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Chapter 5: You know what you have to do now.

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Gerard needs to wake up, but he doesn't know how. Will his alter ego actually help him? And if he does, what will he want in return?

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WARNINGS: Hmmm, um, violence, swearing ... that's about it. What a disappointing chapter :)

Chapter Five

Gerard searched every room in the house once again ... empty. It was completely empty. Where was Frank? He was sure this was his house, his memory told him so. Lately though, he wasn't really sure of anything anymore.

"Frank! You home?" Gerard sung out, growing seriously concerned, something wasn't right.

"Nope ... just us two again I'm afraid," a voice rang out. Gerard groaned as he entered Frank's kitchen and found himself staring at the blonde-haired Gerard once again.

"Please ... just leave me alone - I'm not feeling so good," Gerard complained, clasping at his head.

It was true, even though he knew now for sure that he was dreaming again, something felt horribly wrong. He felt awful.

"Trust me, it's going to get a lot worse when you wake-up again," the blonde announced casually with the hint of a smirk.

"Why? What happened to me? I - I can't remember."

He tried to remember, he really did, but it was impossible, nothing seemed to be rushing back to him when he was stuck inside this place ... wherever this place was exactly.

"Then neither can I so why bother asking at all," the other Gerard replied lazily as he inspected the ring on his finger. It was the same ring Gerard had on his, his wedding ring, it was exactly the same.

"Y-you kissed me ..." he said, as a memory rushed back to him. That was the last thing he remembered.

The blonde just smirked. "Good, wasn't it. You always thought you looked hot with blonde hair, I was just doing you a favour."

"You're sick!"

"No Gerard ... I told you before, I'm in your head - no - I am your head, in a matter of speaking. So, whatever I do, you want me to do. So you see, you're sick! Twisted, loopy, nuts! Sick-o!"

Gerard rubbed at his eyes in frustration. He couldn't be here, something told him he needed to wake up or something terrible would happen, but he couldn't, he didn't know how.

"Why can't I wake up?" he asked, then bit his lip in anger as he noticed the look on the blonde's face. If he didn't know, he wouldn't know either. "Fucking hell, if you can't answer my questions then what's the fucking point?"

"Shhhhhhhh!" the blonde insisted, putting a finger to his lips.

Gerard opened his mouth to protest but immediately stopped when he heard a voice he recognized coming from, well, apparently nowhere.

"Gee, baby ... please, come back to me. Wake-up babes please ... please, please, please."

"Lynz?" Gerard questioned the empty house around him. "Where is she?"

"Beats me," the blonde shrugged.

"Fuck you, this isn't a game. She's crying, she's upset ... what's wrong with her? Is she okay?" he shouted at his twin, frustrated that he wasn't answering him.

"Calm the fuck down ... I don't know okay. I'll take a guess and say you're probably in some sort of coma, which explains why she's begging you to wake-up." The white haired man sounded bored, but he appeared far more interested now then he had before. "If you're quiet, we might be able to hear what the others have to say."

Then, just as if on queue, another voice sounded around the empty house, this one was far more heart breaking.

"Hey Gee ... um, this is a little weird - you know I did this for our Grandma to ... didn't work though, she didn't wake up. I won't lie to you Gee, I never have - I'm scared. Something tells me you're not going to wake-up and ... well; I don't think I can live without you. I know it sounds corny but ... I honestly don't think I can - you're my brother ... at the end of the day, sometimes, I feel you're all I've really got. I don't know what happened ... you were fine! I-If you don't wake-up ... well, you'll see me sooner then you think bro, I can't let you leave me ... never ..."

The voice of Mikey faded and Gerard found that he had been holding his breath the whole time his brother had spoken. Quickly, he wiped away the tears that were gently falling down his face.

"Wow ... touching," the blonde clapped his hands together, not in mocking; it was almost as though it was the only way he knew how to truly appreciate Mikey's words.

"I have to get out of here," Gerard told him as though suddenly coming to that realization. He had to get to Mikey, he had to tell him that everything was alright, prove to him that he wasn't going to leave.

"Well, good luck with that Gee ... If you find the door marked 'exit' be a sport and give us a holla, just to let me know where you're going."

Gerard didn't find what the other him had to say very funny, nor did he find this situation the least bit fitting. He needed to get out of here.

"Honestly though Gee ... what have you learnt from all this?" twin Gerard questioned, raising a dark eyebrow causing it to disappear into the white fringe.

"I've learnt that I'm never, ever going to sleep again!"

