could smell coffee as soon as I got to the bottom. I walked into the kitchen to find Frank sitting on the counter with a mug in his hand, and it just so happend to be my mug.

"What do you think your doing?" I asked.

He must not of noticed me standing there because he jumped at the sound of my voice.

"Drinking coffee." He said shyly

"Using MY mug." I said

"Sorry.." He said "I didn't know."

"So where are Mikey and Gee?" I asked

"They went to get breakfast." He said

I nodded and walked over and got a mug out of the cupboard and poured myself some coffee. I walked over to the refrigerator and got the milk out and put some in my coffee. I walked back over to the counter Frankie was sitting at and jumped up beside him.

"So, how did I end up in my bed?" I asked pulling my cigarettes out of my pocket and lighting one up.

"I took you up." He said "I didn't want Gee to wake up and tweak out about us cuddled up on the couch together." He said

I smiled.

"He's not that bad is he?" I asked

"Tori, think about the one time I accidentally pushed you down in gym class playing basketball. He totally freakout on me." He said

"Well thats different Frankie. I fell on my ass, and it hurt." I said

He laughed.

"Its not funny!" I defended myself "It really did hurt."

Just then the front door burst open and I could smell the food.

"EGG MCMUFFINS!" Frankie yelled and ran toward the door. I laughed and jumped down. That kid was sooo cute. There I go again. Think about him again.

Gee entered the kitchen and handed me one with a hashbrown and he handed me a cup.

"Whats this?" I asked holding up the cup

"I think you'd rather have cappuccino so I got you some." He said with a smile

"Awe! Thanks Geeie Poo!" I said

He laughed and kissed me on the forehead

"No problem Torie Poo!" He said mocking me.

After breakfast we all sat in my livingroom watching Tv.

"Guys..." I whined putting my head on Gee's shoulder

"What Tor?" Gee asked

"I'm bored." I said crossing my arms and pouting.

Gee laughed and looked at me "Well what should we do then?" He asked

"I dunno. Something other than sit here and watch TV. I mean we go back to school tomorrow and I don't want to just spend it sitting here doing nothing!"

"We should go to Wal*Mart!" Frankie said

"Yeah! We can go and pull all those stunts on the list of things to do at Wal*Mart!" I said

"Alright..." Gee said getting up.

He helped me up off the couch and we all put our shoes on I grabed my purse and we headed out the door.

"SHOT GUN!" Frankie said yet again

Before I could say anything Frankie had been tackled to the ground by Gee.

"I told you Frankie, but sometimes you just don't listen." I said laughing

"Gee get your fat ass off me!" Frankie said

I just started laughing. Gee eventually let Frank up, then to my surprise he let Frank have shot gun just for giving him a reason to tackle him.

When we got to Wal*Mart we walked in and we didn't know where to start. First off I needed new eyeliner. So I left the boys and went over and got eyeliner. When I was done getting that my cellphone started ringing and it was Gee.

"Yeah?" I answered

"Come to the camping/hunting section." he said before hanging up. When I got to the place I almost fell over laughing. There they were, they had a tent sat up with 4 sleeping bags they had a little tv with a fire on it and Frankie was sitting there with a wooden marshmello stick with a marshmello on the end of it trying to roast it.

"Hey guys." I said laughing

"Tori!" Frankie said "I'd toast you a marshmello, but its not seeming to work."

I just laughed him off and looked in the tent. There was Gee sitting there playing cards.

"So wheres Mikey?" I asked

Gee pointed over my shoulder and I looked to find him outside the sliding glass doors sitting on a garden chair with a fishing pole and it sitting in the little fountain they had in the garden center. I almost died on that one.

"Wow, what will you guys think of next." I said

The rest of the day we walked around into the toy isle and pressed all the buttons on anything that had buttons on them. Then walked away. We got a box of condoms and ran around putting them in peoples carts when they're weren't looking. We akso went and played all the video games. We end road bikes around. We finally ended up in the food section. [[Wal*Mart Super Center]] We put Frankie in one of the freezers and practically gave this old lady a heart attack when she walked past and saw him in there. By the end of the day we were all tired and headed back to my house.

We walked in the door and I looked at the rest of them.

"Your all happy to stay here if you like." I said

"Nah Tori, Me and Mikey got to go back home. But we'll be over in the morning to get you." He said

"Cya Tor, bye Frankie." Mikey said

They walked back out and I looked at Frank.

"Looks like its only you and me tonight." I said "Because I doubt you want to go home and face your Dad who'll probably bitch because you never went home lastnight."

"Yeah." He said

I walked over to the couch and sat down and turned the Tv on. Frankie came over and joined me and I looked at him.

"Frankie, I umm. Got to tell you something." I said

"What Tori." He said looking at me.

"Frankie I don't know how exactly to say this but, I think I'm starting to fall for you."
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