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All About Ali

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Bob finds out Ali's secret.

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A half hour after they landed they were back on the tour. Madison had never been to a State Fair before so she took a look around while Bob and the guys did sound checks and the sort. It was close to show time and they all ended up with headbands so they wore them on stage however they didn’t even make it through ‘This is How I Disappear’.

After the show the boys were excited because next stop was back to Jersey, Gerard had a special surprise cooking for the hometown crowd.

When they pulled into the bus area there waiting were for them were Donna, Mikey, Alicia, Jamia, the kids and Christa, who brought a special surprise for Ray. The boys ran out to meet with their respective family members. As the show got closer there were more parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Then Christa’s surprise showed up, Ray’s brother Lou. Madison looked around watching all the families interact. It was nice to see how real families act not the dysfunctional family she has. Though she felt it getting better and the reason why was sitting across the room talking to Mikey.

“Hey rich girl how much for your thoughts?” asked Alicia.


“How are you guys doing?”

“Great. I think we’re finally on the same wave length.”

“That being?”

“I think he finally understands I’m not going anywhere.”

“That’s good he needs to know that after what Ali put him through. When he caught her it wasn’t the first or second time she cheated on him. Then she gave him these sad eyes with crocodile tears and promised never to do it again. He always forgave her.”


“He loved her and knew that’s who she was.”

“We all met Ali on Warp Tour two years ago. Bob was starting to get over his insecurities about his weight. Anyway she ended up on tour as a tour groupie. She slept her way through a lot of the bands. Bob was the only one single in My Chem, it was funny how she tried to sleep with everyone except Bob. Bob watched and felt sad for her it was always love em and leave em, she had no real friends so Bob asked her out to lunch after Scott Anderson from Finger Eleven was done with her. We all went I was doing tech work with Fall Out Boy at the time so Mikey and I got to hang out a lot. Bob and Ali were in their own little world, each one of us noticed, even if they hadn’t. They really liked each other. Days passed and Bob was always there to dry her tears after someone else dumped her. She couldn’t get use to the non-partying My Chem lifestyle, until one night she had no place to go and sat with us while Bob and Ray played a game, then we watched a movie while she snuggled up with Bob.”

Madison felt like she didn’t want to hear any more, because for the first time she felt what Bob had felt, jealousy.

“I left and from what I heard the boys went to bed, leaving Bob and Ali alone. That night Bob kissed her and told her that he was falling for her. He also said he realized what her life style was but he wanted to try to make a relationship with her. She left the tour shortly after and was waiting for Bob at his place. For awhile there they were really happy and in so love, but the touring got to her and she cheated. He forgave her and they were happy again, but she cheated again while they were recording The Black Parade. It was just after that when his cousin James moved in, Ali and he fought like cats and dogs and when Bob was on tour the police was even called a few times. They hated each other. Bob threw him out when he found out that he had forged some checks and stole money from him. Shortly after Bob caught Ali in bed with some guy and lost it. He moved out soon after and hasn’t told her where he is.”

“Okay so why are you telling me this?”

“How secure do you really feel about your relationship with Bob?”

“Very. Why?”

“It took you for Bob to get over his depression from what Ali did.”

“You mean to get over Ali?”

“I like you Madison, I really do and everyone, even Frank though he won’t admit it, thinks your are the best thing that happened to Bob. But none of us probably including Bob himself is sure he’s over Ali.”

Madison’s heart sank at these words. “But he doesn’t even think of her or talk about her.”

“Ever hear of the expression out of sight, out of mind.”

“So again why are you telling me this besides to upset me?”

“I’m telling this to warn you. I have sources that say she’s gonna show up in Chicago and she wants Bob back. Ali usually gets what she wants.”

“Not this time,” said Madison, “Bob’s mine she had her chance and screwed up three times.”

“Bob is Bob’s no one else’s he’s a person not a piece of property. It doesn’t matter how she feels it’s how Bob feels and you three days to figure it out, without telling Bob what you know.”

“Why can’t I tell him?”

“One do you really want him to be thinking of Ali for the next three days? And two I could be wrong my source has been out of touch with the scene for awhile so it could be wrong. I just wanted to warn you.”

When it was time to head to the stage Madison walked slowly and far behind the rest. She wondered ‘Could he really still be in love with someone who caused him so much pain?’

She was startled by Bob’s voice. “What’s the matter baby? I thought everything was okay?”

“If Ali were to ask you back would you go?”

“You’re not seriously asking me this question?”

