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I'm A Way That is way to Happy!

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the question...

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About 3 months later, in May, The tour was over and that means that the guys and us could go home! We were at the airport an hour early and we just sat there. We were all really bored and I need to tell Mikey about something! So we went to Star bucks.

“Dude I’m going to ask Jade to live with me.”

“Bro, that's great!” Mikey said with a smile.

“I just hope she will say yes.”

“I’m very sure she will!”

“yeah, Lets hope!”

We both got back to where we left everyone and once we got there, we gave them their coffees and i took Jades hand and we walked over to a place were it wasn’t so loud.

“Hey Jade?”


“Well, I...”

“Yes, continue.”

“Would you... Could you? Do you?”

“Yes? go on.”

“Do you want to live with me?”

“Oh my God. Yeah, I would love to!!”

“That's great!!”

I had to have looked weird because i had a grin that pretty much ran pretty much from one side of m face to the other. I really didn’t care what I looked like, I was a Way that was way to happy! So, I went to kiss her but right when we got into each others arms the plane was called. We went to were we left everyone and every one of us left to get onto the plane


I walked over to Mikey who was on the phone with mom. Normally when ever we are on our way home we will call her and she throws us a party or does something. Well one thing was we had to tell mom about Steph and Jade. I could tell she was really happy. Mikey had to pull the phone a way from his ear She was yelling so loud. About Five minutes later, I told Mikey what Jade said.

“She said yes!”

“Dude that's great!”

“Yeah I know!”

“Dude Im going to ask Steph the same thing!”

“Yeah I know she will definitely say yes!”

“I hope she does. “

“She will!”
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