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Things happen at the Wrong times!

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Jade's sister is around.....Not good!

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Once I heard those words,I felt really happy. I could tell that everyone was happy.

"Well I have to go." Bob said.

"I should leave also." Ray said.

They gave us the hugs and all that, then they left. SO now it was Frank, Steph, Mikey, Gerard, and me. We were sitting on the couch- more like lieing on it. And then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it!!" Frank yelled as he went to open the door. "Can I help you?"

"Um yeah, I was wondering if you knew anybody named Jade Knight? Is she her?"

"Um we know her but she isn't here."

Omg I reconized that voice!!!!!! And its somebody I don't want to talk to! Especially now!

"Okay then, Can you give this to her the next time you see her?" She handed him a folded peice of paper, with a slight smirk.

"Okay, will do." He took the peice of paper, then closed the door. He walked over to Jade and gave her the note.

"I hope you like the famous life! It won't last long! Your guy Gerard, does not deserve you! He deserves way better! Remember he is know all around the would, why should you be?" I read from on that note. Gerard was upset, you could tell by his facail expressions. My head shot up and I looked ant Frank. "Frank, the girl at the door, Did she have blonde hair?"


"Was she preppy?"


"Great, thats all I need to think about! That would be my sister... And she hates me which makes it worst."

"What do you mean?"

"Well when we were younger, we grew up together. On top of that we were complete opposites. I was the one all in black, and was really big into music. While my sister was the one all in Pink and head of the Cheerleading squad. Because of that, she hated me. Whenever I would walk by, her friends and her would always say "Hey look, its the Emo freak! Got any new cuts?" or they would say something. The next thing is I usually got alot of centrals for being tardy. She would take the whole morning to get ready. She would be the first one home to rub it in my parents face's. That got them mad at me. They would be waiting for me at the door. Once I got in. I would get screamed at and hit on. It hurt so much..." I started to have tears run down my face.

"Did you ever tell anyone?" Gerard asked "that could actually do something?"

"Yeah, and thats why my sister is trying to get to me! Her and my mom used to be like best friends. They did everything together. Shopping, everything. And now that she is in jail, she is trying to ruin my life because I ruined her's for mine!" I figured it all out. It was pretty obvious!

The guys just looked at me. I still had the tears.

"There is just a little more. My whole family, hated all of my friends! If my mom didn't like them, they werent aloud in the house, or I wasn't aloud in their house. That was really hard to handle with the fact that i was at Steph house everyday. My parents found out eventually and i got into alot of troulbe! Pretty much everything that happened to me for tardies, happen again...just much harder. I had enough then and I reported them for abuse."

"Well thats good you reported them." Gee said
"Yeah it is! And i'm not going threw it a second time!!!"

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