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Battle of the Nerds

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Jack gets sent to another world were he is to compete in the battle of geniuses. He meets Cyborg and Gizmo from Teen Titans and my O.C Shiva. He may meet others. Can he when win this competition, o...

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Jack Spicer, evil boy genius, was working on his Jack-Bots when his shen gon wu ditector went off. He looked at his computer and saw that it was somewhere in China. Jack typed the location into the locator device in his jet-spicer and he was on his way.

When he arrived he saw that the Xiaolin monks were already there.

"So what's the wu Dojo?" Raimundo asked.

"Its called the spying glass, it alouds whoever holds it to spy on the person of their choosing." Dojo explained.

"Oh, with that we will be able to know what the Heylin side is planning." Omi said.

With that Jack decided to make his entance. "Not so fast Xiaolin losers. That wu is mine."

"Jack Spicer, leave now or suffer a humiliating defeat." Omi said pointing his finger at him.

Just I Jack was about to say something, but there was a flash of light and the next thing they knew Jack was gone.

"Wow, I didn't think that would work," said Omi.


"Titans Go!" Robin shouted as they began to battle the Hive Five.

Since Jinx had quit, the Hive Five consisted of Gizmo, Billy Numerous, Mammoth, SeeMore, and Kyd Wykkyd. Ever since the fight with the BrotherHood of Evil Jinx had been no where to be found. The last one to see her had been Kid Flash, and Jinx just told him that she was going to visit her family.

Gizmo and Cyborg were arguing about some stupid thing or another.

"You're going to can kicked tin-man." Gimzo shouted as he started up his spider back-pack. (Does any one know what its called?)

"Yeah right to little..." Before Cyborg could finish his insult the two of them disappeared in a flash of light.

Everyone stopped fighting to look a the spot where the two tech-whiz had been.

"Wow, thats a new one." Beast Boy said. He got glares from both sides. "What? I didn't do anything."


"Hey, lets go get something to eat," Juju suggested.

"We just ate an hour ago," Mariah said.

"Yeah a whole hour ago."

"I could go for some ice cream." Shiva said.

"That's the spirt, Shiva," Juju said giving her friend a thumbs up.

"Come on guys, race you there," Shiva said as she started to run making sure not to drop her laptop. But she wasn't looking so she ended up running into a light and was gone.

"When did Shiva get so fast?" Juju asked stupidly.


Jack knew right away that he was no longer in China. Hell he didn't even think he was Earth anymore. He looked around to see a large group of... things. They all looked as lost and confused as he was. There was a flash of light and a tall black teen that was half human half robot, and a kid as short as Omi in green spandax. Another flash of light and a girl ran right into him.

The girl looked normal enough. She had short mousey brown-gray hair and large gray eyes that were covered by glasses. She was wearing jeans, a red shirt with a cupcake on it, with a red fleece jacket. He felt a pair of eyes on him and saw that the girl was looking at him with what looked like amazement and... sadness in her eyes. Jack was about to say something when the cyborg came up to them.

"Hey, can one of you tell me where I am?" He asked.

"Sadly we also have no idea where we are," the girl spoke.

"Does anyone know where we are?" a voice shouted.

"I believe I can answer your questions about your location." A looming voice said. Everyone looked up to see a man, well they thought it was a man, He was wearing black robes and a black mask that covered the top half of his face. The skin that did show was pale and had long ink black hair that touched the floor. "Welcome one and all, to The Battle of The Knowing."
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