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Chapter 50

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“We would like to keep you here over night, just until the police have your father in custody.” The doctor said. “I need you to sign these papers.” I started reading it.

“My blood type is A,” I said out loud for no particular reason.

“Non that can’t be, cause I’m AB.” Marcia said.

“That’s what this paper says.” I said showing her.

“Mom and Dad are both AB, so how…Nonnie he’s not your father.” she said.

“I wish, but everyone says we look just alike. We have the same nose and so on.” I said a little disgusted by the thought of being related to that monster.

“Non you really don’t look like him at all. You look a lot like Mom, but I honestly have never seen a resemblance between you two.” Marcia said after staring at me for a long time.

“Look what ever.” I said. “It doesn’t matter. Pete,” He looked up at me. He looked tired and drained. Like he hadn’t slept in days. Even when I first met him he didn’t look this tired from his insomnia. That's what I do to people I drain them till there's nothing left. “Go back to the hotel and get some rest."

"Nurse, do you have a sedative that you could give her, I don't think she's going to be able to sleep." I wanted to protest and say that I didn't want any drugs but I had told him that he had complete control. That I would do what ever I was told, cause up till now all my decisions have been completely wrong. The nurse slid the needle into my arm. I hated needles so I just looked away until it was over. "Marcia, you and Gerard should go get some rest and please bring her some fresh clothes in the morning." Once everyone had left us completely alone he crawled into the small bed and wrapped his arms around me. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I know that I’m an ass most of the time, but…I…really like you. I don’t think I would have been able to let you go after the two weeks was over,” he said.

“Why are you saying sorry, I mean I knew you were an ass when we first met.” He laughed.

“You know that’s one of the most honest things you have ever said to me.”

“Honesty’s never really gotten me too far,” I said, I closed my eyes letting the drugs put me to sleep.

“I’m sorry for all I did to get you,” at least that’s what I thought he said as I drifted off into a drug induced sleep. What did he do?
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