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Chapter 47

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I walked into the place that used to be my house. I wasn’t staying long I just needed to pack my things. Pete and I were leaving in a couple hours for LA I was moving in with him. I told him that I could do this on my own. I wasn’t telling anyone what I was doing I just needed to get away from this place. I needed a fresh start and Pete was promising just that. I opened the door and immediately knew something was wrong the door was unlocked.

“Marcia!” I called out. No one answered. I walked back toward the kitchen, there was still nothing. I turned and headed up stairs. As I made my way to my room I noticed the door was closed. I distinctly remember leaving it open. “Marcia?” I said pushing the door open. There was nothing. “Marcia this isn’t funn…” a hand covered my mouth before I could finish talking and the other arm wrapped around my waist lifting my feet from the ground.

“How’s daddy’s little girl.” my father slurred in my ear. I could smell alcohol on his breath. He started nibbling on my ear. I let out a whimper. “Yeah, I heard some interesting things from a friend of mine down at that new club. He said you were getting it on in an ally.” he lowered my feet back to the ground, but kept a tight hold on me. Tears were falling now and I couldn’t control the shudders that went through my body.

“Please don’t…”

“You know how embarrassing it is to hear something like that, your mother was mortified,” he yelled in my ear. He pushed me forward so that I fell onto the bed. I knew better than to move away from him. It would just make things worse in the end. It would be stupid for me to try and deny it ever happened. I mean it had, but if I denied it he would just get madder. The first hit only blurred my vision. The second made me dizzy even though I wasn’t moving. After that I didn’t feel any of the hits. I did feel him rip my shirt off and pull my jeans down.

“No!” I don’t know where it came from, but it resounded through out the room. I started moving toward the top of the bed and away from him. I wasn’t going to let it happen again. Not now not ever.

He grabbed my ankle and pulled me back to the edge of the bed. I started hitting him. He caught my hands and pinned them over my head with one of his hands. Then he punched me in the face causing blood to gush from my nose.

“Shut up, I’m gonna make you purr.” I kept struggling but he was too strong. He pried my legs apart. I clinched my eyes closed expecting him to finish, but suddenly I felt him fall flat on top of me. I couldn’t breath under his weight. Then he wasn’t on top of me anymore and I took a deep breath.

“Its okay, baby. I’m hear.” I looked up into the brown eyes of Jepha.
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