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A Bit of Shock, Topped with Confusion

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"Mom needs to work on these hiding places."

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2 hours later

Ryan had already talked to his mom about Amanda...

“Mom, just tell me! She’s fifteen! By the time she was conceived, you and dad were already divorced. Why is it that her last name is Ross?”

“Sweetie, a couple of years after the divorce, your father and I met at a casino—coincidentally. We spent the night together and that’s that.”

“Oh yeah, Mom? OKAY! All is happy and settled.”

“Enough with the sarcasm. I wanted to tell you! I didn’t want you to find out this way.”

“Then you should’ve told me instead of having the poor kid tell me herself!”

“Fuck it, Ryan! Look, now that you know, you should try and spend time with her.”

sigh Whatever. Fine. Just, please, don’t worry if she’s home late tonight or not home at all. I wanna keep her for a bit.”

“Good. And don’t worry about school. She’s homeschooled.”

“Why are your kids homeschooled?”

“Oh, it’s just her. The rest actually go to school.”

“But why?”

“Well, Matthew would rather use his car mileage on his own children, sweetie.”

“And you’re letting him be unjust to your daughter? What the hell?!”

“Ryan, I love this man! And I already talked to Mandy about it. She said it’s okay as long as I’m happy.”

“Wow. Mom. You’ve really found a keeper. Psht whatever. Amanda’s staying with me a few days then.”

“Okay, hon! Bye! I love you!”

“Yeah, sure, bye.” With that, he hung up.

Now, Brendon and Jon are there, as well. Amanda was seated on a chair across from the couch the boys were on.

“I found the address on a letter Ryan sent to my mom that was hidden by my mom” Amanda answered Brendon’s question as to how she found the house.

All the guys nodded and Ryan spoke up.

“I’ve seen you before. At my dad’s funeral.”

Amanda sighed. “Yeah, well, Mom tried to hide the funeral info, too…”

“Mom need’s to work on these hiding places” Ryan said. This brought a slight smile to both of their faces.

“Anyway, I snuck out of Mom’s wedding with that Gale guy and went to Dad’s funeral. I guess I just had to see him one last time.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. At all. It’s fine. I didn’t really know him.”

It was silent for about a minute. Then the silence was broken by the sound of Ryan’s best friend, Jasmine Wood, walking in. She was just like a sister to him. She was very attractive, as well. Ask Brendon, her long-time crusher. He’s liked her for over a year. She’s tall, has long, wavy, brown hair, a fair figure, light skin, and dark eyes.

“Hello! Ry, I’m here!” she called out.

“In here, Jazz!” Spencer replied.

She walked into the living room and was puzzled by what she saw.

“And who’s this adorable girl?”

“Amanda. Amanda Ross” Amanda introduced herself.

“Ross, huh?”

“My sister” Ryan answered.

“Sister? Seriously?”



“Mom had a fling with my Dad after the divorce.”

“Oh. Cool! Oh, my God, Ryan, she looks you. Only…cute!”


“JK, love, JK! You’re both very adorable. But what are you guys doing to her?! Spence, get up! Let the girl sit on the couch! Ever think of how nervous she cold be just sitting there while you guys watch her every move?”

Jasmine also likes to take charge.

She pulled Amanda’s hand and sat her down on the couch by Ryan. “So, hon, how old are you?”


“Oooo sweet! My name’s Jasmine Wood. I’m 19.”

Amanda smiled. She was happy about how much she liked Jasmine already.

“Consider me an older sister.”

“Okay, thanks!”

Jasmine gave Amanda a quick hug. “So, I’m thinking Japanese for dinner.”

A chorus of ‘cool’s and ‘sure’s was the reply Jasmine got, including an ‘OK’ from Amanda.

“Let’s go! Oh, and after, Amanda let’s take you shopping.”

“Wow. I couldn’t. That’s just too much, I mean you guys are already letting me stay here and taking me out to dinner…”

“Yeah, Jasmine, listen to the girl” Jon stated.

“Jon, shut your trap! You’re just saying that because you’re the only one who can’t survive a shopping trip unless you get a girl’s number. Mandy, it’s ok, we’re going shopping. Jon’s just a big dumbo” Jasmine said and smacked the back of Jon’s head playfully, earning a giggle from Amanda.

“Thanks. You’re all really nice.”

Ryan placed his arm around Amanda’s shoulders. “No problem, kiddo.”

Jasmine held her hand out to Amanda and took it welcomingly.

When they reached Jasmine’s car, Jon stood at the door of the front passenger seat. “Shotgun!” he exclaimed.

“Nope” Jasmine said as she bumped him away with her hip, “my new friend gets shotgun.”

Jasmine opened the door for Amanda and let her in. Ryan, Spencer, and Brendon squeezed onto the backseats, leaving room for Jon. Jon and Jasmine stuck their tongues out at each other before going to their respective places: Jasmine in the driver’s seat, Jon in the back.

“What are you all smiley about?” Jasmine asked Amanda.

“Hah! I’m going to dinner with Panic at the Disco and their totally awesome friend.”

“I thought you said you weren’t a teenie!” Brendon pointed out.

“Oh, I did. But I never said I wasn’t a fan.”

“She’s got your wit, Ry” Jasmine commented as she began to drive to the strip. Ryan chuckled.
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