Madison looked straight ahead as they walked, “You didn’t answer the question.”

Bob stopped her in her tracks, “I would never take Ali back and not because of what she did. I wound never take her back because I would have to lose you, and I can’t lose you I love you too much.”

The show was such a blast and there was a certain energy that can only be felt during home shows. There were surprises for the home crowd too. Madison was slightly confused when they moved Helena to the third song of the night but it was great as usual. The show was going by so quickly and before she knew it it was time for Teenagers, Gerard had mentioned that there was going to be a special guest and was shocked when Ray’s brother Lou came out and played. The crowd cheered so loud for him. It was a great moment. The second to last song of the night is usually Helena, however she wondered what it was going to be since they already played Helena. Gerard announced another special guest for the night.

“Everybody make some noise for my brother Mikey fucking Way.”

Madison along with the rest of the crowd went crazy, she never got to hear him play before. She just loved watching how everyone on stage was going crazy with Mikey there especially Gerard. For the first time she understood just how much he missed playing with his brother as did all the band. As Bob stood up for the last cymbal crash, Madison started to make her way backstage. She finally got there just after Cancer ended. She ran to Bob and hugged him and screamed, “You guys were so great tonight.”

Bob looked down at Madison, “So are you feeling better about everything?”


“What brought that on?”

“All this talk of Mark, I just wondered what would happen if Ali wanted you back.” Madison closed her eyes she couldn’t believe she told him a lie, but it was to protect him, and she would always protect him.

When they got to the bus everyone started packing because of the day off they wanted to spend some time with their loved ones. Everyone was leaving the bus that night. Frank offered a place for James to stay.

“So Bob what are you and Maddie doing?” asked Ray.

“We’ll have the whole bus to ourselves so who knows?”

“Why don’t you guys stay with me and Christa for the next couple of days?”

“Don’t you guys want to be alone?” asked Madison.

“It will be great, besides Christa wants to get to know you better. You guys really haven’t had a chance to talk.

“She and Christa will have plenty to talk about once we’re off tour,” said Bob.

“Bob I won’t I’ll be in school by then, with that and my mother’s foundation fundraiser. I’m going to be kind of busy. Actually I should be in school now.”

“What are you doing on tour? You told me you were starting next week.”

“Well my father told them and the end of the year that I would miss the first week. So I decided even though technically I don’t have to finish the tour I wanted to.”

“What about your course schedule?” asked Ray.

“Taken care of,” smiled Madison.

“If you don’t mind us staying there,” Bob said to his friend.

“We wouldn’t have offered if we minded,” said Ray.

“Let’s just check and see if we can get on any flights to Indianapolis. What flight are you guys on?”

Ray gave the information while Bob checked on line.

“It’s booked,” Bob sighed, “I guess we can take another flight.”

“I have an idea.”

Madison got on her cell and dialed.

“Hey Dan, it’s Madison. Are you scheduled for anything on the thirty-first?”

“Great can you take me and some friends from Newark to Indianapolis?”

“What time do you want to leave?” she asked the group.

Everyone started shouting out times. “Dan how does noon sound?”

“I’ll call you that morning with the passenger list.”

“If you guys want to take my father’s private jet with Bob and me your more than welcome.”

“I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but count me in,” said James.

“We’ll lose money on the tickets,” said Frank.

“I’ll buy out whoever wants to go,” said Madison.

“I don’t know I hate flying as it is so getting on one of those small jets, really doesn’t excite me,” said Ray.

“We don’t have a small jet, we have a big plane, a very big plane. I promise you you’ll be fully relaxed on this flight.”

“Fine I’ll go.”

“Frank, Gerard, Lyn-Z, Matt?”

Gerard and Lyn-Z said ad resounding yes, Matt too was excited about what the inside of a private jet looked like.


“Fine,” Frank was dying to see it too, but would never admit it.

The next day and night flew by Madison really got to talk to Christa, while the boys played video games. The four of them went out to dinner at a tiny dive of a place that had great food. Madison was paranoid to go anywhere fancy because of the fear of the paparazzi.

At noon they all were waiting at Terminal C, Gate C70.

“That’s my father’s plane.”

James just gave a low whistle.

The group boarded and was greeted by a man in uniform, “Hello I’m Dan your pilot for today’s flight, here is Sarah my co-pilot and Sam our navigator. When you’re ready if you’d just buckle in and we can take off. Charles is here to meet any of your requests. Madison can I go over the passenger list with you and make sure that everyone is here, just in case we crash.”

