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Rock Band

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guitars and singing and Frank

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So it is about midnight and we are up in the Way's Basement playing Rock Band. Gerard was sining Steph was on the guitar/bass. Frank was playing the drums. So Jade and i were waiting for our turns to play.

It was funny watching Frank play. You know how he plays the gutair so well? Well imagine that but on the drums. He also go violent with them... in a way. He was playing this drum solo and he went wild on it and the drum stick went flying out of his hand, hit his head, then went flying to Jade and I. Everone started to laugh.

"That was painful!" Frank said rubbing his head.

"Well yeah, you have a huge bump there!" jade said.

"I do?"


"Aww great. Thats all i need. I have this adorable face and now i have this huge bump on it."
Frank started. "And it hurts like, it hurts worst then that!"

"Why don't you go and get some ice and put it on it." Gerard suggested.

"Good idea." Frank went to get some ice then in about 5 minutes he came back. "Cold,cold,cold,cold..."

"Shut up!" We all yelled.

"But its cold."

"Well duh! Its ice."

"Yeah, I know."

We all looked at him and smiled.

"Okay so who is playing drums now?" Mikey asked.


"No. Your. Not!" Gerard said. "How about Mika plays."

"Im not that great."

"You should try! Just dont play like me." Frank said.

"Okay, I'll try."

"YAY!" Frank said.

"Mikes, Sing!"


Gerard was smirking then took out his cell phone and was playing with it.

"Dude who is calling me at midnight.?" She was strugling to get her phone out and not miss any of the notes. SHe managed to do that. How? I have no clue.

"Hmm, no number. Its probably Gerard."

"No it's not me."

"Then who is it? Gerard answer it."

"Okay" HE answers and puts it on speaker. "Hello?"

"Hi" The voice started. "I was wondering if Jade or Steph was there?"

"No they aren't But um...i will tell ther you called. But frist can i have a name?"

"Okay and its Kristen.m

"OKay. bye"


"Thats my sister."

"Dude that chicks wack!" I said. "Now shes after my girl!"

"Yes she is."

"And its not going to happen. Cause we are going every where togther from now on untill
everything is finished with."

"Thats sweet of you!" Mika said sitting in Gerard's lap.

"I dont want you or Steph hurt. Neither does the rest of us."

Mika kissed gerard and said "Thank you."
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