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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

Rachel sat up in bed her hair slightly messy and he eyeliner smudged, she was so tired she forgot to wash it off. She walked into the bathroom with the clothes she was going to wear for the day. Which was a mini skirt and some leggings with her tight paramore shirt and Vans. She pulled her hair back into a half pony tail then fixed her eyeliner and lips gloss and walked int oher brothers room.

“Micheal, are you awake?”She whispered.

“Yeah, Im just sitting here.”He said to her.

“I have to go to work again but I will be back later so we can hang out, kay?”She said to him and she knew he was beaming at her.

“Alright, see you later.”He said to her.

“Rachel?”He said and she looked back in.

“Thanks for getting me.”He said to her smiling.

“No problem bro.” She said walking out of his room and grabbing her car keys and cell phone, then leaving locking the door behind her. She got into her old beaten up car and drove to the site where they would be doing the film shoot.

“Ryan are you sure we are supposed to be here?” Spencer asked.

“Yep, thats what she said in the E-mail.” Ryan said to him.

“She's here!”Jon said excitely and Brendon grumbled something under his breathe, she got out of the car and rushed to the trunk getting her equipment. “Sorry, Im late. My alarm didn't go off.” She said while fixing everything. Ryan stood next to her and grinned.

“Ah, its alright Rachel. I forgive you.”He said and she looked at him.

“Oh wow! Your the up coming band! Small world.”She said and he hugged her and she hugged back.

“Yeah, I thought we would surprise you.”He said and she laughed.

“You certainly did that.”She said to him and Brendon looked her up and down wondering how Ryan could easily ignore that fact that she was freaking hot.

“Hi, Im Brendon.”He said to her and she laughed.

“Yes yes I know.” She said.

“You told me this last night.”She said to him laughing.

“Oh, I forgot.” Brendon said sratching the back of his head.
“Alright, Ryan you stand next to Brendon, Spencer you on the right of Ryan standing slightly behind him kay and Jon you behind Brendon and be clean please.” She said as she noti ced his grin.

“You guys are naturals.”She said grinning as she snapped a few pictures.

“Alright, almost done annnnd thats it.”She said to them and Brendon gaped at her.

“Thats it.”He said.

“Yeah, you guys only paid for 3 shots.” She said looking at him and Ryan laughed.

“I told you this this morning it wouldnt take very long.”He said to him as he walked over to her.

“So when should we get thses awesome shots?”Ryan asked.

“As soon as I develop them.” She said to him and he looked at her.

“Can I take you out to dinner?”Ryan asked.

“I have to go home to my brother, I promised him we would hang out, how about tomorrow?”She asked him.

“Tomorrow is good.”He said to her grinning.

“Good, you have my number so call me and let me know where to meet you.” Rachel said to him and he nodded.

“Alright. Talk to you later.”He said to her and he hopped into the car and they drove off, she sat in her car and sighed. She had a date with Ryan, this was going perfect, she really liked him and hoped it turned out well.

She walked into the Apartment and Micheal was shooting at her with a small water gun and she squealed.

“Argh! Your evil!”She said said chasing him down and tackling him to the floor. “Am not!”He said laughing as she began tickling him. (Doesn't this seem familiar?) He finally escaped form her grasp.

“I picked a movie for us to watch.”He said to her holding up Live Free Die Hard. She smiled and motioned for him to put it into the DVD play she had received for free after helping a lady clean her house. The movie started and he laid his head down on her lap sighing, she knew it wouldn't be long before he fell asleep. She combed her fingers through his hair and she laughed slightly.

“Does that tickle?”She asked.

“A little bit.”He said to her.

“Oh really now?”She said evily.

“No!” He said laughing as she poked his sides with her fingers.
“AH HAH!” She said finding a particularly sensitive spot.

“NO NO NO NO! Stop!” He laughed and he grinned.

“Okay, Im done now.” She said and he looked at her pouting.

“That face doesnt work on me.” She said raising and eyebrow.

“Why not?”He asked.

“Because on you , it looks ugly.”She said to him and he made a face.

“YOUR MEAN!”He yelled at me and I laughed as he threw a pillow at me I caught it and threw it back.

“Micheal...”She said to him looking at her hands about to tell him about Ryan.

“Yeah? Whats wrong?”He asked worried.

“Nothing but I have a date tomorrow, are you okay with being here, if you need anything whatsoever call me. But I really like him....”She whispered.

“Awww, really?”He said smling a bit.

“Thats cool, I don't mind.”He said to her smiling.

“I knew there was a reason I loved you.” She joked a bit then hugged him.

“More than one I hope.”He said to her grinning.

“Way more than one.”She said to him and he pulled away.

“Im gonna go to bed. Kay?”He said to her.

“Alright.”She said smiling slightly.

“He took it rather well.”She said to herself.

The next day she was off from both jobs which didn't happen very often so she took it as a chance to clean the apartment up a bit. She washed dishes and cleaned the bathroom and washed some clothes. Her cellphone rang and she answered it.

“Hello?”She said as she was making lunch.

“Hey, its Ryan, are we still on for tonight?”He asked.

“Yeah, of course.”She said to him smilign to herself.

“Great, dress casual.”He said to her.

“Will do. So what have you been up to?” She asked him and he sighed.

“Lots of things, the main one right now is hiding from Brendon, he hates me right now. I stole his hair straitener, to straiten my hair...”Ryan whispered.

“RYAN!”He yelled.

“Haha, call you later.”He said laughing.

“Alright.”She said laughing also.

He hung up and she did the same.

“Where is it?!”He yelled.

“On your dresser.”Ryan said pointing behind him.

“Oh, haha, I knew that.”Said taking it and walking into the bathroom.

“Sure Brendon.”He said shaking his head a bit.

That night Rachel asked her brother how she looked as she just wore a skirt with no leggings and a t shirt with her bullet belt. She out on eyeliner and mascara. Micheal looked at her.

“What do you think?”She asked.

“Leggings.”He said to her and she laughed.

“Alright. I get it to much skin.” She said going into her room and pulling on some white leggings.

“Better?” she asked.

“Much.”He said laughing.

“So, you got a girlfriend?”She asked.

“Nah, none of them like me.”He said to her.

“Have asked anyone out?”She asked him curiously.

“I like this one girl in our school but she is like an outcast.”Micheal siad to her.

“HEY! I was an outcast and look at me!”She said and he laughed.

“That better be a good laugh...”She said raising and eyebrow.

“Maybe you could change that for her.”Rachel said and he shrugged.
“Maybe.”He said as someone knocked on the door.

“He's here, hope you like him.”She said happily.
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