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Chapter 46

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I stared out of the window as he drove. I didn’t know where he was taking me. I didn’t really care. I was caught up in my thoughts about Jepha. I mean I hadn’t exactly ever gotten over him. I tried, god knows I tried. After we broke up he left town. I got a couple of letters that Marcia and I decided not to open, but after that the letters stopped and I tried to move on. Well no I didn’t I hadn’t been out on a date since he and I broke up. I would just hang out with Marcia, Janay and the guys.

“So you wanna tell me the whole story?” it was a demand not really a question.

“I used to have a cocaine problem. So did Gerard and Jepha my ex-boyfriend. He and I broke up cause I couldn’t stay clean with him around and he couldn’t stay clean period. I just don’t think that he was ready to change and we were. Last night was…hard to deal with so I showed up at Bert’s house…”

“You wanted to know if there was something worth living for right?” I thought back to what I said on the phone and nodded. “How bout me?”

“Pete you thought I was a hooker from the first moment we met. Let’s try again.”

“No I didn’t, but how about Marcia? She‘s worth it right?”

“She’s better off with out me. I mean I’m the biggest screw up she’ll ever see.”

“So you don’t want your life?” I shook my head no as tears started to fall. “Give it to Me.” he said. “You don’t want the life you have, you’re willing to throw it away so easily, than just give it to me. I mean it can’t be any worse than killing yourself.”

“I’m not a hooker Pete…”

“I didn’t mean like that,” he said pulling into his hotel’s parking lot. “I meant let me take care of you. I’ll make sure you have everything you need, financially, emotionally, and yes even physically. I don’t like to see you cry and I like even less the idea of me leaving you here alone in a couple of days. Besides you seem to be having a hell of a time trying to take care of yourself.”

“I can’t just leave Marcia and Janay…”

“Gerard said that Marcia’s moving in with him and probably going on tour with them. Janay is moving into her own apartment and is going to stay the next month in Chicago with Patrick.” He had trashed all my reasons for staying. “So now that you don’t have any excuses will you let me take care of you.” I thought for another moment or two. It would make things so much easier.
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