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Chapter 27

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ficfriction: Yeah, Tricky action... I should try to include the other FOB's a bit more really
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Chapter 27:

Two weeks. Two weeks until I was no longer single. Two weeks until my perfect 'emo' wedding. Two weeks before I was with the one I love forever. Two weeks until I became Mrs. Alexiz Wentz.

It's daunting, actually, knowing that I have two weeks left to prepare. Well, nothing needs to be done except arrange the bands, but that was really sorted when Pete either befriended them or signed them to his label, mail the invites, which I was doing this afternoon after writing them with Pete, and then actually appearing at the ceremony... oh, and my final dress fitting, which would most certainly need altering as I was feeling like a double story house with the size I was. Pete said I looked gorgeous, but I felt 100% fat. Two days ago we went for another check up, and Dr. Dorian measured my stomach to be about 31cm round. This worried me, seeing as it sounded a lot, even for twins, but she went on to explain that in a single birth, the stomach grows at 1cm per week, and since I was bearing twins, my rates would be different, but both myself and the children were okay.
I hadn't even returned to the studio since the whole Rolling Stone bombshell, because I was so busy, and stressing slightly.

Back to the present though. I was sitting at the breakfast bar, calligraphy pen in hand, invitations and enveloped scattered over the surface, perced on Pete's lap with his arms circled around my midsection, hands resting on my huge stomach, rubbing circles gently into the bare skin - I was wearing only a pair of his boxers and a bra, seeing as the only time we were venturing out was to post the invites, and it was still only 9am.

"Okay, so before I commit to writing these, can we double check everyone we want is on the list?" I asked, pushing the stray strands of hair from my face behind me ears, where Pete tucked them into my ponytail.

"Of couse,, what is the list so far?"

"The MCR, TAI, PATD and FOB boys; Hayley, our parents, Kristin, the Cobra's, Tavie, Dirty, the pups, Courtney, Holly, Andrew, Hailey and Kit," I rattled off, consulting the list I had drafted last week.

"And is Gabe going to come? The choice is entirely up to you," Pete asked, kissing my neck lightly.

"I think he should, seeing as he is a Cobra, and has been part of my life since Vicky joined the band. I owe it to him," I replied, sighing.

"Oh, and this Kit you speak of... who is she?"

"My girlfriend back in NJ,' I replied casually. I felt Pete stiffen slightly behind me.

"You... had a girlfriend? Tell me about her," he whispered, his voice turning husky.

"Well, she's the spitting image of me pretty much, only with shorter hair, boy-cut with bangs below her chin; a few more tattoos than me, and she's about a month older than me," I replied, knowing exactly where this conversation was headed.

"Mmh and what did you get up to with her?" He continued, stroking my stomach more sexually. I placed the pen on the counter and swivelled in his lap, the friction causing Pete to get more than a little excited.

"what do you want to know?" I bit my lip, cupping his cheeks with my hands and stroking them softly with my thimbs.

"How far did you get with her?" I kissed him deeply on the lips, making a trail from them to his ear.

"Anything you can think possible for two girls to do together, we have done," I whispered, before sliding off his lap. He jumped up, pinning me to the counter as his tongue invaded my mouth; his scent invading my senses. As his hands began undressing the both of us, I nibbled on his lip slightly before pulling back.

"Bedroom... now." Pete had never moved so fast in his life.


After a good two or so hours in bed together, we showered and dressed, finishing off the invitations and mailing them out. The mailman said that he'd deliver as many as he could today before sending the rest interstate, where the recipients would meet with them either in the morning, or by dinner-time tomorrow at the latest. The mailmen in Chicago were so sweet. After dropping them off at the post office, Pete and I headed to the supermarket to stock up on random suppies, seeing as my cravings were in full swing now. My favourite by far had to be the honey, strawberry, custard and cream milkshake, made with soy products of course.

"We do not need another box of Froot Loops," I complained as Pete tried to throw a third box into the cart, scratching Rigby gently behind the ears as I held her close to my body. She was growing each day, now barely small enough for me to carry. However, that meant nothing - I could barely carry a 24-pack of toilet rolls, they took up so much space in my arms.

"Well, how about if I get you whatever you want, then can I get a third box?" He pleaded. I rolled my eyes, still scratching Rigby as I leaned closer to my fiancee.

"You already get me whatever I want, so no deal on that one honey. Anyways, we can pick more up in a couple of days," I smiled, finding the flaw in his plan. He nodded and bowed his head as we turned into the next asile, when I let out a prompt scream. Turning in my direction after hearing the sound eminating from my body, scaring Rigby also, was Ryland, looking as happy as I had ever seen him before; bounding up the asile to me and swepeing me into a hug, carefully holding me against him, so he didn't hurt the little ones.

"Guy Ripley, why didn't you call to say you were visiting?" I probed as he set me back on the ground, and as Pete made his way to us, smiling all the way.

"Perhaps, little missy, I wanted to surprise you," he replied, putting on that English accent that I just love. I felt Pete move behind me, pulling me into his chest and resting his head on mine as I leant into the embrace.

"Well, we're almost done with our shop, so why not help us finish up and accompany us back to the apartment... that is, if you don't have a hotel already," I smiled shyly, starting to walk once more, throwing items into the cart which would be nice to mix randomly... Coco Pops, sour gummy worms, soy milk and OJ. One of the best things to eat before an afternoon nap.

We finished up in the store, clambering into Pete's Honda Civic Hybrid, driving back to the apartment; Pete driving whilst Ryland and I sat in the backseat, catching up whilst I attempted to stop Rigby from slobbering over the guitarist... a feat that proved impossible. In the end though, Ryland said he didn't mind, which was great, because I was exhausted from fighting the strains of my little puppy. I think I nodded off in the car, becuase when I opened my eyes, I found myself in Rylands arms, being laid carefully on the couch. As soon as I was down, I felt the pull of sleep on my eyelids, which snapped shut on their own, pulling me into a deep slumber.


Ryland ended up spending three days with us before he headed to his place back in NY, before joining us again next week the day before the wedding. He had promised, and with Ryland the promises were genuine, that there wouldn't be any strippers at the batchelor party, only tons of booze and good music. Of course, thats when my mood turned sour, all because of the word alcohol. I wasn't allowed any, so I expected no-one else to drink any. Everyone, cept Travis, The Cobra's apparently and Brendon complied to my wishes.

The rest of the week rushed past, and soon I had to revisit Rebel-Bride for the final fitting, finding out that it needed to be altered immensely. They fitted it a little baggier so that by next week, it would be form fitting.

I was on top of the world as I got home, the image I was met with melting my heart - Pete sleeping on the sofa, shirt off, jeans on, with Hemmy on his chest, mush like at the start of '"The Take Over, The Breaks Over"' video, with Rigby curled into Hemmy, who had his head resting on her side. I decided a nap was in order, and got myself set up for a slumber in the cozy king-sized bed.
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