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Chapter 5

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All these things i hate revolve around me.

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[Shelley's POV]

“Now who wants steak?” Clik and Steph’s mother asked.

“Me!” I waved my hand which held an empty plastic plate.

“Ok, Shelley.” She chuckled and handed it to my plate.

We were having a BBQ day at Clik’s house for fun. We all love their parents; they’ve supported us as a band from the start. They fed us and looked after us. They gave up their time to help us make our music spread across this country. I love them.

“Mum! What about me? I’m like your only daughter and you don’t feed me first!” Steph cried.

I laughed evilly at her and she stuck her tongue out at me.

“Honey, you’re not my only daughter.” Her mother answered her as she cooked the steak on the BBQ with her dad.

“I so am!” Steph argued.

“Hey, hey! I’m like your daughter too!” Clik walked in.

“You’re not her daughter, more like her son.” Steph snickered.

“Dude, you wanna bet?” Clik was ready to take her pants off.

“No, now ladies we don’t want a stripping competition here.” Her mother said and handed Steph a steak.

Clik gave a face to Steph and walked back inside the house.

“Oh my god. Done!” Steph’s mother cheered. “You can freely dig in now. I’m going inside to wash my hands.

“And I’ll bring the sauce.” Their father chimed in and jogged inside.

“I remember when me and Clik were in the bus and she use to kick my knees just to see my boobs jiggle.” Steph said absently.

I nearly spit out my food from laughing.

“What the fuck?” Bee asked. “Your sister has a thing for you or something?”

“Nah.” Steph giggled.

“Ah, food at last.” Their mother came back and sat in between their father and Bee.

“Where’s Clik?” I asked.

“Probably sulking.” Steph snickered again.

“Um… where’s Amy too?” Jack asked.

“In the bathroom.” Bee answered and took a bite.

“Eshay.” Jack said before digging into his food.

[Amy's POV]

I groaned in front of the mirror. I didn’t feel beautiful, not that I don’t feel beautiful. I tossed my dark hair behind my back and exited the bathroom and walking into someone else. Gosh why am I so clumsy today? I rubbed my arm trying to take the pain away and saw Clik in front of me. My eyes widened.

“Sorry.” She looked up and her mouth was half open.

I didn’t say anything, I was afraid that I might croak.

“Um…” she hummed and scratched the back of her head. “I need to get to the loo.”

I quickly moved out of her way, “Sorry.” I squeaked.

She gave me a smile and walked in.

Suddenly I remembered that I left my phone in the bathroom. I had to wait for her to get out. I heard cheering and talking outside, seemed like they were having fun. I sighed; it was about 10 minutes when Clik got out.

“You forgot your phone.” She handed me my hiptop.

“Thanks.” I nodded.

“Come on let’s go have fun.” She pulled me with her as she ran outside.

I couldn’t have fun but feel awkwardness.

[Clik's POV]

Throughout the whole day my eyes did not leave Amy. She knew it. She kept avoiding me. I didn’t like it. I felt like some real retarded stalker but I couldn’t help it. I mean how can you stop staring at the girl that is just so beautiful and that you have fallen in love? I loved the way she laughed, she looked so cute. I loved the way how she looked lost at a random convo her big brown eyes were so mesmerizing. I love the way she bit her bottom lip, the same lips that I bit and sucked. I wanted her. I turned for once at a different direction and saw Bee looking at me with curiosity. Shit. I smiled awkwardly at him.

“So Bee, why didn’t you bring your parents?” I asked him.

His face expression changed, “They’re busy. They went over a friend’s house and they’re going to stay over there.”

“You wanna stay over our house then?” I asked.

He smirked. “No it’s ok. Amy is keeping me company tonight.” He smiled at Amy who was busy talking with Steph.

I felt a hit of jealousy but I grinned at him, “Good luck mate.” I winked at him.

I will never sleep tonight, only to think of what was going to happen at Bee’s house between those two.

[Shelley's POV]

“Clik!” I called out. “Phone!” I tried to sound very calm but I was so jumpy and excited not because of all the sugar I have eaten but because Brian, the manager of My Chemical Romance was on the phone.

Clik came from outside and looked at me, “Who is it?” she asked looking confused.

“MCR’s manager!” I whispered frantically.

She jumped. “Oh my god.” She whispered too. Then she closed her eyes to calm herself and grabbed the phone off me. “Hello? Clik speaking.”

I ran outside and jumped up and down.

“Honey what’s the matter?” Clik’s mother asked.

“Guess who is on the phone!” I nearly screamed.

Steph stood up. “The prime minister?”

I gave a sarcastic look at her. “What would Kevin Rudd be doing calling here?”

“Oh it was a guess.”

“Ooh! Osama Bin laden!” Bee jumped.


“Batman!” Clik’s father guessed.

I laughed, “No, it’s MCR’s band manager Brian!” I jumped.

“Oh my god!” Bee squealed. “What the hell is he doing calling?”

“I don’t know!” I squealed back.

Clik ran back outside with a grin plastered on her face.

“What?” I asked. “What did he say?”

“He asked us if we have permission from our parents…” she paused to look at our reaction. “To go on tour with them!” she jumped.

“Oh my god!” I yelled. “You’re joking!”

“Argh!” Bee jumped and ran around the backyard.

“Fuck yeah!” Jack jumped up and down.

“Whoo!” Steph screamed.

“Mum can we please go?!” Clik asked and hugged her parents tightly.

“And they suck up to us like this.” Her mother rolled her eyes.

“Please mum, dad?” Steph asked.

Their dad sighed. “Fine, you’re allowed. You guys will have to ask your own parents.” He told the others.

“I hope my parents let!” I jumped.

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