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I love You.

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next day

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Next Day

"So did you guys sleep well least night?" Mom asked us.

"We sleep well." Frank said.

"Thats good!"

"Yeah I guess so."

"Are you guys okay? You are awfully quite."

"We're okay."

"Except for the fact that my crazy sister found out about Cari and I."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, yesterday, She figure out where we were and she came to the door and Frank answer and she gave him this and Frank gave it to me and it isn't that great," Mika gave mom the note and she read it. "Then she called my phone and I had Gerard answer it because I was playing Rock Band. It was her. And this time she asked for Steph and I."

"Oh, OK. Well, whenever the girls can't go on a tour with you. They can spend the time here. At least until everything is situated." Mom said.

"Thanks mom." I said.

"You are welcome Gerard," She smiled. "You guys will always be welcome and safe here. All right,
so who's up for some Chocolate Chip Pancakes?"

"We are!" We all said.

"Okay, why don't you get in the shower, while I make them."

"Okay. Frank shower now." I told him.

"OKay Im going. Wait what am I wearing?"

"Well, I guess get something out of my closet."

"Or mine." MIkey added in.

"Okay," SO Frank Went to get something to wear while the rest of us stayed out. After about 10 minutes, he came out and Mikey got in, and ect.

"Pancakes are finished!" Mom yelled.

We all ran into the kitchen and all grabbed a pancakes.

"You guys act like little kids!" mom said smiling.

"But you make the best Chocolate Chip Pancakes!" Frank Exclaimed.

"That is true," Mom said.

We all smiled, and ate. We all made a mess and Mika and I made the biggest mess. Our whole body was sticky. We were making a mess in the syrup and we were kissing/licking it off of each other.

Every one finished eating and I told them to go down stairs and watch T.V while I helped mom with the dishes.

"So what's up with Mika sister?"

"Well, when she was younger, they grew up together and they were complete opposites. She was the one all in black, and was really loved music. While her sister was the one all in Pink and head of the Cheerleading squad and shit. They hated each other. And when Mika walked by her, Her friends and her would always say "Hey look, it's the Emo freak! Got any new cuts?" or say something. And she used to get into trouble at school because of being late which meant centrals. Her sister would take the whole morning to get ready. And her sister would be the first one home to rub it in the parents face's. That got them mad. They would be waiting for her at the door. Once she got in the door she got abused and screamed at. On top of that, Her whole family, hated her and all of her friends! And if her mom didn't like them, they weren't aloud in the house, or she wasn't aloud in their house. And she hand a hared time with the fact that she was at Steph house everyday. Her parents found out eventually and she got into a lot of trouble! Pretty much everything that happened to her for tardies, happen again...just much harder. She finally had enough then and she reported them for abuse."

"Oh, So she had a hard life."


"She seems like she really loves you. ANd I thing that she is the Perfect girl. The one that you have been looking for."

"She is. She is the one that I have been looking for! And I love her."

"Well, you need to make sure she knows that. And if she doesn't Prove it to her! You need her. And she needs you!"

"Yes, I know."

"Well why don't you go down stairs and be with the guys. I have to go andd clean up the upstairs."

"Okay, and thanks mom." I gave her a hug and a kiss on the check and went down stairs sat on the couch and put Mika on my lap. I put my arms around her and held her close... Real close and whispered in her ear: "I love you."
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