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Water fight!

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~Gerard’s P.O.V.~

So we are all here, sitting at the table and talking. I have a feeling that Jade and mom like each other. I was pretty nervous that they wouldn’t end up liking each other. I knew whow that went... Well, I guess I shouldn’t have worried. Anyway, we all finished eating and all the “kids” were cleaning up. We were putting away dishes and cleaning them and putting them away , and even making a bigger mess. Lets say we were all about to get wet!

“IERO! That was me!” I yelled i slashed water onto him.

“Oh it’s on!” He yelled back trying to splash me back but instead I grabbed Jade and she got wet instead.

“Hey, you know what?” She said as she went to splash Frank and I, but Frank used Mikey as a shield.

“Hey!!!” Mikes yelled. when he splashed everybody and some how missed Ray and Bob. Once we notice that they didn’t get wet, we just looked at them.

“What?” They both asked at the same time.

"It's your Turn!"

"Oh Crap!"

We grabbed the faucets thing and got them wet.

About 20 minutes later, the whole kitchen floor was wet. It was really easy to slip and fall! I fell a few time and did everyone else. The bad thing was- well not bad- when I fell the one time. I sorta took Jade down with me and we had the ‘get a room’ sayings and all the stuff! Then mom walked in.

"Holy Crap!! You like need to get a room!"

"Its not like that! I sliped and fell and took Jade with me."

"Yeah right, thats just an Excuse."

"OKay, whatever."

"So, you guys are cleaning this right?”

“Yeah mom.”

“Okay. Good.” Then she left, but before she left she said, “Thanks for doing the dishes!”

“No problem.” we all said together.

Once she left we all started to clean up and everything was dry within 20 minutes. Once everything was dry, we went to sit down in the living room with mom.

“So are you guys going to spend the night?”

“Um, I don’t know yet.” I said turning around and asking Jade. “Do you want to spend the night or no?”

“I don’t care sure.”

“Okay then, we are.” As I said that, Mikey over there, was asking Steph if she wanted to stay over.

“Alright then, Mikes you?”

“Um, yeah.

“Okay Bob, Ray?”

“No. Family.” They both said together.

“Okay and Frank.”

“Yeah I am, you know me!”

“Okay, well then I am off to bed.” Mom said as she got up to thank everyone, and to give hugs. When she got to the girls, she said something that made everyone happy! Well, what did she say? Well “Welcome to the family.”
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