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Chapter Seven: That‘s The Way Things Are, And The Way They‘ll Always Be.

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Text conversation and an interesting band on the music channel.

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Chapter Seven: That‘s The Way Things Are, And The Way They‘ll Always Be.

I walked away from the park with possibly the biggest smile I’d ever had. I rammed my hands in my pockets and walked slower, kicking some leaves out the way as I did. My phone vibrated against my hand. I grinned, thinking I knew exactly who the text was from. I was right. I looked at the phone and it read ‘1 new message, Frank’ I clicked open.

Hi there gorgeous. Sorry, but I’m already missing you. Frankx

I would have actually hugged the phone, if there weren’t so many people around that could call a mental hospital. But what to text back? I never have been good with situations like this. I started typing, hey, deleted. hello, no. delete. hi, why not? hi, Aww that’s sweet. No No No. Delete. hi, I miss you too. That’ll do. Hi, I miss you to ;) Gee ox my thumb hovered over the send button. Press it. I told myself. 1, 2, 3, press. I pushed down on the button and it sent. I shoved the phone in my back pocket and walked a bit faster as it looked like it could start pouring down any minute.
I got to my front door and opened it quickly, kicking my shoes off and going to the living room.
“Hey, Gerard.” Mikey, my brother said.
“Hi, Mikes.” I replied, sitting down next to him and getting my phone out, tapping it on my knee.
“Waiting for a call?” he asked, nodding to the phone in my hands.
“Something like that,” the phone vibrated, making me almost jump out my skin. “Holy mother fu-” I exclaimed. I opened the message.

Aww, your sweet! You know, if there is one thing I wanted to do more of today, its kissing you. F x

Thank God he speaks properly in texts. I read the text over again and grinned, my face going slightly red.
“What’s it say?” asked Mikey, trying to look at my phone.
“No! You can’t see!”
“Is it from Bert?”
“Hell no!” I pressed reply and was about to text back when Mikey interrupted again.
“You’ve gone so red!”
“No I haven’t!”
“Shut up, Mikes.” I order, leaving the room and going upstairs.
I opened my door and sat on the bed, looking around. My room is so untidy. My bedside table; covered in books, comics and empty mugs that once contained coffee. I lay back on the bed, my legs hanging off the side. I looked again at my phone, what to reply with? Really? There’s always tomorrow for more kissing ;) xo. I grinned at my response and pressed send.
“Gerard!” Mikey called upstairs. “Phone for you,”
“Okay…” I shouted back and headed down stairs. I took the phone from Mikey and left the room, sitting on the stairs.
“Hey!” replied a familiar voice. “It’s Zacky!” I gave a confused look. How did he get my number?
“Oh, hi Zacky.” I said. “How’re you?”
“I’m great thanks. Just wondering if you want to come to my house today, we’re having a small party type thing.” Two parties in two nights. I am not going to be able to wake up tomorrow.
“Yeah, sure. Who else is going?”
“Kat. Obviously. Frank? Maybe, if you can call him or something?” Zacky went through a huge list of names that I didn’t really listen to, due to an incoming text. It was from Frank but I didn’t open it yet.
“Yeah, I’ll call Frank. You’re house? What time?”
“About now to be honest. Some people are already here.”
“Oh, okay. Can I bring Mikey? ‘cause my parents are out and I can’t really leave him alone…”
“Haha. Yeah I already mentioned it to him before he passed me on to you. So I guess I’ll see you soon?”
“Yeah. See you. Bye!” I hung up and went back to the living room to put the phone back. “You coming to Zacky’s?”
“You going to drive me?” he asked.
“Of course.”
“No then.”
“Why? Aren’t I cool enough?”
“You? Cool? Aha.”
“Oh that’s lovely Mikes. Thanks.” I laughed. “You wanna take the car then? I can walk to Frank’s then to Zacky’s.”
“If you don’t mind!” I rolled my eyes.
“Of course not,” I said. Sarcasm dripping from every word.
“Love you?”
“Love you too, Michael.”
“Haha. I’m kidding Mikes.” I reached in my pocket and pulled out a pair of keys. “Here.” I said throwing them to him. “Be careful and you’re not driving home because I know you’ll be drinking.”
“I know, I know.” he sniggered.
“I’ll see you soon.” I smiled as he left. I sat on the sofa and opened the text I had got earlier.

Tomorrow? I think I might be busy. I’m sorry.

Busy? With what? He said he would see me tomorrow. I pressed reply and typed out my message. You’re busy. Doing what? Are you going to Zacky’s tonight? I am xo. I flicked through the channels, trying to find something that would hold my interest for longer than two seconds. I stopped on one of the music channels. Not really listening to it but staring at one of the members. The video was obviously badly made and most likely the bands first video. The singer. His voice was amazing. He could scream and sing? I didn’t know he could do that. The song was near finishing. I needed to know the name of the band. The box came up in the corner of the screen. The video ended and was left zoomed in on the face of my ex-lover. Bert McCracken. ‘The Used- A box of sharp objects.’
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