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Chapter 5

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Have you ever been in love with your best friend? I know I have, and his name is Nick Jonas. ~A Jonas Brothers fanfic~

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"Lizzy, what time are we going to the mall?" I asked walking on the bus and taking the seat across from her.

"I don't know. I guess I could call you or something," Lizzy said.

"Okay. How are we going to get there? 'Cause Joe certainly isn't driving us."

"Hey!" Joe said defensively. "What's wrong with my driving?"

"I guess we could walk or take a bus. We'll figure something out." Lizzy said, ignoring Joe's question.

"Cool," I said. I grabbed my new pink iPod Nano out of my backpack and turned it to Mandy. I was in my own little world, singing along with the song, and I felt someone sit down beside me.

"That's really good Gel," the voice I heard was Nick's.

I snapped back into reality. "Thanks," I muttered. I had been taking vocal lessons back in the summer because my life long dream was to be a singer. The singing wasn't really something I wanted people to know about, especially Nick.

"Hey!" Henry suddenly jumped into the seat into front of me. "I was thinking about what you said about going to the mall, and I wanna come."

"Mkay," I replied.

"I wanna come too!" Nick exclaimed, with a little more expression than nescesary.

"I know Nick. You told me after lunch. Remember?" I said.

"Oh yeah," Nick said.

"Duh." I muttered, too softly for anyone else but myself to hear.

Since our stop was the first in the morning, it was the last in the afternoon. It was already two-thirty by the time I got off the bus, and it would take about forty-five minutes to get to the closest mall without heavy traffic.

I hopped off the bus and felt my iPhone vibrate inside my pocket.

Hey hun. Your father, sister and I are going to visit your cousins house and won't be back until tomorrow. Make sure you have your house key. Love, mom.

Sure, sure. I thought to myself.

"Gel, do you want to drop your stuff off at my house and get a quick snack before we go to the mall?" Nick asked me.

"Sure," I replied.

"Fine, don't invite me. I see how it is Nicholas." Lizzy said.

"Oh well you guys can come too if you want..." Nick said.

"Sweet. I'm coming!" Lizzy said.

"Me too!" Kayla exclaimed.

"Wait for me!" Joe shouted running after us.

We all walked noisily inside the Jonas' house. After I set my backpack down, I walked into the kitchen and saw Mrs. Jonas standing there.

"Why hello there Angelica," she said.

"Hey Denise." I said. Denise was like my mom. Except for the fact that I was allowed to call her by her first name.

"How are you?"

"I'm good. How are you?"

"I'm great. So what are you doing today?"

"I'm going to the mall with Nick, Joe, and some of my friends from school."

"Ahh. Well, I'm gonna go. Have fun at the mall. Bye!"

"Goodbye," I said watching Denise leave the kitchen and go out of the front door.

I walked to the refridgerator and opened it up, hoping to find the drink I loved just as much as Nick did. Redbull. Turns out they had some, so I took a can of the sugar-free drink with me into the living room. Lizzy and Joe were playing Guitar Hero III, and they were both losing.

"Let me see the guitar. I'll show you how it's done." Nick grabbed a controller and started playing. He wasn't very good either, but I cheered him on anyways.

"Can I play?" I asked.

"Sure," Nick replied.

"Thanks." I set down my Redbull can, and Nick put the guitar around me. I adjusted the guitar strap so it would fit me, and clicked on the expert level.

"Uh Gel, I think you got expert and easy mixed up," Joe said to me.

"Oh shut up Joe! I can play expert thank you very much."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure. Do you want to see me play?"

"Yes I do."

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, it was Henry calling me. "Sorry Joe I have to answer this. Then I will play." I set the guitar down and walked into the bathroom. "Hello?" I answered.

"Hey!" Henry said. "Are we still going to the mall?"

"Yes we are. Do you want us to meet you in the front and you can ride with us or something?"

"Uh sure that sounds good."

" 'Kay so I'll meet you soon."

"Bye." He hung up.
I walked out of the bathroom. I entered the living room and everyone was staring at me.

"Are you gonna play now Gel?" Joe asked.

"Well we're going to the mall, remember?" I said.

"Oh yeahhh. Let's go!" Joe said going out the door. Lizzy followed him.

"Um Kevin I'm bringing another person. Is that okay?" I asked.

