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She Said Yes!

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Mikeys POV and myspace.

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~.Mikey’s P.O.V.~

“Hey Steph, I was wondering if you wanted to live with me?”

"Yes, I would love to!" Steph said.

"Great." i had a huge smile on my face.

"Yeah." She said as i put my arms around her waist and kissed her forehead. I was so happy that she said yes. we would have to change a few things but that something we would have to do together!

"We might have to change a few things but we can do it together."

"Yeah we can."

~later that day~

"Dude, it’s great to be back home!" Frank exclaimed.

"Yes it does," We all said together.

It was around 2 in the afternoon and we all decided to go to our apartments- or the girls new apartments.. We also called my mom and told her that we were all here, and for her to meet the girls. When we got to the apartments we felt like there were pauperize around us. Well we all felt that way since we meet the girls. So I’m sure there are many people know that Gerard and I have girlfriends. Oh well, thats what life is like when we are celebrities. Sadly...

Once we where at the apartment, Steph got into the shower. Once she was done, I got in. Once we were all out of the shower, we were pretty much ready to leave the bad thing was, it was only 3 we needed to leave at 4! What was there to do? Hmmm…. let’s go on myspace! I’m sure that I have many comments and PM’s about Steph and I, if the fans found out. Well we will just have to see. “Hey Steph, do you have a myspace?”

"Yeah I do."

"Dude then i need to add you."

"I'm going to need a new default pic though."

"Well then, My camera iss going to come in handy!"

So Steph and I were taking pictures with each other and all that stuff. Now we both are picking out a pic for our defaults.

“I love that one!” She exclaimed.

“Okay. we can put that one up then!” I said as I went to do everything.

"Dude, DO you want Jade's Myspace?"


SO we were adding people myspaces.

“What time is it?”

“Um, 3:55.”

“Oh, that means we are gonna have to leave!”

“Yeah it does.”

So we got ready and we left. I could tell that Steph was getting nervous! Well lets all hope that everything goes right. We kept walking and when we got there we knocked on the door. Nobody answered. Where were they? Then we knocked again and the door answered. It was mom.
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