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Chapter 7

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[Clik's POV]

Steph filed her nails and occasionally looked up at me to show that she was listening to me.

“We need a fucking make-p artist.” I exclaimed.

I watched my band mates scattered everywhere in our lounge room, they were all resting on something comfortable.

“And maybe a person that knows about fashion and hair.” Shelley suggested.

“Ok fine, we need a person that does all that.” I said.

“But why?” Steph paused from filing her nails. “We can do our own make-up shit.”

“Because we like wild make-up.” Shelley said.

“I know I’m sounding like I worship Amy, but she’s pretty good at those things.” Bee said.

I didn’t say anything.

“Coolies, then Amy should come with us.” Jack said.

“Yea, true that. She’s cool to hang out with. I want her to come.” Shelley stood up.

“I agree.” Steph said and returned to filing her nails.

They looked at me, for an answer.

“Yea sure, she’s fine.” I said.

What the fuck was I going to do with her? I can never focus now.

[Shelley's POV]

It was the day of the tour and we were at the airport, waiting for MCR to show up. We were going to America and tour there. I was so jumpy and my parents were upset that I was leaving them. Everyone’s family was with us. It was really cute.

“You got your plane ticket honey?” my mother asked for the millionth time.

I nodded, “Yes mum don’t worry.”

“You better call me when you arrive there.”

I nodded again, “Would I ever forget, mum.”

She chuckled.

I heard Clik and Steph’s parents talking to Bee’s parents. It was good, I was excited.

Amy squealed and turned towards us with her eyes shut.

I looked around frantically and saw MCR walking towards us behind her. They were all dressed black with big sunglasses.

I was so excited, they all looked sexy as.

“Good morning.” Gerard greeted all of us with that sexy smile of his.

All I could do was stare while everyone greeted them back.

“Hello Shelley.” He greeted me.

Oh my god he greeted me specifically. Argh! “Hi.” I said softly.

He grinned.

“Ok, our plane will take off in 45 minutes so it’s best if we go in now.” Bob checked his watch.

I hopped.

We all hugged and kissed our family and left them for the plane. Stumbling into the plane we quickly took our designated seats and I sat next to Gerard which I didn’t mind at all.

[Clik's POV]

I held Amy’s and Jack’s hands since I sat in between them.

“I have a fear of flights.” I confessed.

Amy looked uncomfortable but let me hold her hand.

“It’s okay Clik, nothing will happen.” Jack reassured me.

Amy stood up and let go of my hand, “I gotta go pee.”

I grabbed the arm rest and saw Bee grin at me, who was sitting next to Amy.

Physic took over and the plane took a slight turn which forced Amy to fall on top of me.

I felt her breathing on my neck. I shut my eyes and relived that time with her. I reopened my eyes and saw her staring at me. She looked hell of a lot beautiful. My body got hot and I was in the edge of holding myself.

She got off me with a small ‘sorry’ escaping her lips and walked up the aisle.

I stood up too and followed her. I forgot all about my fear of flights.

“Hey, I thought you were afraid of flights.” Jack called out but I ignored him.

I caught Amy just when she was about to enter the toilet.

Thankfully the curtains were closed which blocked the view of everyone. The hostesses were all busy and no where in sight.

She gasped when she saw me but regained her posture.

I didn’t know what to do. What could I do? I was frustrated. I stepped onto the platform of the toilet so I was the same height as her. My hands were on the door frame to keep me balanced.

She had no signs of emotions appearing on her face.

I slowly leaned in giving her a time to react.

When she didn’t I kissed her lips slowly. Pushing her gently into the toilet, I closed the door behind me. Without my lips leaving hers, I lifted her up onto the sick with my hands roaming all over her body. I zipped her fly open and pulled her skinny jeans down a little. I nibbled my way down to her neck; her vulnerable part. I heard her moan as I sucked her neck. My hand made its way down to her underwear, I felt her hold her breath. I smiled and my hand slipped into her underwear and I started stroking her.

“Clik, stop.” She moaned.

I stopped stroking her and with a worried face I looked at her for an answer.

“I don’t wanna do this.” She looked scared.

“Why?” I asked then I started stroking her again. “Don’t you like this?”

“I fucking love it.” She moaned again. “But I don’t want to do this.”

I pulled my hand out of her panties and watched her pull her pants up.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I’m dating Bee. I don’t like doing this behind his back.”

“I won’t tell him, no one will know about this. I just want you.” I pleaded.

“No Clik, please.” Her eyes pleaded.

“What about last time? Did any of this mean anything to you?” I asked in fury.

“I gotta go.” She opened the door and stepped out.

I growled and closed the door. I sat on the toilet seat and cursed myself for making a move.

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