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Chapter 2 - 1 Year Later

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So here it is, the next chapter, hope you like it!

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Heres the Cast list again in case anyone has missed it:

Gerard's Girlfriend:- Courtney {wheresyourheart}
Gerard and Mikey's Sister/Hayleah's Best friend/Ray's Girlfriend:- Maille {MissMailleMelancholy}
Mikey's new Girlfriend:- Karina {dtng101}
Bob's Fiancee:- Sarah {SaaRawr}
and i've added one more character...
Frank's Sister:- Hollie {sweetrevenge}

With thanks to Mego-Lego for giving me the idea to make it longer!

Hayleah's P.O.V

"Hayleah, you've got a call on line 3, I wouldn't disturb you but they said it's important" My PA Janet shouted from outside my office.
"Okay, thanks" I replied shuffling through papers on my desk, I really should get this place tided up. I picked up the phone as I poured some more coffee.
"Hello, Hayleah West speaking" I said, Wow I hate how I answer the phone, but it comes with having a professional job, I learned that the hard way after screaming down the phone at my ex boss thinking it was my ex boyfriend, yeah I still haven't apologized for that actually.
"Wow, I must have the wrong person 'coz this doesn't sound like the Hayleah I remember" The voice on the other end of the phone said. I jumped up in shock when I realised who it was, BAD MOVE.
"FUCK" I screamed down the phone as the steaming hot coffee started to soak through my skirt and burn my skin.
"There's my girl" The voice said again. I quickly grabbed the tissues off my desk and cleaned myself up.
"I can't believe you've got my number Maille, I've not spoke to you since I left" I was so happy to hear her voice again, well as happy as someone could be with burning hot coffee on your lap.
"Yeah, thanks for saying goodbye by the way" She said sounding irritated. Woops, well to tell you the truth I didn't say goodbye to anyone except for Gerard, but that's only 'coz he was with me.
"Yeah, sorry about that hun, what's up anyway?" I asked.
"Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Bob's getting married" She replied.
I was gob smacked, well that's a surprise. No one ever thought it would be Bob to get married first, he used to always say he was never getting married, well at least someone's found Mrs Right then.
"Hello, earth to Hayleah" Mallie pushed.
"Oh sorry" I said snapping out of my thoughts. "So why you telling me this anyway?"
"Well, Bob and Sarah want you to be a bridesmaid along with Me, Courtney, Hollie and Karina" She answered.
"OMG, Hollie's coming all the way back there from Japan for the wedding, and who's Karina?" Wow I'm confused, time to sit down I think.
"Karina's Mikey's new girlfriend, and yeah she is, it'll be like a little reunion, and it won't be the same without you there" She added pleadingly. She's good when it comes to the power of persuasion.
Wait! Bridesmade, no I can't, I know I always said I was going back to New Jersey but I never meant it, I have a job here now, a new life. But I can't let two of my old friends down either, plus I really love weddings.
"So what do you say luv" She said snapping me out of my thoughts, yet again.
"Urmmmm, well I guess so" I answered.
"Good, I'll go tell them now, I'll speak to you later" She replied quickly.
"WAIT!" I shouted
"What" She answered irritated, I could tell she was already getting ready to tell everyone as I could hear rustling and the sound of keys down the other end.
"How do you know my number?" I questioned.
"I have my ways" She answered slyly. I could imagine the sly grin on her face.
"You phoned my mum didn't you" I said plainly.
"Yeah" She simply answered. I laughed, I bet the smile on her face just dropped.
"Anyway I'll speak to you later Hayleah" She said before the phone went dead.

Next Day:

Ok so I found out a little more information about the wedding from Mallie that she neglected to tell me before I agreed to go. So it turns out that the wedding isn't for another month but Sarah wants me down there as soon as possible to help with the planning.
So here I am packing my bags for the plane that I'm due to catch tonight, first class of course, well I certainly sound like a snob. Truth is that I'm a Fashion designer and I founded my own magazine cooperation called 'Alternative Addiction' (If that is already some sort of magazine somewhere then I hold no rights in legal implications) with my own clothes line which has been a great hit, and I'm also somewhat of a model for them, so I'm kind of well off now, but I'm still no snob.
Anyway back to the point, I was all packed and ready and the last thing was my picture on the bedside table. I went over to it and sat down on the bed as I picked it up.
It was all of us, the old gang, wow that sounds like something out of Scooby Doo, note to self: never say that out loud. We were all so happy back then, there was Bob at the back trying to hide from the camera as Sarah tried pulling him back to the front, then there was Ray with Maille sat on his knee both giving big cheesy grins, next were Mikey and Hollie sitting politely at the front but you could tell they wanted to be somewhere else, also was Gerard and Courtney kissing, stood just in front of Bob and Sarah, and finally Me laughing at Frank because he started choking on his skittles as the picture was taken. We did have some good times before, well, what happened, happened. I hated thinking about it because in the last year the more I've thought about Frank the more I've grown to hate him, is it right for me to hate him? I don't know.

I tried to change the subject in my head to something more positive so I decided on Karina. I wonder if she's nice, I bet she is for Mikey to like her, I wonder if he loves her? Anyway I'll know soon enough. And with that I packed the picture and heaved my suitcase down stairs.

Hmmm what should I do about driving arrangements? I don't want anyone driving me around and I certainly can't live without a car, I guess I'll just buy one there, yet again I am NOT a snob I'm just a motorhead!

I heard the taxi beeping out side and I clambered down the stairs trying not to fall.

Out the door I went.

Next Stop New Jersey!

Okay that's it, thank you for reading. I didn't expect to make this into a full story so i kinda made this up from the top of my head last night/this morning, hope its okay!
I'm working on the next chapter tonight!
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