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Chapter 3 - New Jersey

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Frank finds out!

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Hayleah's P.O.V

I stumbled out of the taxi as the driver handed me my suitcase. In return I gave him some money, I'm not sure how much, and right now I didn't really care, but he had an enormous smile on his face as he drove away.
I looked up at my old house. Wow I never thought I'd be back here again. I started staggering towards the front door and pulled out my keys and attempted to put them in the lock, that failed, it's not that it was dark or anything but I think I may have over done it a bit with the champagne. I giggled to myself as the keys fell to the floor.

"Hayleah is that you?"

I turned swiftly around to see who had spoken but my vision was too blurred and in turn I fell straight on my arse. I couldn't help myself but to burst out laughing.

"Come on Hayleah, let's get you inside" I heard again as I felt myself getting picked up, well more like dragged. I finally noticed who it was when she was at arms length of me.
"Addie?" (told you I'd fit you in lol, just 2 more to fit in now) It was my next door neighbour from years ago, I can't believe she's still here. Wow head rush, I think it's time to sit down.

Addie carefully placed me on the sofa and disappeared into the kitchen. I sat back and looked around. This was my grandparents place and they left it to me in their will. The only reason I ever came to America was to visit them, that's when I met all my friends here and decided to move in permanently. I was extremely close to my gran and granddad and when they died I swore that I'd never sell this place, and I haven't.

A small tear came to my eye as I heard Addie coming back from the kitchen but I held it back, my grandparents made me swear that I would never cry for them when they were gone and I'm not about to brake that promise now!
She walked into the room with a cup of coffee in her hand, which I took gratefully, I hated getting drunk and I always knew that I would pay for it the next morning but at least it offers you some sort of realise from this shit world while it lasts.
"So what brings you back here Hayleah?" She asked offering a kind smile.
"Wedding" I answered sluggishly, I wasn't really in the mood to talk, but I know all she's doing is being friendly.
"Bob and Sarah's?" She said as I continued to drink my coffee. I just simply nodded and rested my head on the arm of the sofa.
"Well I can see you're tired, we'll speak again soon, okay?" She said
"Hmmm" I simply mumbled already half asleep. I think I heard a small laugh and then the front door closing before I fell into what felt like an eternal sleep.

I woke up to the sun shining brightly in my eyes, I sat up and realised I was on the sofa before remembering what happened yesterday, I'll have to say thank you to Addie at some point. I looked at my watch, 10:30am, I slowly stood up and felt the great pain taking over my head along with the nausea and dizziness. FUCK.
I walked into the kitchen and noticed that everything was still in place even down to the last couple of paracetamol that were left in the draw, thank god for that, I really don't fancy going to the shop right now. I had to be careful because if I stepped out the house I was immediately at risk of being seen by Frank. I know I'll have to face him soon enough but not right now.

I grabbed my suitcase and hauled it upstairs and to my old room. I opened the door and was swarmed with pink things, urgh, I'll have to change this. I unpacked my stuff and then fell back onto the bed, I was so tired I could fall to sleep in an instant, I felt my eyes slowly closing, NO, I won't fall to sleep there's to much to do today. I jumped up, grabbed a fresh towel and ran to the shower.

After I dried myself and finished my hair and make up I thought about what to do first, I'll go to Bob and Sarah's last, I need to go to Maille's at some point and... oh I need to get a car. I'll do that first so I need to head into town.
I called a taxi and waited outside the door for it. I looked around the street, nothing had changed much, same old houses, same old cars even the same old people.

"Hurry up Frank you're dragging your feet again" I stood in shock as I saw Mikey, Gerard, Courtney and what must have been Karina walking up the street with Frank walking slowly behind. I ran back into the house and peeped out of the living room window. They all went past laughing and joking with each other until Frank got to the house, he stopped and looked, I thought he must have seen me but then I heard Courtney say
"Come on Frank, every time we walk past that house you stare, now come on were going to be late"
Frank slowly turned around and carried on walking.
When they were clear out of view I stepped back outside just as the taxi pulled up. I got in and directed him to the nearest car show room, I sat back and watched the world fly by. I wonder why Frank stares at the house all the time?
It started raining just as the taxi pulled up, Great!
I gave him the RIGHT amount of money and ran into the building. Hmmm what car should I get?

Frank's P.O.V

On our way into town it started raining, typical! I soon speeded up until I ended up sprinting with the others behind me. We were supposed to be meeting Bob, Sarah, Maille and Ray at Starbucks to discuss the wedding.

We stopped at a set of lights. As we waited a taxi went past, WHAT THE... NO, it can't be!
"Frank, what's wrong?" I heard Karina say.
"I think I'm going mad" I said still mesmerized by the taxi disappearing into the distance.
"No change there then" Mikey mumbled as everyone laughed, even me.
We walked into Starbucks absolutely drenched, there was a few disapproving looks from the people inside but we didn't care, we walked straight to the booth where the rest of the guys were, I noticed Bob and Sarah in each others arms. They looked so happy and they were perfect for each other everyone knew it, I got envious sometimes when I saw them together it always made me think of Hayleah, but I pushed her to one side of my mind and sat down.

"Hey guys, thanks for coming" Sarah began "Anyway first we'll talk about the guests, Maille has been very busy this week and has managed to get two old friends to come. First one being Frankie's sister Hollie."
I snapped out of my thoughts.
"What, how the hell did you manage to get my sister to come back from Japan when I've been trying to do it for 2 years?" I said in shock.
"Hey, this is Maille were talking about here, she could persuade a football into a net without touching it if she really wanted to" She replied.
"Yeah plus she was kind of excited when I told her about Hayleah" Maille interrupted. Sarah elbowed her and she slapped her hand to her mouth. I looked around to see everyone staring in shock at them.
"W-what?" I whispered, that's all I could do at this point.
"Way to go Maille, it was supposed to be a surprise" Bob mumbled.
"Sorry" She replied slouching down farther into her chair. Sarah spoke up still glancing angrily at Maille.
"Well that's who else we were going to talk about, it turns out that Maille also managed to get Hayleah to come to the wedding, isn't that great?"
"Yeah that's fabulous" Courtney said.
"Yeah awesome" Gerard perked up.
"I finally get to meet her" Karina answered with a big smile on her face.
As the conversation continued I zoned out from it. Maybe that was her today in the taxi? Nah she wouldn't be here yet. Would she?
I suddenly felt so nervous, what will I say to her? What if she's changed? Does she still love me?

Hayleah's P.O.V

I drove happily home in my brand new BMW Z4 M Roadster Convertible, but with the roof up considering it was still raining, I was singing along to 'Kid Rock, All Summer Long' at the top of my voice, thankfully my grandparents house had a garage, so it shouldn't get stolen. Anyway I pulled up and put the car away when I heard someone at the bottom of the drive.

"OMG is that who I think it is?" I heard.

I slowly turned around and was met by a scream from a young teenage girl, and another one stood next to her.
"Hey are you guys alright?" I asked.
"Are you really Hayleah West?" She said as her other friend just stood in shock.
"Yes, can I help you?"
"Oh... urmmm... could I please get your autograph?" She asked hesitantly.
"Sure" I replied. I took some paper off her and got my own pen out of my pocket and started writing.
"I love your pictures" She said
"Thank you" I replied.
"And your clothes line"
"Thank you"
"And your magazine"
"Thank you" I repeated and handed her the paper.
"Thank you soooo much" She said running off with her friend still in a daze. I watched them go before I walked into the house. Wow I didn't know people knew about me in America, I thought it was just the United Kingdom. I turned on the coffee maker in the kitchen and sat down at the breakfast bar. What should I do next?

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