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" I'm glad you stuck around as long as you did ".

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" It's hero frank to the rescue! ".

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Harrow here buddy old pals this is for you all the frankie lovers this is a chapter mostly about him i love him too enjoy!.

3 whole days had passed and gerard was too scared to go back there the days before he had gotten her blood up with a pair of his white socks and had been throwing something new away everyday if it was'nt his shirt it was more socks or pants and gloves he had seen her once while the 3 days had passed and linden had grew so pale.

She was cold now and had grew frozen looking she was stiff and her lips a dark red all around her eyes were surrounded by black. Her pupils looked as if she was staring into outerspace and the scar on her forehead inwhich gerard smashed her in the head with had all but grew looking purple and red for sure gerard knew that she was dead and now it was a matter of getting her off the bus without his band noticing.

Gerard could only fantasize with how his glorious career would end if his adoring public found out that he was responsible of the death of a 13 year old little girl he would be blackmailed and segregated from everything and everyone his band would disown him and his family would surely give up on him there would be nowhere that he could go where no one would know and everyone would hate him if that was possible.

Gerard sat by himself now all of the time and refused to sleep in his bunk bed since her dead body layed in it for him he stayed in the front of the bus to sleep and whenever someone did go back there to check on his bunk gerard acted funny. The bus had stopped at it's first venue now and my chem was due to only do a press conference jamia frank's wife and alicia mikey's wife had showed up to help with the table setting it up and all. Lyn-z had shown up too and had been hanging over a moody gerard hugging him and trying to kiss him but he kept moving " what's wrong baby? " she said finally quitting " nothing " he answered taking his seat at the booth and staring at the staff who had their camera's and notebook's gerard for the next 30 minutes stared straight ahead he was so scared right now.

Mikey, ray, and bob joined gerard followed by frankie who was blushing madly him and jamia had messed around in the corner outside the building and his blush had not yet ceased to stop he had sat in the very last seat and was whispering to ray about countless things the press conference started and like most of them all the questions were directed towards gerard while all of the others nodded and simply agreed. 2 hour's in and a question was finally directed towards frank and he being so cute squealed in joy and the man asked " we understand that you are a collector of guitars? " " yes " frank answered smiling " well may we see one? " the guy asked and frank agreed but realized something that his guitar was on the tour bus and frank not wanting to disappoint anyone said he'd be right back that he was simply going to get it.

Gerard tried not to worry but what about if frankie found her laying back there then what would happen? gerard would be in so much trouble there was no denying it she was dead in his bed he could'nt lie not this time but frankie was'nt that curious anyway plus his bunk was ways away from gerard's so gerard breathed out everything was safe.

Back at the bus frank walked around looking through all of the junk that now littered their floor they had had a party the previous night and had not cleaned up yet so frank got on hands and knee's and searched but his guitar pansy was nowhere to be found so he continued his search towards the back of the bus near the bunk area and he seen it the head of his guitar and he scooted closer to get it but suddenly

his knee's became wet.

Frank felt it between his fingers and all over the palms of his hands it was warm and squishy and frank wanted so bad to scream it had painted his hands completely red it was blood and it had flooded the whole floor leaking and leaving trails to gerard's bed. Frank finally stood up and came over to the bed and slowly pulled the curtains back and he gasped.

It was like a mannequin laying there it was thin and pale and the hair looked dull and the lips stiff the eyes were like glasses and they stared over at him the mouth was slightly opened and the teeth had shown with flecks of blood on them and there was a huge gash on the forehead frankie lost his mind " oh my god! " he yelled coming over to the little girl and touching her. She was so freezing and looked as if she would break if moved frank clearly did not know what to do and he deeply panicked.

The sheets had been soiled and the floor stinking with the scent of too much blood so quickly frank dipped into his back pocket and pulled out his sidekick cellphone and immediately called 911. The woman on the line asked him what was wrong and he told her that he had seen a dead body of a little girl on his my chemical romance tour bus and that she was clearly gone the woman then asked him to touch her chest to feel if she was alive and he did and frankie said that he felt nothing this scared the woman and she told him to stay calm and that help was on the way.

Word of this reached the press conference that the band my chem was held in and when gerard heard this he lost control this could'nt be happening he had to constuct a lie to make himself look innocent he could'nt go to jail for this he could'nt make it in there he was too pretty and he did'nt want his career to end either he cared for his fans way too much but what else could be done?. Everyone would find it quite suspicious that the body of a 13 year old would be in the bed of a 31 year old that sounded so wrong in so many ways.

It did'nt take long for the ambulance to come and 3 trucks surrounded the my chem tour bus the band as a whole was kept outside as 4 men and 1 woman went in to retrieve the lifeless body. It was carried out on a stretcher and loaded into the lead truck frank had obviousily cared so he asked could he come along and they said yes but before he went he came up to gerard and gerard knew it was coming time to explain himself not just infront of frank anymore but the whole band.....[*EVERYONE.

Harrow here buddies look at this can you imagine our beautiful gerard a killer? i can't but this is ficwad so anythings possible you'll have to continue to read to find out. Oh yes i decided to do something a little different instead of giving you all a gerard picture this time i decide to give you a frankie picture so here it is enjoy:


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