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Chapter 26

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ficfriction: I know what you mean, I wanted to see it too!
PanicFOBAcademy26: I agree, stoopid Pappz... at least it wasn't Perez, be thankful of that... and the bun still has another month to cook
doyleangel: In R.S's mind, the article wasn't made up. With proof like that, it could possibly be true. But I did throw it in for added drama!
MrSz-Or3o: Here's the rest of the chapter!
fob2adelaide: Pete, calm in an interview? Don't make me laugh lol

There's a little special something in here for Chloe. Only she will get it... and think about one convo we had around two weeks ago... it's fairly obvious. Had to put it in suga!

Chapter 26:

Jay Leno is a douche. Enough said. You'd think that having stars as big as me and Pete with such huge news and media surrounding us he'd get to the bottom of things straight away, or at least initiate a conversation about it, but all he would talk about was our upcoming wedding and tour.

"So how many are you planning to attend the wedding of the year?" Jay asked, leaning back in his chair, swiveling round a little more. Pete grasped my hand, more out of annoyance for the man not letting us talk rather than cause he wanted too, but either way, I didn't mind, cause I love him.

"Around sixty to a hundred, not many really. Close friends and family," I replied, beaming and snuggling into Pete's shoulder.

"Will one Ryan Ross be there by any chance?" Jay asked, making my smile faulter, the audience curious and Pete ready to talk.

"We were wondering when that was going to be brought up, and we want to set the record straight," Pete started, before Jay held up a hand.

"Before you do, let's just fill the audience in on what has happened. Rolling Stone has printed an article, accusing Alexiz of cheating on Pete with label mate and guitarist of Panic At the Disco, Ryan Ross. Also, she is said to be carrying his children, not Pete's. However, I'd love to believe that these accusations are what they're called, accusations. But we'll let Pete and Alexiz divulge," Jay spoke, making me restless with the mention of the article. Pete squeezed my hand in comfort, shifting slightly on the couch before starting.

"Nothing has been going on between Alexiz and Ryan, they're just really close friends. He was there for her when she first discovered her pregnancy, when I wasn't able to be around. Since then she's relied on me, and grown stronger with me, whilst retaining a friendship with Ryan," Pete stated in one breath.

"So what was this whole ordeal about Pete not knowing who the father of the children was?" Jay asked, folding his fingers together, a thoughful look pasted on his ageing face.

"That was a slip up of his. Pete and I had been working out the date of conception, and discovered that I had slept with two different people in the space of the week I would have fallen pregnant. But we had a paternity test administered, and the father of the twins is most certainly Pete," I said with a smile.

"But what about the pictures in the magazine?" Jay asked, the double page spread appearing on the screen behind us.

"Ryan and I are strictly friends. We are very close because of some of the things that we have in common, and due to him helping me occasionally," I slipped in.

"And the photo's of the 'arguements'? Totally fake. My poor girl was tired in our photo, and Ryan and I were... you will find this stupid, but were yelling about what song was best from Eleanor Rigby or Beat It," Pete blushed.

"Well if you want my opinion, Beat It wipes the floor clean," Jay laughed, earning unprompted laughter from the audience, Pete and myself.

"So this truly was a misunderstanding?" Jay asked, unclasping his fingers and placing them on his desk.

"Yes. But there is one thing I do want to confirm, so I know it has been done officially," I started.

"And what would that be?" I looked to Pete, and he nodded.

"The sex of our twins," Pete said, squeezing me hand as smiles came to both our faces.

"We're having a little boy and a little girl," I announced, and the audience awwed. We went on to chat about little things, like how long til the twins were due, where we were thinking of going on our honeymoon, my upcoming album release, Fall Out Boy's new album plans... the usual chat show things. It was a great night, and when Pete and I arrived home, we ate dinner with Patrick before crashing in front of the T.V in the lounge, watching the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers Concert.


I woke up the next morning in Pete's arms on the couch, the scent of choc-chip pancakes wafting through the apartment.

"PATRICK!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. He poked his head around the corner as Pete rubbed his eyes after my voice woke him.

"Yes Lex?" He questioned, flour all over his pants and shirt, both of which were black.

"Is there enough for me and Petey?" I asked sweetly, batting my eyelashes.

"Of course, why else do you think I was making them?" He chuckled, disappearing for a second before coming back with three plates and forks, all expertly stacked on his arms like a waiter. Well, I suppose he did work in a cafe for a little while.

"Thanks Trickster," I mumbled, my mouth full of pancake. Once we were done with breakfast, Pete had cleaned up and Patrick and I had showered (separately you morons!); Patty and I headed out, me dropping him off at his apartment, picking up Laicei before running round, getting the rest of the female party before having all the dresses fitted. This is going to be one hectic day


We all made it to Rebel-Bride in one piece, and were currently in the back, closed off dressing room, where eight staff were working on pinning and perfecting our dresses. They were all in fact pretty much perfect to the personal speicifications of each girl, with only one needing to be taken in, one needing shortening, and one, mind, needing to be taken out.

"Oh my..." Hayley said once I donned the gown. I looked at myself in the mirror, and couldn't stop the tears from falling, the dress was that perfect. Hayley, Laicei, Kristin, Vicky, Hailey and Courtney crowded round me in their dresses, all of us staring into the mirror, and soon we all had tears in our eyes.

"Wow, we look so... perfect," Kristin said, smiling and wiping both her tears and mine. I nodded, thinking about what I was about to ask. I decided to just come out with it.

"This was a hard descision for me to make, because all six of you are wonderful girls. I've been debating over it since Pete got down on his knee, and truly hope that those unlucky five aren't upset with my descision as to who my Maid of Honour is," I started, drying the frest batch of tears.

"Honey, we don't care who you pick. I think I speak for everyone when I say we're happy and honoured enough just to be in your wedding," Hailey said, and I wrapped her and the rest of the girls in a hug.

"I'd like my Maid of Honour to be you Courtney," I smiled, before getting pulled into the biggest, warmest hug I had recieved in a while.
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