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Chapter 48

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“Jepha?” he brushed some hair out of my face and lifted me into his arms. I gasped in pain. Everything hurt. He smelled clean and his face was clear not blotchy and red. I think he was sober. His eyes weren’t blood shot.

“Yeah baby its Me.” he carried me and I drifted in and out of consciousness. When I woke up I looked around. I was in a bed and it smelled exactly like Jepha’s old body wash. I was wearing a large T-shirt and a pair of boxers. Just the thought of moving hurt, but I needed to get to Pete. I pulled back the covers and grimaced looking at all the bruises on my skin. “Why didn’t you tell me?” I looked up to see Jepha had been standing in the doorway watching me.

“Tell you what?” I asked moving slowly to the edge of the bed.

“What that bastard was doing to you,”

“Jepha I don’t know what you are talking about…”

“You kept saying not again over and over while I was cleaning you up.” I clinched my eyes closed and silently scolded myself for having a big mouth.

“Can I use the phone? What were you doing there anyway?” I asked ignoring his question.

“I was there to talk to you and I already called Gerard. He wasn’t happy to hear you were at Bert’s again, but he and Marcia are on their way to pick you up. I told them you would tell them what happened that it wasn’t my place. They saw the mess in your room at your house.”


“Someone has a fowl mouth now-a-days.” I shot him an evil glance. Then my face softened.

“Jepha…Please don’t say anything okay.” I said seriously, biting my bottom lip. “Marcia doesn’t need to know this happened. I mean I was leaving town in a few hours. Oh crap, what time is it?”

“It’s like three am.”

“I need a phone…”

“Non!” I heard Marcia yelling her voice was getting closer. “Nonnie!” She looked at me and started crying instantly.

“Marcy I’m okay.” I said. I tried not to stiffen as she hugged me touching various bruises. “Really I’m fine…”

“Who did this?” Gerard said looking at Jepha. Then Pete stepped into the room I quickly tried to cover myself so he wouldn’t see how bad it really was.

“I don’t know, he just came out of…”

“It was her father,” Jepha said.

“Daddy did this?” Marcia said.

“No, he wouldn’t ever do anything like this,” I said lying to her.

“Nonnie why didn’t you tell me? All those fights you said happened in school?” she said starting to put the pieces together. “I mean I knew the two of you didn’t get along since we were kids. I just thought it was you being a teenager…”

“I said he didn’t do it,” I said it loudly and with conviction. “You really going to believe a coke addict over me?” I asked.

“Everybody out!” Pete said finally speaking.

“Who do you think…” Jepha said challenging him.

“I’m her boyfriend, I need to talk to her alone. Now everybody out.” they all looked at each other then left slowly. “Who did this?” he asked, that old cruel tone creeping into his voice. “You said you would be mine right?” I closed my eyes and nodded yes. “Then let me do what I said I was going to do and tell me who did this. It's not your life anymore it's mine. He didn't hurt you he hurt me. ”

“He won’t be able to hurt me once we leave.” I said trying to dissuade him.

“Me not you and if you don’t tell me and tell me the truth I’m not taking you with me. You’ll be stuck here with that life you want to throw away so bad. Gerard won’t let you throw it away and Marcia won’t either. I said I would take it off your hands but if you don’t tell me this now, the deals off and I walk out of that door for good.”

“Please don’t make me…”

“Now!” he yelled making me jump.

“My Father,” I started to sob and he wrapped me in his arms.
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