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" I won't do it i won't, i won't i won't! ".

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" dying and starving yet she still won't do it ".

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Ooh more violence from gerard well let's get it started enjoy! and the black parade girl this is for you!.

Linden from the bed stared at him how could he do this? she was starving here she had'nt ate in a day and a half and some good hour's now her stomach had been loudily growling and her sides were weak but gerard he wanted her obedience and her loyalty well she would'nt give it to him he'd have to be nice to her if he was even capable of that. " no " linden simply said connecting her eyes with him " i won't beg you for food you should know that " and she scooted away from him. Gerard stared back what the fuck was wrong with her? who in the hell would sit up here and willingly starve just so that they did'nt have to beg? he really did'nt even want her to do that he just wanted her to ask and be nice to him for once but she would'nt so gerard became mad.

Then suddenly he threw the plate at her the whole thing he just chucked it and it smashed knocking her against the forehead and she fell down. on her back on the bed she layed staring up at the ceiling what the hell was that for? she thought and she could feel it the slow yearning of the warm blood that now leaked into her face " bitch " he simply said grabbing her shirt and kneeling ontop of her " i simply ask you to beg me for food and smart ass lips is what i get well i got your ass you selfish little bitch! " and he slapped her linden so badly wanted to cry.

Frank, ray, mikey, and bob heard the smashing of the plate in back and frank came to see what was wrong " don't come back here frankie! " gerard yelled sitting up on her " what's wrong what happened? " frank asked " i dropped my plate i'll be out in a minute " gerard answered and frank rejoined the others and gerard turned back to her " next time i tell you to eat and beg me bitch do just that got it?! " and linden disobeyed him again by replying a stern " no! " gerard was enraged and he got up.

" stop the bus! " gerard yelled storming out into the front of it kyle upahead did it quick knocking a standing frank and mikey down " everyone off the bus! " gerard yelled and everyone scooted back towards the exit leaving he then angrily turned around " i will fucking kill you! " gerard yelled storming back there with linden and grabbing her up. Her small and thin body was grabbed into the air and was shooken like a rag doll he kept doing it getting harder and faster and while doing this he yelled.

" When i tell you to do something fucking do it! " and she managed to get out " no i won't, i won't, i won't! " he only grew angrier throwing her down finally where she crumbled up into the corner where the fallen pancakes layed and he pointed to them saying " do it now! " and linden deeply breathed. He had shooken her so hard that blood had rose to the top of her throat and all in her mouth it now puddled over her chin and she beganned to weaze and cough " will you eat? " gerard said now a little bit becoming scared.

The blood had been runny but with clumps of guts in it she would'nt stop coughing and she now beganned to convulse she was shaking and looked very pale but her hair still remained pretty though being all black and down her shoulders but still she answered " i won't " and with this gerard gave up she just would'nt eat she'd rather die " that can be arranged " gerard answered going over and picking her up.

April walked back home thinking high had seemed worried at first but now she was so able to easily get to sleep she really did'nt seem to care anymore and in a way resorted back to living life her own way. april felt like high knew what she was doing that night she left her alone on purpose so that this would happen but this was only april's worry talking high did'nt do that on purpose but april had to have someone blame.

Gerard picked linden up by her dangling arm and shoved her into his bed she had stopped convulsing but was now cold linden was surely sick she had dark circles around her eyes and her skin was pasty looking she really looked like death's little kid with her skin and dark hair in a perverted way to gerard she was sort of pretty. Gerard now called frank and the others back on the bus he looked very sad and so very worried he wanted to tell them that she was back there sick and dying but then they would take her away from him and he had never met anyone like her before.

Little Linden was so pretty and so strong to be so small and thin even when she was faced against something that she would lose she was still butt headed and courageous she looked so innocent too almost like a baby and when someone carried her she would feel like one. There was no way gerard would let her go he had to have her she could'nt be anyone's else she did'nt belong to her mother anymore gerard wanted to be her mother, father, and her lover but he wanted to break her to get her undying loyalty because if he did she'd never leave him and gerard needed that he was afraid to be alone.

" what happened? " bob asked looking around as gerard carried the broken plate pass him and the others " oh nothing " gerard answered putting it in the sink " i broke this plate and could'nt get it while the bus was moving " " and we had to leave for that? " frank asked " yes unless you wanted glass and syurp in your feet " gerard replied sitting down. The others soon forgot about the incident and they all went to playing guitar hero gerard watched but was completely silent he had been watching with his shoes off and drinking some coffee when suddenly he felt something.

Since gerard was sitting infront of the bunk area he felt it and seen it first dark crimson and warm blood now ran along the confines of the bus floor and inbetween his toes and over the pad of his feet it was wet and squishy in some parts and gerard's fear was thickened linden indeed was back there:


Harrow here OOH gerard is killing her what is he going to do should he finish her off or attempt to save her what if it's too late or worst what if his bandmates see this blood oozing it's way down the hall what will he do then? you can help me out by reviewing and telling me what you think will happen who knows you might be right oh yes here goes your picture i promised you guys:

Have fun with that until next time review bye!.

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