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family dinner!

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“Mikey!” Donna yelled.

“Mommy!” Mikey yelled back as he hugged her.

“So is this...”

“Yes it is, mom. Meet Stephanie, Steph meet my mom.”

“Hello.” we both said at the same time smiling.

“Well come on in you guys!” Doona said.

So we both walked in and sat down on the couch.

“So Steph, how did you meet the guys?”

“Well on the plane.” I smiled.

“so were you on the whole tour with them?”

“Yes, I was.”

“Thats cool.”


“So where you bombarded with cameras and people?”

“No actually we weren’t. But I’m sure there were some pictures taken.”

“You are going to have to get used to that.”

“Yeah I know.”

So all that happened here was Donna got to know me and I got to know Donna. Donna and I have alot in common! Thats good becuse she is like my going to be second mom! Even if things might go wrong! Donna is like so nice and i personally think she would be the greatest mom ever! She was better then my mom! Lets just say she wouldn’t abuse me and not care. Donna would always be there for me un like my other mom. And that story is something that needs to be told but ot yet!

So the doorbell rang and she went to open the door. Gerard and Jade were the ones who came in next. There was another yell came from over by the door. It was a Gerard! yell. Then there was a “Mommy! yell.

So Gerard intorduced Jade to Donna and there was another talk about getting to know each other.

Honestly, I think everything I said about Donna is exactly what Jade was thinking.

About 5 minutes later, Frank came in. Instead of Donna yelling first it was Frank.



Frank came in and gave her a hug, and she returned it. Once all the hugging was over, Frank ran and jumped onto the couch where everyone was at. So basically he jumped in all of us. About 10 minutes later, everyone was here. Bob and Ray walked in together. They are like the best Friends ever! So everyone is here and its time to eat dinner!

“Everybody at the table!” Donna yelled.

“Coming!” Everyone yelled rusing to the table. I sat next to Mikey and Bob. Next to Bob was
Donna and Ray, on the other side was Jade, Gerard and Frankie.

All the food looked great! Donna made this pasta. It also smelt wonderful!

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