"Ha, yeah right!" he mocked, as he grabbed the loaf of bread that was perched on Frank's bench top. He opened it and started munching on a slice, nodding in appreciation.

"Why? What do you want me to learn from all this?"

"Now you're getting somewhere," the blonde smiled in admiration of Gerard's words, waving the slice of bread around yet never taking his eyes off it. "This is really good bread! But ... I digress. You should have learnt that you can't take anything for granted. When you get out of here, assess how you feel. Figure it out Gee, you've known in your heart for years how you've truly felt, let it out before I break out and do it for you. Before something like this happens again!"

The words hit hard but Gerard merely laughed. "Nice words, but I'm never getting out of here, so they're wasted on me."

And, just like that, it was back again, the twisted anger.

The blonde stepped away from the bench and stuck a hand into his pocket as he walked towards Gerard looking quite frightening. There was something in the way that he smirked that Gerard hated and he backed away until he found himself pinned against the fridge.

"Don't waste your chance Gerard, you know what you have to do," the words were kind enough, but as he spoke them, he scared him to no end. And then, the blonde pulled his hand from his pocket, holding something that made Gerard turn ice-cold.

"Get that the fuck away from me!" he screamed, trying to kick out, trying to get away, but there were firm hands clasping his. Not roughly, it merely felt like someone was holding his hand ... but it couldn't be the twin Gerard, his hands were too busy with the item from his pocket...

...A needle! Gerard hated needles.

The hand, his hand, plummeted down, and with a painful thud the needle sunk into his flesh...



Gerard jumped up with a painful cry as he felt the sharp pin enter into his skin. His eyes were open, he was sitting upright, panting, sweating, heart threatening to bust out of his chest.

Straight away he recognized he was in some sort of hospital, but he didn't care about that now, he pushed the doctor away, grabbed the needle and threw it across the room.

Immediately he cradled his arm and rocked with it as though the very memory of the horrible object still lingered. He felt sick at its touch, horrified he had let it get inside him, he shivered involuntarily and it was then that the ringing in his ears seemed to die down and exhaustion hit as he collapsed back onto the pillow and was met with a voice.

"Holy shit!"

Turning to his right, he locked eyes with a teary Frank, only, there was a huge smile playing across his exhausted face.

Then, just like that, the startled doctor seemed to recover from the shock of Gerard's rather dramatic awakening and he hit a switch that sent nurses suddenly rushing into the room.

"I told you he hated needles! I told you he'd still feel it!" Frank squealed happily, bouncing around and refusing to leave when the doctor shouted at him.

Two of the male nurses finally grabbed the still smiling Frank and dragged him away, even though Gerard called out to him and tried to reach for him with tired arms.

"Relax Mr. Way, we need to check your vitals, you've been in a coma for the past 24 hours," the Doctor explained as Gerard looked around panic stricken.

"Please, don't put me back to sleep ... I don't want to sleep anymore," he explained.

The nurses’ faces creased in lines that showed pity and the Doctor gave them instructions as they continued to examine the machines that were all around him and parts of his body.

Gerard numbly sat there whilst they examined him, trying to remember everything that had happened. It was strange how in his dream state he couldn't remember anything, yet, the moment he woke up he could remember not only everything that happened in the real world, but everything from the dream world to.

Suddenly, everything rushed back to him, passing out in Mikey's toilet, waking up to Frank practically on top of him...

...CPR - he had been performing CPR on him, which explained the sensations, the mixed up dream. He remembered holding onto Frank but then slipping away again. The dream, the needle, then this.

"When can I see my brother?" Gerard asked, suddenly remembering Mikey's words.

"Soon ... I'm glad to hear you say that actually, he's been just as anxious to see you, even though he knew you'd still be asleep every time he came in. It will be a nice change for him to be able to see you sitting up with your eyes open," the Doctor explained with a smile.

The rest was simply a blur to Gerard, he ignored the irritating questions and the beeping of machines and he nodded or shook his head when they asked him if there was any pain and if he remembered what happened. Finally, the doctor and the nurses left and Gerard was moved to a different room.

At first, just for a fleeting moment, he thought no one was going to come see him, but the moment the thought entered his head, the door burst open and Lindsey came rushing into the room, tears in her eyes as she threw herself onto the bed next to him and wrapped her arms around him.

"Lynz, it's okay, I'm alright," he said, patting her hair, trying to calm her down. He'd been saying that a lot lately.

