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Chapter 4- I Think I'm Paranoid; For A Good Reason

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Atlanta figures out that all her paranoia is not wasted...

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The gang sat chatting at a large round table at the club downtown awaiting Dani's preformance. Theresa was once again absent from the group. She was Dani's personal make-up advisor. Dani always looked stunning when Theresa was done.

Tonight the subject of talk was a poster advertising two upcoming events: A modelling competition and a Ballroom Dance competition.

"I'm in that, you know." Neil said pointing to the modelling competition. "It wouldn't be a competition without me!" He added dramatically, flexing his muscles.

"Oh yes! What the modelling industry be without the fabulous Neil!" Sherrice said with extra drama, feeding into his oversized ego.

"I know!" he said waving his hands in the air.

"Hey, does anyone want to do see that Ballroom show?" Jay asked. "I think it looks pretty..."

"Boring!" Archie said quickly. "Totally boring, I heard from someone at school, those things are so boring. Let's skip and go to a movie or something."

"Well," Jay looked slightly taken aback. "Okay, I guess."

A trumpet sounded, very high-pitched, with a drum and some electronic sounds coming from a synth. The cutrains opened and there was Dani, using her shoulders to ad emphasis to the beat.

The young and the free,
There for all to see,
Burned by the flame,
Have your senses taken leave,
Into the fire of true belief,
It's the orgy of the free."

Atlanta didn't know about any fires, but Odie sure looked entranced by Dani. As much as she was filled with spite these days, she always felt happy for them. They were a cute couple.

"What of your own free will,
Bodies writhing still,
There in the moonlight,
With my head up held high,
Wish I could keep on walking by,
But I,
Find myself drawn to you,
I'll let you do what you wanna do,
You had your wicked way,
There on the sight of the dancing flame

It was at first as
If they were shadows
Shimmering visions
By the light of the dancing flame
Bodies in motion
The sound of the ocean
Came into vision
On the night of the dancing flame.

Atlanta lost herself in the music. It was nice to get away from the pain of watching Archie and Sherrice being cute together.

On that starry night
Lost my sense of time
I don’t know how I
Got my fingers burned

Maybe I got too close
To the light of the
To the light of the
To the light of the dancing flame

The light of the
The light of the
The light of the dancing flame.

The trumpet sounded one final note and the lights went out. The crowd burst into applause and the lights came back on to reveal Dani bowing and smiling from behind her dark brown hair. She had on a white news boy cap tonight with dark wash jeans and a tightish beige tank layered under a tuquoise one. She wore the multicoloured skarf around her neck, tied French style, that Odie had given her for a birthday present. She held the mic to her lips again.

"Thank you very much. I have some very good news before I continue with the music this evening," Atlanta noticed she was always so polite and proper. She was so sophisticated, almost like Sherrice. Maybe, secretly, having grown up with someone like that, Archie may have learned to like that in girls. In which case, she was doomed.

"If you have all noticed, taped to the tables is an ad for this weekends arts festival. Fuego has been asked to play for both events this weekend! So if you wanr to come out and support local talent this is place to come; local models, dancers, and of course Fuego!"

The crowd burst into applause and cheering.

Jay leaned over the table to Archie. "Looks like we're gonna have to skip that movie!"

Archie looked sick to his stomach. Atlanta guessed he really didn't like dancing. The modelling was understandable, no one wanted to see Neil on stage besides the mindless girls who didn't know him.

"Also, all the designs being modelled on Saturday morning are designed by local high school students. That's pretty cool right?"

A bunch of audience members whooped.

"So we'll catch you here on Staurday, modelling is from nine a.m. till noon, dancing is from one till five. I can promise that if you stick around for the dancing you will be very impressed, we have a wonderful line-up of dancers who have prepared four dances to be presented to the public. Prizes will be awarded to the top ranking models and dancers, and designers as well. Door prizes are being offered. Is that everything Jake?"

She looked over the guy behind the synth and he checked a sheet of paper. He said something too quietly to be heard from the back to Dani. She nodded.

"Ah yes, Fuego will be hosting a guest star Saturday during the dancing as well. We actually have a guest couple here tonight to give you a preview!"

The crowd gave a resounding whoop and Dani continued.

"This routine will not be featured in the competition this Saturday, however the couple will. Please welcome couple 916, Corey LaRoque and Cheryl Lavigne!"

A proud couple emerged from the back stage door leading to the dance floor in front of the stage. The man, obviously Corey was wearing a black shirt cut down to his navel with frills on either side and black flared pants. The girl was clad in a dress that covered the left side of her body in pale pink sequined material. The right side allowed the dress to connect only on the side of her chest and her hip. She wore what looked like five inch gold strappy heels.

"The couple will be dancing a jive to "Paranoid" by Black Sabbath. Lani, when you're ready."

Lani began the opening riff and the crowd tensed in anitcipation. When the drums hit Cheryl's legs began began to fly, kicking ot the side. Corey prompty lifted her above his head and she kicked both legs out to the side. He put her back down and they both began to kick their legs in perfect, graceful synchronization. They kicked with such grace it was unbelievable.

Sherrice stood when Dani got to "I need someone to show me the things in life that I can't find." and said, "I'll be back in a moment, I just have to use the washroom." She left and dissappeared into the crowd cheering on the couple.

As Curtis pounded out the final beats of the song on the drumset, Cheryl took Corey's hands and jumped into the air, loopig her legs through their arms and landing, straight-legged, with a knee on either side of his neck. He was straight-backed and both were perfectly graceful.

The crowd gave a standing ovation and Herry slipped into the crowd in the direction of the washrooms.

Dani bid them off the dance floor and did a duet with Jake, preforming "Le Disko" by The Shiny Toy Guns.

Atlanta decided she, too, had to use the washroom, so she excused herself and began to fight through the crowd. Dani's band, Fuego (meaning fire), was doing better than ever, for a cover band. Dani had mentioned working on some stuff of her own.

Atlanta had half-turned the corner when she saw something that turned her stomach. Herry had Sherrice pinned to the wall, and they were making out.

That little bitch! Atlanta thought. First Archie, now Herry? WHILE with Archie? She pivoted on her heel and stalked out the side exit. Who's next? Is she gonna steal Odie from Dani, or go for Jay? She's gonna pay for this!
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