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Mistaken Identity

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Gerard, he has a daughter. He got another woman pregnant, then left her and his daughter for me.

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“Frankie, you gotta get up. We’ve got to go out.”

“Mmmhh…I don’t wanna go to school.”

“Not school Frankie. Just…out.”

I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was leaning over me, but not looking at me. He sounded hesitant when he said ‘out’.

“Where exactly is ‘out’?”

“Get out of bed and I’ll show you. I think you'll like it.”

With that, I jumped out of bed and ran into my room, got changed and fixed my hair. When I walked into the kitchen to get coffee, Gerard was standing there holding a cup out at me.

“Here babe. All ready for you to quickly drink.”

“Jeez Gee. What’s the rush?”

“If we don’t get there in time, she’ll lock us out.”

“She?” I questioned after swallowing a mouthful of coffee.

“Like I said before, I’ll show you. Now, let’s go.”

He grabbed my unfinished coffee out of my hands and put it on the sink. I followed him out of the kitchen, out the door and up the stairs. The night air wasn’t as cold as it was the previous night. We briskly walked down the path and into town. After a short walk in town, Gerard took my hand and lead me down a dark alleyway.

“Umm, Gerard. Where exactly are we going?”

“Here.” He said looking up. I looked up aswell to read a red neon sign that said ‘KRYSTI’S TATS N’ PIERCINGZ’

“Wait, you’re getting a tattoo and piercing?”

“Fuck no. You are. I hate needles. Besides, there’s someone I need to see.”

He let go of my hand walked to the door and tried to open it. Only to find that we were too late, and it was locked up. Gerard banged on the bared glass door. He then walked over to a doorbell and speaker and pressed the doorbell, like, three times in a row. Someone finally answered.


“What the fuck Krysti?! Lemme in!”

“Why the fuck are you here Gerard?”

“I came to see you and Lizzy. And I have a customer for you.”

“Screw you and your customer.”

“I have all the rights in the world to see her.”

“Fine. I’ll let you in in a sec.”

I looked at Gerard’s frustrated face. The colour of his eyes went from golden green to a fiery red. It looked as if he was ready to kill. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the bared doors opened. She was a young girl, who looked barely over 17, short, black hair with a pink streak in her fringe and her eyes were the same fiery red as Gerard's. She was wearing a ripped up black skirt, black stockings with holes in them, black Gothic lase up boots and a Misfits shirt with the arms ripped off and hot pink sleaves replaced them. She had a thin amount of eyeliner on, blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick.

“Who’s he?” she asked.

“Frank. Are you going to let us in or what?”

“Or what.” She replied.

“Funny Krysti.”

And with that, she let us in, slamming the doors behind her. She walked passed us and into another room. Gerard re-took my hand and lead me through behind her. The room was bright and was filled with other people.

“How the fuck does Lizzy live with all these people down here?” asked Gerard. The question that replayed in my head over and over was ‘who is this Lizzy?’

“Easy. These ‘people’ just got in today and this evening. Got a problem with that Gerard?” she replied rudely again. I was getting sick of it. Gerard just stared at her. Krysti poked her head around the corner of a doorway and called out

“Ray! Get in here! We need to tat Gerard's new…friend.”


Krysti stared at me and took my hand and led me into another room and pushed me onto a chair.

“Vamp yeah?” she asked me.

“Vampire.” I responded.

“Alright, I’ll stay with so Ray doesn’t mistake you for one of his own. I’ll be back in a minute.”

She turned around and left the room. I could see Gerard pull her aside. I got up out of the chair and went to go listen in. ‘I need to know what’s going on.’ I thought to myself.

“Where is she?” asked Gerard.

“Why would you care. You didn’t even want to be at her birth.”

“You know I couldn’t. I'm meant to be dead, remember?”

“I know. And so are we. I can’t believe you Gerard. It’s been ages and suddenly, out of nowhere, you decide, ‘Hmm. I'm going to visit the daughter I completely forgot about.’ Well I can’t let you do this to her!”

“Don’t yell Krysti. Frank might hear you. I can’t let him know yet…”

“Why do you care? You just said he was your…oh my God. I see now. I see why you left me.”

“Krysti, please.”

“No. I understand now. You left me so you can turn a GUY. I thought it was another woman. But it’s a MAN! How could you do that to Lizzy?”

“I thought you were cool with gays and bi’s? What happened there?”

“I am just listen to me. How could you do that to Lizzy? Not me. I would have loved to have another guy around. I find gay guys hot thank you very much. But how are you going to tell your daughter that her daddy left mommy for another man?”

I slowly backed away from the conversation. Gerard, he has a daughter. He got another woman pregnant, then left her and his daughter for me. I could feel myself about to cry. I feel…feel…I don’t know how I feel. I'm confused. I wanted to die. To just hang myself. But what made it worse was the person to enter the room.


It was Ray. Ray Toro.

A/N: OMG! Shock horror! Gerard has a daughter by the name of Elizabeth, aka, Lizzy! And now Ray’s in the room? What’s going on here your asking? Well, find out in chapter 11 of ‘A Never Dying Romance’, Dumb. Last but not least, thank you to EVERYBODY who has reviewed! I LOVE YOU ALL! Rate and Review and you’ll be loved too!


R.I.P David. 1989-2008. We miss you. We always will.
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