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Katara in New York

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Katara is going to be teleported to New York were she meets three girls. It is not set in the future but in a different world that does'nt have benders. But Avatar is not a TV show there. They will...

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"Hey Katara, can you go get some fire wood?" Sokka asked, "We're getting low.

Katara sighed and got up, "I don't see why you can't get it yourself," she said as she walked the forest. In a short amount of time she had a few logs and some twigs and was about to head back when she saw a light coming from behind her. Katara turned around thinking it was firebenders, but it seem to be a hole of light in the middle of the air. "What is that thing?" Katara asked her self as she walked closer to it. When she touched it, her hand got sucked into the light. Katara tried pulling it out, but she seem to just keep going in. "Sokka, Aang, Toph, help me," Katara shouted before the light turned to darkness.


"Shiva, what the hell are you doing?" Mariah asked as she walked into her friends lab.

"I'm making a worm hole that will allow as to travel to diffirent worlds," Shiva said as though it was no big deal.

Mariah raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything, she was used to Shiva's little inventions. Suddenly a the worm hole gate started to light up. "Yay, it's working," Shiva said while clapping her hands.

"Where does it lead to?" Mariah asked.

"I have no idea."

Before Mariah could yell at her, a hand came out of the light. "Wow, cool, where ever it is that the worm hole came up at it has life on it." Shiva said jumping up and down. Then the worm hole shut down and a girl in a blue outfit fell out and was knocked out cold. Mariah gave Shiva a look. "What? I didn't invite her."


When Katara came to, she was laying on a couch. "Where am I?" Katara asked as she looked around. She was in a room that had two small windows, a big chair that looked like it could seat two people. There was a big box that seem to have small buttons on it, and a small reqtangle thing that had even more buttons. The room was painted a sunny yellow and the couch and chair were red.

"I see your awake," said a bored voice. Katara looked up to see a boy with short orange-red hair and he had yellow cat like eyes. But the thing that stuck out the most was the boy had cat ears and a tail.

"What... what are you?" Katara asked, hoping this boy wouldn't hurt her.

The boy raise an eyebrow, "What are you talking..." then he touched his head, "Oh shit, I forgot." Looking at the Katara the boy sighed. "Okay, I'm just going to come out in say it, I'm half human and half cat-demon."

Katara sat there for a moment then said while blushing, "Your ears are so cute."

The boy closed his eyes and said, "You know, some times I wish some one would sream instead of saying of telling me how cute my ears are."

She gave the boy a small smile beforing saying, "Do you live here by yourself?"

The guy blink then said, "No, I live here with my friends, which reminds me," he walked to one of the doors and open it, "Hey guys, the girl woke up."

As soon as he said that, two girls came out. One was kind of short, she had grayish brown hair that was cut short in the back but was a little longer in the fount, she wore glasses that were over her large gray eyes. She was wearing a dress, well half of one, and a shirt that had a cute little bear on it. The other girl had golden hair, and it looked kind of like Zuko's. Katara felt her eyes darken at the thought of him. The golden hair girl was wearing blue pants that were made from a fabic, and a white shirt.

The golden haired girl was the first to speak, "Hello there, girl from a other world. My name is Juju and welcome to New York."

When Katara got a closer look at the girl called Juju, she noticed she had purple eyes. Then the boy came up and hit Juju on the head. "The first rule, don't listin to Juju, she's an idoit."

"Hey, shut up Mariah," Juju said.

"Um... Mariah's a weird name for a boy." Katara said.

"Well, that's because Mariah here's a girl, she just looks alot like a boy." said the girl with the glasses, "By the way my name's Shiva."

"Oh, my name's Katara," she said. When Shiva stuck her hand out, Katara stared at it.

"Um..., your suppose to shake it," Shiva said, "It's a form of greetings in our world."

They shook hands then Katara said, "So how did I get here?"

"Well, genius over here made a thing that can take us to different worlds," said Juju. "Which is stupid, because we already know some one who can do that."

"What?" said Katara.

The three girls looked at each other then back at Katara. "Nothing," they said turning away.

"So," said Mariah, "What's your story?"
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