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Not a Second To Waste

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"He was utterly shocked, utterly happy, and utterly astonished that right there, before his eyes, she stood. Right there. Ten feet away."

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He was utterly shocked, utterly happy, and utterly astonished that right there, before his eyes, she stood. Right there. Ten feet away. He couldn’t tell if she was real or not. His mouth hung just slightly open in a weird state of confusion and he had this deer in the headlights look. He didn’t know what to do or say. He was afraid to move because this hallucination might fade away if he did anything at all.

Had she been wrong? She swallowed the lump forming in her throat; it was threatening to choke her because she was a mess and she just escaped an airplane and half ran back home and risked everything that she had wanted to leave behind and put herself back out there. Here she was, waiting for him to say anything at all. To just prove to her that she hadn’t wasted her effort and he could do nothing but stare. The only reason she didn’t turn and leave was because something about the way he was looking at her had her entranced. It give her the chills in that rare good way. Only he had ever looked her that way.

It was a difficult image for him to accept but she was there, nevertheless so she must be real. The way her eyes still leaked a few tears for him…the way her lips curved into an unsure sign of discomfort and her cheeks held just a hint of rosyness from possibly running. The way her hair was wet and matted to her face--had it been raining? And the way her body shook. Not a lot--but enough that he knew she was afraid because one again she was waiting for him to break her heart again. The thought made Patrick close his eyes momentarily and when she open them she hadn’t moved but an inch to gnaw on her bottom lip. How did one simplify this kind of feeling? He wanted to reach out and touch her, feel her face but he was so afraid of what he might ruin. He wasn’t going to break heart. She maybe thought so, but he could bring himself to something like that twice. Not to her.

Had an hour passed? No, it had probably been more like a minute or so, but it felt like a hour for sure. Everything mistake, everything fault, everything he had ever done to stare was staring him down at that moment and it was evident that he could either let that guilt hold him down or he could be a man. She had gotten off that plane for a reason.

She stared at him through wide eyes. She felt like a small child; Every moment scared her but she knew she had to say exactly what she felt. Her words were a soft confession that almost weren’t audible. “I do,” She whispered. “I love you.”

The words were exactly what he had been aching to hear. He froze. His jaw was like a rusted hinge, his voice a hoarse of a whisper…but it was there. “Come here,” arms wide, he rushed to meet her body, pulling her close as if she might evaporate from his hold. There was nothing she could say; tears flood her eyes, and a small sob escaped her lips instead. She only wanted to cry and for once truly let him hold her without worrying what he thought of her or if he thought she was pretty or skinny or if he was serious about anything. So she did. She let her arms wrap around his warm torso and mashed her wet clothes against him. He couldn’t have cared less, he was more worried about pulling her into his lap and sitting on the ground against the wall. “Shhh,” He cradled her in his chest and let her tears soaked his shirt even more. “I’m sorry,” He whispered; his face buried in shoulder. He whispered the words over and over and rocked her back and forth. Eventually her tears came to a halt and all that was left was a small shudder before her body relaxed. His fingers ran along her cheek to tilt her face towards his. “I will never let you leave me again.” His voice was soft and just a little bit afraid but true in every word. She smiled up at him, her eyes still wet. “Good, ‘cause this is where I wanna be.” Without a word, he wrapped an arm around her and bent his head to meet hers. His lips were hard and fervent against hers and it felt so right. It was perfect. This is where she wanted to be for the rest of her life.

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