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Chapter Six: …And I’ll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds. [Part Two]

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Coffee for Frank and Gerard?

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Chapter Six: …And I’ll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds. [Part Two]

Not to sound like a girl, but seriously, while trying to impress someone, don’t take them out for coffee. You run the risk of getting a foam moustache. Sipping your coffee slowly can either, look attractive or, can make you look like a hamster. I, personally, did not want to be the second. I don’t think Frank would be proud to say his boyfriend is a hamster. Boyfriend? Am I his boyfriend?
“What’re you thinking?” he asked, a look on his face that would turn any straight guy, gay.
“I was er- thinking, are we, like, boyfriends now?” Frank took a sip of his coffee. Definitely the hamster look. But he pulled it off. I tried not to laugh at my own thoughts as Frank began to talk again.
“Hmmm, yeah. Yes. You, Gerard Way, are my first ever boyfriend.” I grinned as did he.
“That’s good?”
“I think Bert is jealous.” Frank said after a few minutes of silence.
“Jealous you who. Me, because I have you. Or you, because you have me?”
“Both, I reckon. I reckon he really wants a threesome with us.” said Frank drinking his coffee again. He turned to look at me and almost snorted the coffee everywhere due to the look of disgust on my face. “I was joking…” he reassured.
“Sure.” I grinned.
“Really, you are the only guy for me, my love.” he smiled. I giggled, girlishly. “So, you wanna go back to the park?”
“Yeah, why not?” Frank held out his hand to me and I took it. We walked slowly back to the park, when we got there, Bert was sitting actually on Kat. I’m surprised Zacky hasn’t punched him yet.
“Gerard’s back with lover boy!” Bert shouted, springing up and running over. “So, are you two still together?” we both looked down at our hands, fingers linked. “Oh.” Bert directed his attention to Frank. “You’ll get bored of him soon. Seriously, he’s too clingy.” I snorted with laughter.
“I like clingy ones. At least you know they aren’t going to go off with someone else.” replied Frank.
“Yeah, unlike some people.” I added, Bert in mind.
“Yeah, really. Clingy. Nice. Yeah.”
“Good point well made, Bert!” I laughed, clapping as he walked away.
“What’s the time?” I asked, suddenly remembering I was meant to be home by five.
“Four forty five.”
“Shit! Frank, I have to go!”
“Why? Do you turn back into a ragged maid at five, kinda like Cinderella?”
“Haha. No, I’m meant to be back at five!”
“Bed time?”
“No, that’s at six. I have to have time for bath time.” I laughed.
“Well, I guess I’ll see you here tomorrow?”
“Yeah, definitely.”
“I’ll give you my number?”
“That’ll be great,” I smiled, getting out my phone. I typed in the number as Frank read it out and then I gave him mine.
“Bye babes.” he grinned.
“Bye- gorgeous.” I added. Frank kissed me quickly and lightly on the lips before I waved and walked away,
The last thing Frank had said to me was stuck in my head. ‘Babes’ really?
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