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Gotta Get Away

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“Frankie! PLEASE! THEY’RE GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU DON’T COME BACK! PLEASE! FRANK!” I heard him scream. I started to slow down. What did he mean by ‘they’re’?

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Oh no. I thought to my self. Would I be able to do this?

Gerard started to kiss me again, this time, with a little more passion. I couldn’t help myself. I lost all control of my actions. I kissed him back, forcing him to lie back on the bed. I left his mouth and left a trail of kisses down his neck. When I got to a tender spot, I started to suck it, as if I was going to leave a love bite.

“Do it Frank. Do it!” I heard Gerard say. I finally realised what I was doing and tried to stop myself. But I couldn’t.

“Frank, stop thinking about it and just do it. You’ll feel better. I promise. Trust me.” And I did. I started to softly bite him. I heard a small moan come from his mouth. I bit a little harder. Then a little harder. And a little more harder. With my fangs coming out, I finally broke the skin. I felt the blood slowly leak from his neck. I started to suck at the blood wildly. The taste was sensational. I’ve never tasted anything like it. I bit into him again and again, trying to drink more.

“Okay Frank. That’s enough for tonight.” Gerard said in a tone I haven't heard before. I raised my head and looked at him. Was that really it? It didn’t feel to me like I drank a lot. But when I looked at his face, his eyes were wider than mine had been. Before I knew it, he was ontop of me, pulling my shirt apart.

“My turn.” He pushed his lips onto mine like I did to him. He licked off excess blood that was on my lips before moving to my neck. He was doing the exact same as I did to him. Now I got why he moaned. I let my own moan slip from my mouth, except it was a little louder than his was. Not long after, I felt him puncher my skin.

Now I know why he wanted me to stop. I thought. He was about to be devoured whole by another vampire. And now, I am.

“Gerard. I think you’ve had your fill.” But he didn’t stop. “Gerard…please. That’s enough.” He still didn’t stop.

“Gerard! Stop it! You’re scaring me! Gee, GET OFF OF ME!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. That snapped him out of it. But he didn’t look like himself. He looked wild and out of control.

I quickly got out from under him and ran out. I slammed the door behind me before hearing Gerard yell out something to me that didn’t register. I ran down the hall, through the lounge room and out the door and up the stairs. I had to get away.

“Frankie! I'm SORRY COME BACK!” I heard Gerard yell after me but I didn’t stop. I could tell he was running after me ‘cause I could still hear him yell out to me.

“Frankie! PLEASE! THEY’RE GOING TO KILL YOU IF YOU DON’T COME BACK! PLEASE! FRANK!” I heard him scream. I started to slow down. What did he mean by ‘they’re’?

“Motherfucker.” I muttered.


They hunt down and kill my kind.


I had totally forgotten that there are people who kill us. I started to think twice about letting Gerard do this to me. But like he said back at the hospital, it’s my fault I'm like this now. Not his. I stopped in my tracks and let him catch up to me. When he did, he immediately pulled me into him.

“Baby. I'm soo sorry I didn’t stop. I haven't had the taste of someone else's blood in such a long time. Please. Never run off like that again. Promise me.” I felt tears fall on my head as my eyes started to become teary aswell.
“I promise Gerard. I’ll never do that again.” I started to cry in his arms. He just held me in closer.

“Come on baby. Let’s go home and clean you up and get you warm.”


We walked back to the house and I had yet another shower. When I got out, I found skelington trackpants and a skelington jumper on my bed. I put them on and headed out to the lounge room where I found Gerard sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee in one hand a smoke in the other.

“Hey Frank. I made you a cup aswell. It’s on the kitchen bench.”

I walked into the kitchen, picked up my cup and joined Gerard on the couch and snatched his smoke out of his hand and started puffing on it myself.

“You know smoking is a bad and dirty habit?” he said snatching the cigarette back off me.

“Yeah, you’d know all about that now, wont you?” I replied.

“Smart arse.”

“And you love it.” We both started laughing.

By the time we had finished our coffees and mucking around, I started to feel really tired.

“Gee, since it’s my first night here, would you mind if i…”

“Not at all. I was actually going to ask if you wanted to.” He looked at me and gave me a smile that made my stomach do a backflip. I let out a long yawn.

“Come on sleepy. Bed time.” he said as he looked over at the door. I turned my head to see what he was looking at. There was a small ray of sunlight coming through the crack underneath the door.

I was suddenly lifted off the couch and being carried down the hall.

“Aren't I a bit old and heavy to be carried to bed?”

“Not to me. Don’t forget you’re a newborn vampire. Therefore, you are a baby.”

“Well this baby says ‘screw you’.” I let out another long yawn.

Gerard dropped my on his bed and I crawled under his Spongebob covers. A couple of minutes later, I felt Gerard join me under the blankets behind me and started spooning me.

I heard him inhale the scent of my hair and whispered to me

“I love you Frank Anthony Iero. I always have and always will.”

“I love you too Gerard Arthur Way. I…love…you…” and with that, I fell asleep, listening to the sound of Gerard's breathing. It was like a lullaby. It was my lullaby.

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