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Chapter 22

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go look at the pictures in this one or the story wont be as funny

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March 1, 2005.
Posted to: GuitarHero

There's this weird guy in mine and Mikey's lunch period we call Vulture Kid. He hunches over and cranes his neck around to look at us sometimes when we're eating. He talks to our friend Rebecca in her art class, though tries to avoid him. He asks questions like "Do you like... my art?" "Do you like... my clothes?" in this strange emotionless, low voice.

I don't like him. At all. I don't like Muffs either.

Okay, so you know how muffins have the big puffy top that spills over the sides of the muffin paper holder? There's this girl I see in the hallway who looks like that because her pants are way too small for her and she's on the chunky side.

Muffs and Vulture Kis should meet because they're eerie and gross.

Muffs: adj. Poofy fat.

Comment(s): 2
KissMyBass: Oh my god. Muffs. Ugh. She makes me eyes bleed a little bit, and that's not so nice to look at.
LittleDrummerBoy: You completely ruined my love for muffins. Seriously, I hate you.


March 3, 2005.
Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy.

Since Frank ruined everything wholesome and delicious for me, I have decided to move.

This is where I live presently: [go look at his old house here i made it in paint and shit]

(See? Those monsters and ghosts torment me because FRANK IS A TERRIBLE HUMAN BEING.)

But I'm going to move far, far away to a nice little home: [go look at his new house!]

I will have pets: [go look at his pets here!]

And I guess I'll take my mom and dad with me, but not my sister she's she's a big muff: [go look at his parents]

And I will not speak to Frank, ever. He ruined nice muffins for me, so now when I eat them I feel like I'm eating human flesh and that's kind of disgusting.

I guess Gerard can come with me, though, since he was innocent in all of this. Ray, I'm sure, will follow since they're inseparable.

In other news, I spoke to Ashley for the first time this morning/last night at 2am. We talked for a tremendously long amount of time. She's got the cutest accent ever, ever, ever.

Comment(s): 4
GuitarHero: Stop being a douche waffle, okay? You're fucking melodramatic.
KissMyBass: What did I do?
--LittleDrummerBoy: Guilty by association.
Sing4Absolution: I'm glad I'm loved. :) Oh, and Ashley sounds real cute.


March 5, 2005.
Posted to: KissMyBass

I took Frank took the Museum of Modern Art yesterday. I really want to say that we sat and appreciated all the artwork but c'mon. You know we didn't. Instead we ran around and made fun of all the nude statues. The security guards didn't like that so much, but that's what they're there for: to yell at people like us.

Afterwards my mom took us to lunch at the Olive Garden. We ate a lot of breadsticks since we didn't really like linguini-pini-jini-whatever that stuff is called. It looked kind of... icky.

Then we went back to Frank's, where his mom made us a lot of food (as usual) and tried to make us eat it. Well, I ate it; Frank just yelled at his mom about how he thinks her food is gross. I feel bad for that poor woman. She's such a nice lady. She buys me Cheez-Its.

Frank gave me an earing yesterday. It's a bit bigger than the hole I had so he had to shove it through. And it hurt. I played around with it this morning and it still pains me. I guess I have to wait a little while before it heals.

Comment(s): 3
GuitarHero: Um. Hi. I accidentallygaveyouanearringtwosizesbiggerandthat'swhyithurt. I'm sorry.
--KissMyBass: You did WHAT? That's why it hurts so bad, you idiot!
---Sing4Absolution: I was about to comment saying that I was envious of your going-to-a-museum date, but after that whole ear dilemma... I'm glad I'm not Mikey. XD
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