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Another Lust Ray Story

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TF:A Professor Princess makes a love machine turn lust ray, and Prowl, Jazz, Megatron, and Starscream are hit by it making them go after Bumblebee. Can the Autobots keep their friend from getting r...

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"WAAH..." Professor Princess cried, "Why won't it work?"

Professor Princess had once again been bailed out of prison by her parents, but they said the next time she got in trouble with the law she would be on her own. Professor Princess knew that it was an empty threat, but the promise of being cut off she took to heart. She wouldn't be able to save the world from violent toys or games; then it hit her.

She would make something that would make everyone feel love. So much love, no one would want hate or violence; and she had just finished it. But the only problem is that she couldn't get it to work. Professor Princess went to go pout at the edge of her families pool when she saw something shiny in the deep end. Grabbing on of those net things they use to clean pools,

"What a pretty glowing rock," Professor Princess said taking out a the rock that happened be a shard of the all-spark from the net. "It would look even pettier on my love machine."


"Everyone, there's an activated All-Spark fragment," Optimus Prime said, "Jazz and Prowl, I want you two to check it out."

Ultra Magnus thought it would be better for everyone if a member if the Elite Guard stayed with them. Sentinel offered, but Ultra Magnus knew he would just end up fighing with Optimus all the time, so he sent Jazz. It was a good arrangement because he got along with the other Autobots and Sari; he even played games with her and Bumblebee.

The two ninja-bots were given the location of the all-spark fragment, then they transformed in left.

"Should we call Bumblebee and tell him to meet the others there," Rachet asked, "He's already out driving around with Sari, and if they run into any Decepticon's, they could use the extra help."

"Good idea Rachet," Optimus said, "I'll call him now."


"Lord Megatron," Lugnut said charging into the central control room.

"What is it now Lungnut," he asked clearly bored out of his mind.

Bowing down, Lugnut said, "A piece of the All-Spark has been located my lord."

This cause Megatron to smirk, "Finally, some entertainment," he said getting up.

"Do you vant us to go vith you," Blitzwing asked.

"I'm more than capable of handling this myself," Megatron growled before transforming.


Starscream, who had overheard the conversation, chuckled, "So Megatron thinks this will be easy hmm...Well he may have no trouble taking out those weakling Autobots, but I will take this chance and DESTROY HIM!" Starscream then turned into a jet and made his way to earth.


"This is where the all-spark fragment should be around here somewhere," Prowl said as he and Jazz walked into a clearing.

"Hey, these people have a lake in their yard," Jazz said pointing to small body of water.

"Jazz, that's a pool," Prowl corrected him.

"What's the differece," he asked.

Prowl sighed, "Let's just find the all-spark fragment before any decepticons show up."

"Wait, what's that noise," Jazz asked.

"Yay, my machine is working," Professor Princess shouted jumping up and down, "That glowing rock must have been magic."

At the words 'glowing rock' both knew what she meant, "The all-spark fragment," they said at the same time.

"Hand over the all-spark fragment little organic girl," Jazz said bending down.

"NO! Without it my machine won't work," Professor Princess said stomping her foot, "Then I won't he able to spead love through out the world."

Jazz looked at Prowl who shrugged.

"Alright then," Jazz said, unsure of what was going on, "But we need that piece of the all-spark or the decepticons might come after you."

"What's a decepticon," she asked confused.

"I think I can answer that question," Megatron said hovering above them.

"Megatron," Prowl and Jazz cried out ready to attack.

At the sight of the giant robot powering a laser canon, Professor Princess screamed and starting running towards her house forgetting all about her love machine.

"Mind if I join in the fun?"

"Starscream," the three bots said looking up at the decepitcon traitor.

"You have some nerve showing yourself here," Megatron growled aiming his canon at Starscream.

"Don't turn you back on me," Prowl said throwing some of his shurikens at him.

They were easily tossed aside by Megatron, who then turned his attention back to Starscream, "Listen here you traitor."

But before he could finish Jazz spoke up, "Um... guys? I think that things going to blow."

They all turned to see Professor Princess machine giving off a pink light; but then the all-spark fragment began to glow and the light turned a dark red.

Both Megatron and Starscream noticed the all-spark piece and started flying towards it.

"We need to keep them from getting the all-spark fragment," Prowl said as he and Jazz started running towards it.

When they were all near it, the machine dicided to blow up, having all four bots be hit by the red light. And it was at that moment that Bumblebee showed up.
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