“What?” said Ray nervously.

“He’s kidding Ray,” smiled Madison.

Everyone buckled in the wrap around couch in the main seating area. The plane taxied and was soon taking off. After fifteen minutes they reached cruising altitude and were able to walk around.

“You guys want a tour?”

“Love one,” said James.

“That was the main seating area” and then they walked to a separate area. “This is the dining area,” they walked to another area. “This is daddy’s study.” They walked some more, “More seating for the suits. Down there is a bathroom with a shower, and at the end is a lounge with a large screen plasma tv.”

She took them through and up the staircase where there was a state of the art stereo system and tables and chairs. Then there were beds that were similar to the bunks on the bus and further down three separate bedrooms.

“Hey Lyn-Z you want to join the mile-high club?”


Madison smiled at the two of them, “Just let Charles know which bed you used.”

She took them back downstairs.

“This is the way to fly,” said Matt.

“It’s pretty fucking amazing.”

They arrived at Indianapolis all too soon and less than an hour later at the venue. They were telling everyone about their luxury plane ride.”

Bob smiled at Madison, “I could get use to all this.”

“I hope so.”

The show in Noblesville was another great performance by all the bands and so much fun. They kept the song order the same as in Jersey. After the show they got on the bus and fell asleep waking up to the sounds of Chicago.

Around eleven there was a knock on the bus door, it was Bob’s mom. She gave Bob a huge hug. And then she hugged the rest of the band.

“Mom I want you to meet Madison.”

“I’m so happy to finally meet you,” said Louisa. “When I get to talk to son…”


“All he talks about is you and I can see why.”

Soon after there was another knock, it was Elisabeth, William and Mark. Madison warned Bob that he was coming and he promised to be on his best behavior.

Mark shook everyone’s hand and apologized for the video taping that went on he explained it away that he was just a jealous man, but now realizes the better man won. Bob hid very well what he thought of the speech.

Everyone was excited to see Lizzie again, saying how beautiful she looked with her glowing tan. Everyone was chatting especially about the plane ride over when there was another knock on the door. It was Bob’s best friend growing up Emo. Bob introduced him to Madison, Lizzie, William and Mark. He already knew everyone else. They all sat, talked and had a good time. It was now closer to show time and everyone made their way to the stage.

“I forgot something on the bus,” said Mark.

“I’ll come with you.”

“That’s okay I got it.”

When he got there Ali was already on the bus. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Well it seems that the love birds are still together.”

“What you said that they were broken up?”

“I thought they were,” said Mark in an almost yelling tone.

“But the just keep foiling my plans,”

“So what are we going to do?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll have them broken up by the time you have that kid.”

“I gotta go Madison is waiting for me. I hear they have fireworks, I’m sure not as big as the ones after the show will be.”

“See you after the show,” she said after he walked out.

It was another fun show where Mike from The Bled joined Bob on stage and they went back to the old song order where Helena was the second to last song. After the show Bob led everyone back to the bus. He opened the door and stood there in shock.

“C’mon Bob let us in,” yelled Frank.

Frank pushed his way through and saw what Bob was seeing a very pregnant Ali.

“Bob we need to talk.”

“Don’t you even think of saying it mine?”

“I don’t have to think I know.”

“How do you know?”

“Let’s talk in private.”

He took her to the back of the bus.

“How do you know it’s mine? Last time I saw you, you were fucking someone else.”

“I was already pregnant by then.”

“And what about all the other men that you paraded up to my apartment?”

“Those were clients. I was learning how to be a masseuse.”

“The one you saw me with I picked up that morning because I was upset and depressed.”

“About what?”

Ali noticed that Madison was pearing in, “How I was going to tell you about our baby. It’s a boy Bobby.”

Bob swallowed hard, “I’m going to have a son?”

Ali just nodded her head.

Bob went over and kissed her lips lightly and softly and said, “Thank you.”

“I still love you. I never stopped, I’m just a sick individual, I guess. Please give us another chance.

“I love you too,” said Bob and then he kissed her deeply. He never knew Madison was watching the whole time.

Madison flew off the bus crying with Mark following her.

“That’s it your last kiss,” said Bob. “I love you Ali, but I’m in love with you. I love Madison. I’ll be there for you for the rest of your pregnancy but the minute you have that baby I want a paternity test. I still don’t trust you. Now leave.”

Bob walked out to the front of the bus.

“What happened back there?” asked Ray.

“Nothing why?”

“Maddie took off crying with Mark in tow,” said Frank.
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