"Yeah it's fine." Kevin said.

"Who? That Henry dude?" Nick asked.

"Yeah I'm bringing Henry." I answered. I saw Kayla smile. Nick, Kayla and I were the last out the door. I climbed in the back of Kevin's car and sat next to Nick.

I saw Henry standing on the sidewalk as we were driving by, and I let him in the car. He sat in beside me so I was in the middle of Nick and Henry. I talked to Henry the whole ride to the mall because Nick wouldn't talk. I wondered what was bothering him...?

"Okay we're here," Kevin said pulling up to the front of the mall. "I'll call Nick when I'm here to pick you guys up okay?"

"Sure sure," Nick and I said at the same time. I smiled, but Nick's facial expression didn't change.

"You guys have fun." Kevin called to all of us.

"Oh we will," I said. I got out and watched Kevin's Jeep drive away, then headed to the mall doors.

First stop at the mall: the clothing store. Lizzy, Kayla and I always did our clothes shopping together. Joe, Henry and Nick waited outside of the store. After about an hour, all of the girls walked out of the store with heavy bags in our hands.

"Where should we go now?" Joe asked.

"Um I don't know. Where do you wanna go Nick?" I made sure to ask Nick because he looked kinda lonely.

"I don't know. I don't really care where we go." He replied.

"Well there's a movie theater across the street from here. Maybe we could go there." Henry said.

"Dude, movies are like 2 hours long or longer. And knowing Kevin he probably won't let us stay for a really long time." Nick said.

"Well I'm just suggesting places to go. We don't actually have to go there." Henry replied.

"Yeah, I know. Gel, do you want me to carry a bag for you? They look kinda heavy." Nick asked me.

"Sure, but only if you want to." I told him.

"Of course I want to. Here, give me that one." He said taking the bag from my hand.

"Thanks Nick."

"No problem," he smiled.

I heard Lizzy mutter an 'aww', but I decided that I was going to pretend I didn't hear it.

We all walked around for about 30 minutes then people started getting hungry. Everyone but Henry and I went to get food. We found a table to sit at while we waited for everyone else. We talked and talked. I felt so right sitting next to him, we were leaning in really close and Henry would always look up at my eyes and then down to my lips. I felt the strangest urge to lean forward and kiss him, but I couldn't do that for many reasons. Reason one: Henry was my friend, nothing more. Reason two: Kayla liked him and I couldn't possibly do that to her. Ever. Reason three: I liked Nick and I didn't want to lead him to think I like Henry. Unless me liking Henry would get Nick jealous. No I can't do that. Using Henry would be mean.

I saw Nick walking toward the table. I leaned away from Henry as fast as I could, but apparently I wasn't fast enough.

"Oh.." Nick muttered. "I'll just leave you two alone now."

"Nothing was happening. We were just talking. You can sit down with us Nick." I called.

"No, really you can continue what ever you were doing. I'll just go wait for the others to come and by then hopefully you guys will be done." Nick walked away.

"What's wrong with him?" Henry asked.

"I don't know. He's been acting really weird lately." I answered.

"I see you and him together at school and he seems just fine. Does he not like me?"

"I'm pretty sure he likes you. If he didn't he would've told me by now. He tells me everything."

"Yeah I guess so. You guys seem pretty close."

"We are. We've known eachother since we were 7. He's my best friend." I wanted to say boyfriend instead of best friend but that would be a lie.

"Yeah, I can tell."

Nick and everyone else were walking toward our table. Kayla sat on the other side of me and handed me a milkshake.

"Thanks," I told her.

"Mhmm." She responded.

We ate our food, then Kevin called. On the way out the clock read 7:05. Wow, I thought. We've been here for a while.

"Hey Gel it's 7:05!" Lizzy said. I already knew what the time was, but she always liked to point out 7:05 because that's a Jonas Brothers song.

On the way home I tried to talk to Nick about what happened at the mall today, but every time I tried, he wouldn't listen to me. He just avoided me.

"Oh crap," I said after I got back to the Jonas'. "I forgot my housekey."

"You can stay at my house if you want," Lizzy said.

"Thanks Lizzy," I said slinging my backpack on my shoulder. "Bye Kevin and Joe! I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"Bye!" They said together.

"Bye Nick," I said softly at the door.

Nick shut the door without even saying goodbye.
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