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" This pretty lil' kid and his skeleton jammies ".

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" You haven't lived until you played in gee's pretty hair ".

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I'm not blond and famous last words you guys freaking rock! keep reading this kay i'll always update for you enjoy! i've also decided to put other band members in here from other bands beside my chemical romance this should make it so very interesting kay here goes:.

The week passed by so very slowly and frank thought that he was really going to die mikey kept on doing it he loved to simply do it get frank caught up in a corner and talk him to a emotional death it was all about video games, the next comic con convention, the dorks that'll be there, and the next greatest super hero movie there was no sleep in frank's night's and no rest in frank's days the only time he got that is when he went to college and even then ray had his time with him.

Ray and frank had both had college classes in the morning at 7am and would come back at 12 in the afternoon and then bob and mikey would have classes from 12 pm to 5 pm at night and then this kid gerard had classes from 6 pm to 12 am in the morning. Frank thought that ray had did this on purpose keeping frank from gerard so frank could'nt see him so every night at 6 frank would sit in his window and attempt to watch out to see some emo looking kid but he never did frank beganned to think that gerard did'nt exist.

Finally though after all hell friday night had came and the night classes had been cancelled and frank had learned that everyone was suppose to go to ray's dorm to enjoy a all out nerd horror movie and comic night frank thought he would die but to meet gerard and get in this band finally frank would try and endure through it. Frank was invited first to go over with ray mikey and bob would meet them soon they were going to the store to get the snacks frank was so nervous he felt quite sick but ray told him to relax gerard was no celebrity....yet.

Inside the dorm was quite nerdy too it was comics all over the floor and a huge screen tv that was littered with hundreds of horror and suspense movies there was anime movies and cartoons and every video game console ever was in this dorm room. There was bubblegum machines and candy venues all around there was movie posters all over the walls and action figures on every desk and counter in the background frank could hear loud music that was quite heart pounding and very wonderful. Ray could see the nervousness on frank's face so he opted to get frank a drink frank sat at the table in the dining room which was straight down the hall from the bedroom's he sipped quietly he had never been so scared in his life.

And he was'nt even warned because ray came right up behind him and yelled " gerard! gerard! " and the music in the back suddenly died " come out here there's someone here to meet you! " and the door slowly opened and frank looked down. This was so frightening this gerard kid could make or break frankie's long awaited dream of joining a rock band he was so intimidated because this kid had real talent he was so artistic sounding and his presence alone ray said could make one shit themselves. Frankie could hear patted footsteps approaching and could literally feel his artistic presence but he kept his head down he was so about to throw up.

But he raised his head frank did'nt want to leave a coward kind of first impression but when he seen him frankie wished he could've kept his head down this kid was baby looking this was who was afraid of?. The boy had been at medium lenght and was dressed in black pj's his shirt was tight fitting and short sleeved and had white bones running through them complete with the rib cage and bloody heart his pants was loose though and was black with the bones running through them too his socks was white but with black bones running through them as well. He had these paleish pink lips and baby cheek bones his hair was shoulderlenght but at the time messy and he did this real cute smile that beared his baby teeth.

Frank stared longer than he was suppose too and when he finally caught on he tore his eyes from that pretty kids face " hi " gerard said waving frank looked as he did this his fingers were long and thin and so very pale those were artistic hands for sure they could craft life if they wanted too " uh- hello " frank said trying to avoid those pretty hazel baby eyes " i'm gerard but everyone calls me gee " gerard said but ray butted in " or gee bear or uncle jiggy " then he laughed. But although ray did'nt explain why frank knew even though gerard wore loose pants frank could see an obvious bulge in his pants.

It was thick and strong looking and frank instantly wondered did gerard stuff? " i'm frank " frank said smiling and gerard turned away walking to the freezer and saying " hello nice to meet you frankie " frank's eyes grew wide. No one had ever called him frankie before not like that it was so cute and innocent sounding frank felt himself literally smile but it went away as he watched gerard walking to the freezer. His hips were switching and the shirt was in a way riding up showing gerard's pale, flat, and sculpted belly frank knew himself was'nt gay but why was he checking out gerard so tough? but it felt so good taking this long to finally meet him was so worth it.

The door bell rung snapping frank's attention away from gerard's pretty hips it was mikey and bob and some other guys 2 of them one was known as pete wentz and the other adam lazarr frank knew them both when they came in they said hi to gerard who simply turned around and greeted them with that star wars parted hand thing frank smiled he knew gerard was a nerd but it was cool on him. They all sat around as everyone got to talk about what they did over the course of the week frank sat on the pretty black couch along with ray and bob who bonded with frank quite quickly mikey was by pete on the other side of the couch and gerard sat on the floor in between adam's legs who sat in a seperate black sofa.

The whole time frank payed no attention to anyone he simply looked at gerard who was being petted by adam who played in gerard's long pretty hair frank watched his fingers twirl small black strands around and playfully comb them with his fingers. Gerard's eyes momentarily dipped closed and he silently moaned his pretty perfect lips curled in a slight smile frank turned to ray and mumbled " do they always do that? " and ray whispered back " you haven't lived until you played in gee's pretty hair " frank kept staring he felt sort of jealous. But it melted away when gerard's perfect eyes opened and he stared at frank those eyes turned warm and inviting frank had to literally catch his breath

for here in ray's dorm room frank had deeply fell inlove...

Harrow here this is the start of a beautiful friendship the next chapter will dwell into frank's experimentation with the soft and pale body of gerard everyone please review and if you do i'll mention you in the next story all of you bye!.
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