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Chapter 32

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ooh Gerard finds out bout that something.

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I twirled my dark long hair around my index finger. I’ve noticed that I I spent most of my time in the guest room which is temporarily my room. Although Dylan shared the room with me he was always hanging out with the guys. I didn’t really mind. A few days ago the guys took me out to this very poshy restaurant and that was great and we kinda got trashed and ran like wild animals down the suburban streets until Mikey and Ray had gather all of us up. It was hilarious. I was about to doze off to have a nap when my door knocked. I sighed and stomped to my door. It was Frank grinning mischievously.

I raised an eyebrow looking confused.

He pulled out a packet of condom from his pocket.

“No Frank once is enough.” I huffed and slammed the door in front of him.

I bit my nail. I’m a bad person and I should get a life.

“Ooh and we should make some apple pie.” Mrs. Bryar suggested as we walked into the house with our grasp full of food in shopping bags.

“You know I love apple pie.” I licked my lips and placed the shopping bags on the bench top in the kitchen.

“I know you love it, remember when I use to make you some whenever you use to crave for it?”

I nodded. “Yep, can’t forget that.”

“I just heard with my gifted ears that you guys were making apple pie!” Gerard jumped into the room. His face looked hungry.

“Yes Gerard you heard right, now be a good boy or you wont get any.” Mrs. Bryar chuckled.

Gerard posed that 5 years old I’m a good boy pose.

I laughed at him.

“Anyway, as much as you need help lovely lady, I need to borrow Mary for a few tickies!” Gerard said and slowly pulled me out of the room.

“Oh alright, not too long though.” Mrs. Bryar said and unpacked the ingredients.

“Ok.” Gerard said and dragged me to an unoccupied room.

“What happened Gerard?” I asked him looking slightly confused.

Gerard giggled and flipped through an entertainment magazine and held the page in front of my face to read.

I squinted my eyes to read the article.

‘The public and fans of My Chemical Romance (MCR) are confused with what is going on with the lead man of the band Gerard Way’s love life. Far away from down-under in other words Australia rumors spread saying that supermodel Mary-Anne Bryar (foster sister of Bob Bryar the drummer of MCR) is engaged to Gerard Way. When the public heard this, they got confused… didn’t Mary-Anne date Gerard Way when they were in high school? Other than that, once the rumor reached other parts of the world, Mary-Anne denied the rumors.
“It was a joke.” Said Mary-Anne Bryar. “I didn’t expect him to believe it. Gerard and I are just good friends, nothing more.”
What we see here is jealousy. Mary-Anne is jealous of Gerard Way. Get over it Mary-Anne, you and Gerard are so over.”

I gasped at the last part and frowned at the article. “They never get it right.” I muttered.

Gerard peaked at me from behind the magazine. “What isn’t right?”

I pulled the magazine out of our view. “Well most of it is right, but the last part is so wrong.”

“The ‘get over me’ part?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Well maybe it’s a teensy bit true.” He grinned.

“What?” I snapped at him.

He stepped back, “Well maybe you’re not over me.”

“I am so over you!” I sounded like a school girl.

“Then why didn’t you make a joke about me?” he asked. “You could have put in George Clooney in there or something.”

I growled at him. “I don’t know, I just said it at the top of my head.”

“So that means you think about me all the time.” He winked at me.


“Ok ok, no need to go crappy.” He sighed. “Great, just my luck then.”

I looked at him trying not o look confused.

“Well I’m not listening to what you say. I’m just going to convince myself that you still love me.” He crossed his arms over his chest and stood at an angle. “Yea and that last part are sort of true too. The you and I are so over part. Never is over for me.” He stated.

My blood was like lave, it was very hot as it passed through my burning heart. I felt so guilty. Bad Mary, bad.

He looked up at me for a moment.

I took massive breaths. “I gotta help make apple pie.” I said in monotone but I couldn’t move.

I just couldn’t help but look into Gerard’s hazel ones. A wave of lust mixed into my blood making my heart beat faster than it already was. It was like I sent a signal t Gerard and he walked closer to me. I felt his breath on my lips.

He didn’t move anymore than that; just stares into my eyes.

I wanted to kiss him but I braced myself, “I gotta go.” I slowly said just capturing all over his feature close up. I was surprised that my voice was still in use because my throat was ever so dry.

“No just stay a moment please?” Gerard breathed out but still didn’t move, “I just wanna be like this for awhile, I don’t know if this will happen ever again.” He said.

The way he said it was so sweet and to die for but I moved passed him. Gerard always captured me by his seductive side, but even when he’s not trying to be seductive, he always was.

I bustled into the kitchen where Mrs. Bryar was cutting the apples into cubes.

“Ah there you are” she smiled warmly at me. “Would you mind helping me with slicing these apples?”

“Sure.” I sighed and put on the spare apron and got to work.

“Are you okay?” Mrs. Bryar asked when she looked at me; her blue eyes analyzing the emotions that appeared on my face.

“Yes, I’m fine.” I tried to sound convincing.

“What did Gerard do?” she put her hands on her hips with a sigh.


“Oh, he did something that little bugger.” She said referring to him.

“No no, it’s just me.” I said and tried to make myself look busy by slicing the apples quickly.

“What happened honey?” she asked; he face showing empathy.


“Come on, you can tell me. I’m like your mother and friend.” She smiled genuinely.

I sighed giving up. “If you really wanna know.”

“Let’s have a girl talk! Let me wash my hands and get some coffee while you go to your room ok?”

I nodded, defeated and did as I was told.

“So tell me what’s bringing you down dear?” Mrs. Bryar said after she took a sip from her hot black coffee.

“It’s Gerard.”

“I knew it!”

“And Bob…” I avoided her eyes. I was embarrassed.

“What did they do?” she frowned.

“It’s not them. I just keep encouraging them on.” I circled the edge of my coffee cup with my index finger.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“What I mean is, I love them both but…”

“You can’t choose?”

I nodded dully.

She shifted to be comfortable. “Well, who do you see yourself with for the rest of your life?”

I bit my bottom lip.

Yay! Ha Ha, I got so bored in Maths that I started writing this hahaha....
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