"Oh Gee! It was worse then the first time ... watching you lying there ... you have no idea. I love you so much; don't ever do that to me again."

Gerard sniffed, rubbing at his own eyes. Her words hurt ... he wasn't sure why. A voice in his head seemed to tell him that it was what she said, the "I love you" part - why did he hate hearing that so much?

Lindsey suddenly seemed to compose herself and she quickly pulled away.

"Mikey! You have to see Mikey ... Oh Gee, he was so upset - we were all so scared he was going to do something really stupid!"

"It's okay Lynz, Doctor say's I'm not going anywhere for a few days so I'm pretty sure I'm going to see him," he said reassuringly, on the inside though, he was dying to see his brother.

"I'll go get him ... don't fall asleep Gee," she said as an afterthought and she was almost to the door when she turned around and headed straight back for him again. "I forgot to give you this."

Just like that, she bent down and kissed him patiently on the lips, he kissed back, grateful for the contact, it made him feel awake, it made him feel alive and alright. No sooner had he just been getting into it had she broken the kiss and marched out the door.

He was left in silence for a few moments, until a very pale, extremely warn out looking Mikey appeared by the door, tears in his eyes as he looked his brother over and over as though unsure if he was really awake or not.

"I-I heard you Mikes ... I was trying to wake-up for you," Gerard explained, suddenly finding himself extremely over run with emotions.

Mikey nodded as though in understanding, but he didn't rush at him like Lindsey had, he kept his distance. Was he mad at him? It wasn't his fault he slipped into a coma, it's not like he had wanted to.

"Mikey ... I'm so sorry ... I will never, ever leave you again," he explained, this time the tears fell freely from his eyes and Mikey seemed to fight away his own inner demons as he came marching up to the bed Gerard lay in.

Then, just like that, Mikey punched him hard in the arm. "Don't you ever, ever, even think about leaving me alone like that again!"

Slightly surprised, Gerard rubbed at his now aching arm. All pity for his brother was now gone and before Gerard knew what he was doing; he pulled back his own weak fist and connected it with Mikey's arm. His brother let out a start and then began rubbing his arm in the same way Gerard was rubbing his, looking at him in just as much shock.

"And don't you ever, ever, talk or think that way again ... jerk!" Gerard moaned, rubbing at his arm still. Mikey's fists were smaller and bonier which meant they hurt more.

Mikey's eyes filled up with tears and just like that he was all over Gerard, pulling him into a hug as he sat beside him yet slightly on top of him. Gerard hugged back as Mikey cried softly into his shoulder.

"Come on Mikes, stop it man, you're going to make me cry again," Gerard complained, he could already hear how shaky his voice was getting.

"Knock, knock. Can we come in yet?" a voice questioned from the door. Mikey sat up, wiping at his face as Frank, Ray and Bob entered the room.

"Fuck Gee, so you actually decided not to leave us after all," Bob said, a huge smile plastered on his face as he walked up to Gerard, Mikey jumped off the bed to allow him access and to Gerard's great surprise his drummer planted a big kiss right on his forehead.

"Woah! Bob - er - thanks man," he settled on saying. Truth was, that small gesture meant so much to him, Bob wasn't the most affectionate person, he was a tough love kind of guy.

"Glad to see you awake man," Ray exclaimed, taking Bob's place in hugging him and ruffling up his hair. "You're just so fucking lucky Frank knew CPR."

Gerard nodded in agreement and then waited until he saw the one face he was extremely glad to see again ... Frank Iero's. Frank rolled lazily onto the bed and wrapped his arms around Gerard and squeezed tightly.

"I can't believe the last thing you almost said to me was sorry," Frank mumbled as his voice was being muffled by Gerard’s arm as his face was buried into it.

Nervously, Gerard bit his lip at the memory. He remembered why he had said it. The knowledge that this whole problem was most likely caused because Gerard was so scared of what everyone thought that he buried all the feelings he had for Frank well away a long time ago. Which, instead of making things better only seemed to make things far worse.

"Thanks for saving my life Frank," Gerard settled on saying instead. Somewhere in his head he heard a voice screaming a different line. The blonde-Gerard was growling in frustration, he wasn't doing anything he had wanted him to.

Lindsey returned not long after and that day Gerard was also visited by his parents. It was an emotionally draining day and as he had no intention of falling asleep he begged the doctor to let one of his friends stay for the night. Naturally, that wasn't allowed and Gerard found himself more alone then he wanted to be by the time visiting hours were over.


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