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Chapter 4

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Bee started playing the guitar along with Jack with the drums.

“It’s 5am and she’s still awake. Fighting against her latest mistake. She thinks it over, over an again. She tried to figure it out.” Shelley breathes. “It has a control of her thoughts. It’s holding back against her struggle. I’ll bring you closer. I’ll pull you under. I’ll kill you slowly. And I’m taking over!” Shelley screamed.

“And I’m thinking too much, I’m starting to lose control.” I sang. “And if I just lay here will my thoughts consume me? Will I realise I’ll lose control?”

“Lose control, I’m starting to lose control, I’m starting to lose control.” Shelley screamed with her head banging to the beat of Jack’s drums.

Bee led me with his guitar, and everything went up beat along with the crowd.

“She’s screaming now! She’s leaving now! She’s dying now! She’s crying! She’s finding out and learning how that everything about her isn’t the answer!” Shelley screamed.

I sang the chorus again.

The song finished and Bee played the guitar intro of our new song.

“Ok, this might be a little sexual. Oh what the fuck!” Shelley used her screaming voice.

It’s amazing how she can change from a cute little girl to a controlling mad ass sexy rock star on stage.

“Come on!” she screamed.

Bee played.

“Do you, for free? I never saw that one coming. Do you, for free? I always knew you would. They don’t mean anything unless they’re gorgeous; high price. This is a premier league bitch, premier league bitch.” Shelley screamed and started dancing to the chorus like a stripper.

This was so not my song. Lesbians don’t sing this. “This is the way I like it oh baby faster, faster. In the middle of the night when the time is right just touch me.” I sang.

“Feel my fingertips brush across your lips.” Shelley screamed.

“This is the way I like it oh baby harder, harder. So here we are, hear us breathe.”

Shelley panted in the microphone.

Bee played for a few seconds as the fans tried to reach for him.

“Down strumpet? Oh no no no. who’s the pretty boy? Who’s the pretty boy? Not faster wit just a better time. Take a number babe then get in line, I’ll get to you when I’m done with this one.”

I sang the chorus as I partly watched Shelley dance. I stood next to Bee as we played together and Steph joined in with us.

“Come here! Come and feel me. Boy just feel me. Then release! Try me. Boy just push me. Don’t just be here. Serve your purpose. The more in a night, the higher I score. It’s all a game, it’s all a game. You’re not alone bring on another one, you’re just another one.” Shelley screamed.

As I sang the chorus again the crowd was louder than me as they sang along with me.

“You guys fucking rock!” Shelley screamed once we were finished.

“You guys fucking killed the crowd man.” The chick named as Lady Hooker in my other band high fived us.

“That’s what we do.” Steph answered her and grabbed a bottle of water.

“You were amazing.” I heard Amy’s sweet voice saying to Bee.

I bit my bottom lips. I was feeling horny at the moment. Don’t look at Amy, I told myself. I couldn’t hold myself and turned towards her. She was hugging him. She looked even more beautiful. But I knew she has pampered herself for Bee.

“Finally got in!” I looked and saw Sarah grinning at me.

“Hey! Glad you made it.” I hugged her tightly.

She giggled.

Jack winked at me.

“You know the book Twilight right?” Sarah asked.

I turned my attention back t her. “Yes.”

“DO you wanna be my date for this masquerade ball for the opening of the new book?” she blushed.

“Yea sure honey. I love the book series.”

“Yay! Practically everyone is going. Even Amy and Bee.”

“Awesome.” I turned to Bee. “Dude why didn’t you tell me you were going to the ball thing for Twilight?” I asked.

“Um... because I knew you’d kill me and hide my body and get disguised as me and take Amy to the ball.” Bee answered me.

Wow, that’s a nice plan just to see Amy. “Well fuck you, I’m going with Sarah.” I stuck my tongue at him.

Amy looked thoughtful.

I returned my attention to Sarah again and smiled warmly at her.

I know, this is shit. But I got bored. Really bored. I dont expect no reviews for this one xD
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