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Kiss My Sass (Sis!)

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"I think you were on a date with him yesterday."

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November 23, 2006

+++Ryan’s POV+++

I’m sitting on my couch trying to decipher the new adjustments in my life. Especially the one about…
So, I have a sister. Greeeeaaat.

“Look, Ry, she’s not bad. In fact, you’re pretty lucky she’s your sister instead of some bratty baby bitch,” Spencer said while he raided my fridge.

How does he always know what I’m thinking?! I guess he knows me that well.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” I respond lazily.

“Aren’t I always?”

I roll my eyes while offering him a sarcastic smile. “We’re really late. Let’s go meet Brendon before he thinks we’ve died. I don’t need any more issues.”

“Hah! Sad part is: I think Brendon would actually think that.”

Spencer and I share a moment of laughter before heading out the front door and into my car. After settling into the car, we’re off to meet Brendon at the Fashion Show Mall.

~~~Reader’s POV~~~

It’s late afternoon and the Gale residence is calm in every corner—except Amanda’s room.

“I think you were on a date with him yesterday,” Sharon Gale argued against Amanda.

Sharon is Amanda’s step-sister, who is about the same age as she is. The previous day, Sharon noticed Amanda’s long absence and—of course—went off and started drama with Amanda as soon as she got home this afternoon. It’s practically a routine by now.

“SHARON, tell me, why would I go on a date with Jason? I hardly know the guy. Also, it’s not like I ever had a chance alone with him since I’m home almost twenty-four/seven.”

“But you weren’t home yesterday, were you?”

Amanda sighed while she spun around in her chair, rested her elbows on her desk, and massaged her temples.

“Were you?!” Sharon repeated.

“No, I wasn’t, but why would I spend any time I have outside this hell hole with Jason?” Amanda retorted.

“Look, skank, just stay away from him. He’s mine.”

Amanda eyed Sharon from head to toe: medium-length honey-blond wavy hair (which was lightly teased), torn up black midriff with hot pink lipstick mark prints, dark blue jean skirt that’s so short there’s almost no point to wearing it, and silver strappy (way too) high heels. Not to mention the x-number of jewelry—including the navel piercing neither mom nor Matthew knew about.

“Between the both of us, I’m the skank?” Amanda shot back with a fiery attitude.

Sharon rolled her eyes and strutted out of Amanda’s room. She does it everyday: meets her friends at God knows where doing God knows what, wearing what God forbids, and gets home just in time for the “parentals” to be fooled once again into thinking she’s merely an angel.

But Amanda didn’t give a shit. Not today.

What Sharon doesn’t know is that Amanda came home for one reason alone: to pack. She’ll be staying with Ryan until the boys’ break is over—which is long enough for Amanda to once again grasp sanity. Amanda grabbed her packed duffle bag from under her bed as soon as Sharon left and headed toward Ryan’s on her purple cruiser.

Biking to Ryan’s was a little bit of a tiring journey but for Amanda, it was all worth it. When she got there, the driveway was empty. She checked her cell phone for the time, but she arrived with just the perfect timing. She decided to wait a while.

After about ten minutes, she called Ryan, who told her they’ll be there soon. When she ended her call with Ryan, a teen boy skateboarded past Ryan’s house and into a driveway a couple of houses down.

He had light brown hair, long enough to cover his ears, along with a beanie over his head. His height was the height of the average teenager. As he was walking up the driveway, he caught Amanda watching him and waved with an adorable smile on his lips. Amanda blushed, thanked God he wasn’t close enough to notice, and waved back.

Suddenly, her attention was turned to Ryan’s car pulling up the driveway.

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