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Chapter 31

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And then there was Frank...

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Sleeping is good to relax and calm your mind, but it wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t even sleepy. Maybe because it was only 7pm. I sat up and sighed. I peaked through the curtain; the sun was only just setting. I absently looked down at the Bryar’s backyard where I saw Ray sitting with Bob on the bench. It looked like Ray was comforting him. I groaned to myself, great Mary look what you did. I sat cross legged and just stared absently in the guest room. My thought stood at a halt when the guest room’s door knocked.

“Come in.” I called out.

Frank sheepishly walked in the room. He gave a shy smile and closed the door behind him before sitting next to me.

“Hey Frank.” I smiled at him. “What’s up?”

“Stuff.” He fiddled with his fingers.

I narrowed my eyes at him. “What stuff?”

“Um… Mary you know how you’re like my good friend?” he started off.

“Yes…” I raised an eyebrow as I tried to figure out what he wanted from me.

“You know how we had that one time thing when you found out that Gerard was sleeping with Shelly?” he was giving me puppy dog eyes.

I felt my cheeks go red. “Yes?”

“Well could we… do it again?” he looked down blushing and avoiding my eyes.

My eyes widened. “Why?”

“’Cause… like you, I found out that my girlfriend’s been cheating on me with this dude”

“Naww” I hugged him. I let go of him. “But it’s just weird that you’re asking me to do this. I mean I didn’t ask you to do that… last time just… came onto you”

He nodded. “Ok…” and he kissed me; slightly pushing me back onto the bed. He pulled away leaving me breathless.

“Ok, if you insist”

He grinned and swiftly got off me and locked the door.

“Protection?” I asked.

“Checked.” He pulled out the contraception out of his picket.

“You knew that I’d agree to do this?” I sounded shocked.

He shrugged his shoulders and climbed over me.

“No one will know about this?” I asked.

“No one will know about this” he answered me and proceeded to his actions.

“Argh! I can’t even comb my hair because of you!” I complained as I tried to get the hairbrush to run through my hair.

“Well sorry for being rough with you but you like it rough” Frank crossed his arms over his chest.

I sighed and gave up.

“Here let me try” Frank grabbed the comb.

“Don’t pull my hair out of else” I warned.

He giggled. He was about to start trying to brush my hair when the door knocked. He looked at me; his eyes asking me if he should open the door.

Well we were fully clothed and didn’t look like we shagged so I nodded.

“Hey dudes!” Frank grinned when he opened the door.

“Frank what are you doing here?” Mikey asked as he stepped into the room.

It was Mikey, Bob, Gerard and Ray who walked into the room.

That’s nice.

“I’m trying to be Mary’s hairdresser!” Frank grinned.

I laughed that was a good cover up. “Look what he did to my hair!” I said in outrage.

Frank winked at me.

They laughed.

“It’s not funny!” I stood up and frowned at them. “I’m showering”

“Do you want me to join honey?” Frank asked.

Bob gave him a look.

“No thank you Frank, I’m fine showering myself”

“You wouldn’t want him to be in there with you, you’ll need Gerard Way, your savior” Gerard gave that proud pose.

I laughed at him. “No Mr. Way, I’ll be fine”

“Well hurry up with the shower, we still haven’t taken you out” Mikey grinned.

“Ooh where are we going?” I asked.

“I don’t know” Ray stated looking confused.

I laughed, “Okay, be right back” I said and ran into the bathroom to clean off Frank’s germs.

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