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I'll always Love her

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It wasn't fair. Why does she have to leave me, and with HIM of all people, I HATE him and I HATE her... no... I don't hate her, how could I?

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It wasn't fair. Why does she have to leave me, and with HIM of all people, I HATE him and I HATE her... no... I don't hate her, how could I?
The truth is that I love her, I love her with every bone in my body and everytime I see her it kills me a little more inside, because she's not mine. FUCK WHY AM I SO WEAK!!! Why couldn't I have told her when I still had the chance, but then again there was never a chance for me.

I looked over at her, stood there in his arms. FUCK THEM!!!

She looked over and gave me a smile, I smiled back, after all that's all I could do, she's my best friend, my Angel.
She was perfect, long black hair, mesmerizing brown eyes which she always framed beautifully with thick black eyeliner, not that she needed it, she looked just as beautiful without any make up on at all. I was one of the few people that had ever seen her without any make up on, not even HE had seen her without it, I felt priviliged, special and no one could take that away from me.

I got up from my chair and rushed out of the room, slamming the door behind me.
"What's wrong with him?" I heard Bob say.
"I don't know" Gerard replied. FUCK YOU BOB! FUCK YOU GERARD! FUCK YOU ALL!!!! JESUS I can't take this anymore, the sight of them happy together is killing me. Why him out of all the people she could choose. And why did he pick her, he knew how much I loved her and he just ignored me.

It should be me in there holding her tight, making her safe. I should be the one she wakes up to every morning, who nurses her better when she's sick. But instead I just keep avoiding her more and more each day.

I went outside and lit up a fag, sitting on the doorstep. I heard the living room door opening and feet coming towards the front door, the door opened and I knew instantly that it was Hayleah, her sweet aroma filling my nostrils, great another reason to love her.
"What do you want?" I sneered.
"I want to know whats wrong with you Frankie" She demanded as she sat down next to me.
"Why don't you ask your boyfriend?" I questioned her.
"What are you talkng abo-" I interrupted her quickly, this was my chance to speak, her chance to listen, my turn to be heard.
"DON'T TREAT ME LIKE I'M AN IDIOT, I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU AN GERARD!!!" I screamed at her, I stood up and took a few steps foward.
I heard the living room door open and the guys came running out of the house.
"Like I said, why don't you ask him" I said gesturing to Gerard. "NOW JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, I WISH I NEVER HAD TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!" I looked straight into her eyes, they were full of hurt and there was tears streaming down her face. What have I done?
"WELL I GUESS YOU GOT WHAT YOU WISHED FOR THEN BECAUSE I CAME OUT HERE TO TELL YOU THAT I'M GOING HOME, BACK TO ENGLAND FOR A WHILE!" She screeched, she pushed past me running towards her car with Gerard close behind. He had a look of dissappointment on his face. How dare he judge me!
I ran into the house, slamming the door behind me and headed straight up the stairs. I threw myself straight onto the bed, tears streaming down my face. She's leaving, God she must hate me for what I've said, I want to be the last person to see her, just to tell her how I feel, but I can't now because I've screwed it up again! And now it's going to be him seeing her last! I cried for hours before I felt the sweet release of sleep take over me.


The next morning I woke to the sound of post being put through the door. Since when do I get post on a Sunday. I staggered slowly downstairs as my eyes adjusted to the light. It was a single envelope, I picked it up To Frankie, it was Hayleah's Handwriting. I opened the front door and took a look around but I saw no one, I sat down on the doorstep, opened the letter and began reading it.

To Frankie,
I know that you hate me right now, but I felt that I had to speak to you one last time, even if
it's not face to face.
Last night I didn't understand why you shouted at me Frankie, I thought you were my friend. You hurt me so much and you never even gave me an explanation. If you would have given me chance
to speak then I maybe could have explained myself and I wouldn't have left today knowing how
much you hated me. By the time you finish reading this it will be to late, maybe that's for the
best, I don't know, but anyway.
Please believe me Frankie, there's nothing going on between me and Gerard. Gerard was there for me lately because I was worried about why you weren't talking to me, and we became closer friends.
He told me Frank, he told me how you feel, I never knew, why didn't you tell me? Well there's no point in asking you because you can't answer now.
Your my best friend and I never wanted to lose you, you're everything to me and there was only ever you in my eyes Frankie.

I'll always love you, maybe I'll see you again when I come back, Cya Frank
Hayleah xxx

My heart stopped, she loves me, she feels the same way. But it's to late now, I could feel the pieces of my heart break, She think's I hate her.
I'll wait for her, If it takes years for her to come back to me I'll be here because this is where she belongs.
I'll always love you,What she said kept playing over and over in my head like a broken record. And I'll always love her.

This was kind of rushed but I hope you enjoyed it anyway
thank you for reading
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