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" My god he's so beautiful and just too soft!. "

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" Sitting here with you i forget who i am and what i stand for.. "

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Harrow here thankyou xxAsukaxx this is for your review and to anyone else who reviews after her this is all for you enjoy!.

The rest of the night went by lazily atleast for frankie anyways he sat on the couch and watched the others have fun adam had been following gerard around the whole night not able to keep his damn hands out of gerard's hair. He constantly played in it and combed in it and even after awhile bob joined in messing up his hair to only have adam comb it back. Frank could tell that gerard was the one that everyone loved they flocked around him and could'nt seem to stop fucking touching him gee was so nice though he never seemed to mind.

A marathon of battle star galatica came on and mikey, gerard, adam, pete, ray, and bob all flocked to see it they sat around the tv staring like they were gazing upon a pretty girl frank decided to stop being such an out cast and sit with all of them. But the whole time he watched gerard who had his knee's pulled up to his chin and his arm's wrapped around them he looked so cute so in the dark frankie snuck and moved by him and suddenly he wished he did'nt because he only fell deeper inlove.

Gerard smelled of ciggarette's and coffee and had this kind of heat that came off of him that could roast a fucking marshmallow frank was sitting to his right and while gerard was staring at the tv frank gazed away. Gerard's beautiful eyes had been outlined with black eyeliner and his cheeks were lghtly pink and blushed he was so soft and pretty white the kind that let everyone knew he was so pure frank then looked at his fingernails which were short and clean and his arm's pale and thin he was simply gorgeous.

So frank thought he would'nt notice since he was so wrapped up in the show that gerard would'nt notice that frank wanted to touch him so cautiousily frank reached out and put his hand on gerard's back near his hips over his ass and kept it there he did'nt want to move so much then he would give himself away so he kept it there to see what gerard would do and so far he did nothing. Adam was sitting to gerard's left and he too was captivated no one seemed to care so frank proceeded moving his hand in up and down strokes this felt so good.

Frank closed his eyes that was shielded behind his messy hair and moved his hands in deep and small circles the cloth of his shirt was so soft and the smells that flowed from gerard pleasured frank. In his jeans space became limited because frank became so damn hard he had never felt skin like this before it was soft and so smooth and just so warm it was like a babies skin and frank had to touch more so he lowered his hand to the ending of gerard's shirt and slightly pulled it up he opened his eyes it was pleading for him to do it.

And he touched it the small of his back and it was so warm everything was so beautiful to him frank became so hard that it was becoming painful it hurted with every small movement against his jeans it hurted so bad that he had to get away from this kid he was too beautiful for his own damn good so that is what he did he scooted away missing his heat instantly.

The marathon finally went off and everyone got up they crowded around the small kitchen table and talked frank felt somewhat embarrased and still left out but although everyone talked to him gerard did'nt he always seemed to carry on with adam, mikey, ray, and pete bob was the one that talked to frank the most " what are they talking about? " frank asked bob drinking some beer " well they're talking about the band and shit " bob answered standing by him " aren't you in it? " frank wondered " no i'm their sound tech guy i make sure their shit is working properly and stuff " bob replied " what is the name of their band? " frank said " my chemical romance mikey came up with that " bob told him that was an amazing band name.

Frank then said " if your not in the band why do you hang out with them? " " to be with gerard he's so breath takingly amazing that kid can sing " bob replied frank then looked at gerard who was chewing gum and staring at adam ( that kind of stare in which someone uses to check you out ) frank then asked " does gerard go with anyone? " bob stared at him and then said " not that i know of the kid is very anti-social besides us i think he has no other friends " frank smiled he could relate to that.

Then suddenly the door bell rung snapping frank from his thought's and he watched as everyone crowded to the door it was a pizza man with 5 boxes of pizza and 3 huge bottles of pop ray and gerard took the stuff while adam and pete splitted the pay but once they shutted the door adam ran off to help gerard put the boxes down and get the plates frank was really getting fucking tired of him. Everyone then went into the kitchen while gerard and adam set the plates pete pulled the boxes open to reveal the delicious looking food but frank could'nt eat any of this.

Frank was a self proclaimed vegeterian he had started doing this when he was 16 years old and was one eversince but he never told anyone but somehow mikey knew and had told ray so one was vegetarian topped. " i knew already mikey told me " ray said when frank frowned " how'd he know? " frank asked " he told me he snooped through your diary " ray whispered pulling him over to the others. Gerard and the others had already started eating so frank got him a vegetable topped piece and gee noticed coming over by him and saying " how does that taste? " frank looked up silently praying not to stutter " uh good but not as good as the norm though " he cheekily answered and gerard suddenly did something.

He grabbed the slice out of his hand and ate off of it he chewed so cute frank thought like a chimpmunk and gerard answered " tastes pretty good to me way to keep a figure and enjoy food at the same time " " i know " frank agreed as gerard walked away frank breathed again. After eating pizza and playing on video games adam, pete, bob, and mikey announced that they were going home and that they would see them tommorow gerard and ray hugged everyone as they left but adam stole a kiss from gerard then ran out gee giggled like a little girl then yelled something after him. Ray, frank, and gerard was the only ones here now and ray retreated to his room for his study period so frank and gerard was left alone.

They finished off the pizza together and watched a horror movie but once it was over gerard beganned to act wierd. He became all super cuddly and affectionate he would'nt stay off of frank following him around the house and holding his hand. Ray had told frank how gee acted sometimes like a high school girl with her first crush he loved hugs and did'nt care from what genders he got his kisses from he would sit in your lap if you letted him and if it was alright with you his idea of greeting someone would be to kiss them. But frank loved this though and he wanted more oddily from gee frank knew jamia would'nt like this but he did not feel guilty but one thing stomped him frank had never once felt attracted to another man until now.

Frank was'nt a homophobe but he stayed away from gay activity, he never really admired guys, and certainly never thought them cute but with gerard he was special he was so very innocent acting and promiscious but in a gentle way gender was'nt a big thing with him and he felt confident with what he wanted and had to have plus he was so charismatic the whole room would be captivated by him frank did'nt understand why gerard was not popular.

" Hey " said frank looking at gerard who sat on the couch across from him reading a comic
" yeah? " gee said not looking up " why do they call you uncle jiggy? " frank asked " why do they call me that? " gerard repeated " yeah " frank said and gerard got up coming to sit by him and said " you really wanna know? " and frank's spit thickened " yeah " he got out " okay i'll show you " said gerard " besides one can only believe what they hear if they see what i have "....

Harrow here oh my god! in the next chapter frankie gets more than what he bargained for and i'll tell you but i need 2 reviews to inspire me because the next chapter is so sex cravingly enlightening until next time review okay bye!.
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